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DDDV Ch 72 Part 1 – The Bell Rings With a Crisp Sound (I)

Lu Yaoyao hopped towards the cabin and stopped just outside the door. She didn’t detect any dangers inside, nor any living beings, but she still asked politely, “Is anyone home?”

There was no response.

The little dumpling quietly stuck her head and peeped inside. The cabin’s interior was not large, consisting of only one room. Only a small part of the room was visible from Lu Yaoyao’s angle, so she pushed the door and entered the cabin.

As soon as Lu Yaoyao entered the cabin, she was met with a very shocking object, “Chi!!!” Taken aback by surprise, the little white dumpling’s soft fur exploded with fright.

Inside the small log cabin, which size was probably just a few square meters, a human corpse sat in the center of the room. This was Lu Yaoyao’s first time facing a human corpse. She had been in this world for so long and had seen many corpses, but all were in the shape of animals or beasts, which were not frightening at all.

It took Lu Yaoyao a long time to calm her frightened self. As a brave girl, her courage was naturally big, so she should not be frightened by just a mere corpse!

She was a demon after all, so she was not afraid and would not be afraid!

Lu Yaoyao lifted her head and stared at the corpse for a moment. The corpse had basically decomposed into literal bones, but for some reason, his white skeleton seemed to be looking at her with gentle eyes. Lu Yaoyao thought of the human cultivator in Grandpa Tree’s story, and her intuition told her that this corpse was Lu Yuandao, the former First Elder of the Guiyuan Sect. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t figure out how this man ended up like this, but the fact that he was not swallowed down by the Serpent Lord must be a fortune out of all the misfortunes.

Lu Yaoyao bowed solemnly, “I hope you can bless Brother Yuanyuan and me in our quest to leave the Abyss safely.” It would be better if they could also find out about the secret of the Abyss. Many of the conjectures were no more than Lu Yaoyao’s guesses, but she intuitively knew that the existence of the Abyss was not a good thing.

“Bless me to also reunite with Father and Daddy soon…” The environment of the Abyss made it hard to feel the passage of time, but in Lu Yaoyao’s mind, a long time seemed to have passed since she last saw her Father and Daddy.

After Lu Yaoyao said all her wishes, she then proceeded to collect the man’s bones, ready to take him out with her. This was probably the other party’s wish too. In Lu Yaoyao’s opinion, this human cultivator must be a very good person when he was alive. He was not pedantic, had no racial prejudices, was so friendly to Grandpa Tree, and was also a person from the Guiyuan Sect Father often mentioned.

Lu Yaoyao then took out the jade pendant that the old tree demon entrusted to her. The moment the jade pendant came out, it lit up, causing Lu Yaoyao to be even more certain that this corpse belonged to that human cultivator.

Lu Yaoyao rummaged in her small pouch for a while, looking for a suitable container to hold the corpse. There was a small box in the pouch, but it couldn’t fit the corpse, so she could only use a beast skin blanket in the end, the one she often used as a play mat when she was a child and later was given to her by her Father and Daddy.

“Senior, please do not blame me for the crudeness. Once I bring you back to Guiyuan Sect, I will definitely get you the best coffin…” Lu Yaoyao went busy for a while, carefully putting the corpse onto the blanket. “Uh?” She saw a ring under the corpse and picked it up. Upon closer inspection, she found that it was a storage ring whose ownership registration had been wiped out, leaving it a masterless artifact.

Lu Yaoyao probed into the ring with her spiritual sense and found only a few things inside. She then carefully put the ring together with the jade pendant, intending to return them together to the Guiyuan Sect.

Lu Yaoyao put the elder into the storage ring and then put the ring into her small pouch. Now, she was ready to crack the array. This place was actually not grand enough to be called a secret realm, as it was merely a small closed space formed by an illusion array. Except for its ability to conceal things with illusion, there was nothing special about the array itself, so Lu Yaoyao easily cracked it.

This place should be the elder’s last comfort. Lu Yaoyao didn’t know what happened one thousand years ago, but she guessed that the elder’s last effort must be to make his final resting place resemble the outside world that he could never return to again.

Lu Yaoyao heard that when a cultivator reached a certain level of power, a small grotto-space would be formed, which was owned exclusively by the cultivator. This grotto-space was extremely useful, as it could be used to grow spiritual plants, store spiritual springs, and even hold spiritual veins. The grotto-space of an even more powerful cultivator would be like a small world on its own, similar to a secret realm.

This deceased elder should have arranged this place with the things in his grotto-space. It was so bright here because of multiple luminous pearls that emitted warm sun-like lights. The water stream should be a spiritual spring. The flowers and trees looked ordinary, but they should be precious items too.

Lu Yaoyao then began to dismantle the space. She put the spiritual spring back, dug up all the spiritual plants, and stored everything else she could see. Last, she plucked the remaining luminous pearls used as the foundation of the array and put them back into the storage ring.

The number of luminous pearls was not large, but the array seemed to have an effect of magnifying their brightness, enabling the place to be as bright as day.

After Lu Yaoyao took back the last luminous pearl, the place suddenly became much dimmer, and in a blink of an eye, she found herself standing on a bare hill. Her surroundings were dark and gloomy, with black soil and ragged rockery, which was the typical scenery of the Abyss.


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