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MSRV Ch 51 Part 2 – I Want to Be a Child Star! (II)

In the next two days, no one came to annoy Fu Yunruo again, making her relieved. However, another group of people came to knock on her door. After listening to the request from the production team, Fu Yunruo was stunned for a long time, “You want me to appear on your show?”

“Yes, Miss Fu. I hope you can consider it. Our show will pay you an additional 20% of your base fee.” Director Peng sincerely persuaded, “and you don’t have to redo the shoot from the beginning. We only need you to finish the remaining five scheduled days.”

The director’s sincerity was not without reason, as they were now at their wit’s end. After knowing that Fang Xueruo was back two days ago, Director Pang came directly to see her and finally got a definitive answer about Fang Xueruo’s withdrawal. With this, the production team could finally look for someone else to save the scene, but another problem was looming.

The schedules of first-liner stars were naturally full, and they couldn’t find someone with an open schedule on such short notice. Meanwhile, the stars who could come at a moment’s notice were not as famous as Fang Xueruo. Although Fang Xueruo’s image was heavily damaged by the recent fiasco, her popularity was not something that second-tier stars could casually step in and replace. Not only was the backing behind her not easy to provoke, but she was also equipped with crazy fans, which scared ordinary stars.

The stars who were not afraid of Fang Xueruo had their schedules full, while those who could come were afraid of the consequences of offending Fang Xueruo, resulting in a current deadlock where the production team couldn’t find anyone to save the scene.

Was this show doomed to die?

When the team was having a headache, the assistant director made a desperate suggestion: ask Fu Yunruo!

Director Peng’s eyes lit up immediately. This idea was brilliant!

During her previous open dispute with Fang Xueruo, Fu Yunruo gained some public coverage. Not only that, but she also turned out to be one of the first-line names in the livestreaming industry, with many fans of her own!

And her fans had only seen her true face recently, which made the timing perfect.

Before Fu Yunruo’s identity was revealed, she managed to become several trending topics based on her looks alone, indicating that she had a popular face. And Fu Yunruo was already living here, so as long as they could persuade her to join, the shooting could immediately start!

The more Director Peng thought about it, the more he liked this idea. Without further ado, he and the assistant director quickly went to Fu Yunruo’s house and directly stated their request.

Fu Yunruo was stunned. Why did the director want her to join the show? No matter how she looked at it, it had nothing to do with her, right?

“Miss Fu, you are our last hope. If the shooting doesn’t resume soon, the show itself will bust!”

“We’ve been thinking about it, and you are our most suitable candidate…”

Director Peng’s voice kept crackling endlessly, making Fu Yunruo a little dizzy.

“I’m sorry, but I cannot accept this offer. How about you look for someone else?” Fu Yunruo had no interest in participating in a variety show, let alone as Fang Xueruo’s replacement, which made her feel disgusted.

“Miss Fu…”

Suddenly, a small head popped in. A little boy was clinging to the door, blinking his lively big eyes, “Grandpa Director, are you inviting Mom to join your show?”

Wenwen’s gaze scanned across the room. Was his mother going to join the entertainment industry?

Director Peng said with a smile: “Yes! Little boy, do you want to see your mother on TV?”

Director Peng had a good impression of this little guy and subconsciously softened his voice.

Fu Yunruo looked at her naughty son and said helplessly: “Children cannot interrupt when adults talk.”

Wenwen’s chubby cheeks suddenly bulged, “I’m not a child anymore. I’ve grown up!” The boy ran into the living room and declared solemnly, “Mom will not go.”

The water in the entertainment industry was very deep. He hadn’t grown up yet and didn’t have the ability to protect his mother, so he wouldn’t let her go into that water alone.

“Why not? Your mother can make a lot of money in the entertainment industry! She can buy a lot of sweets and toys for you.”

“Director Peng.” Fu Yunruo frowned, “This child is still young.” Stop saying nonsense in front of him.

Money? The light bulb on Wenwen’s little head lit up. Since his rebirth, he had been a normal kid, enjoying a carefree life. However, the appearance of Fang Xueruo and other ‘enemies’ from the Fang and Chang families suddenly made him feel a sense of crisis.

Compared with those people, his mother was too weak. He wanted to protect her and become her reliance, but he was still too young. These little arms and legs of his were powerless in front of adults, not to mention the great disparage of their capital power.

In this case, he could only grow up quickly, and the first thing he must do after growing up was to make a lot of money and accumulate wealth before going to confront his enemies.

At this point, however, he was still too young. With his small body and age, no one would be willing to hire him to do any job, so his only choice to make money was to be a child star.

He was not afraid of malice, nor did he care about the dirty words on the internet.

Wenwen lifted his hand and asked loudly, “Can I join the show?”

When Director Peng saw Wenwen’s enthusiasm, he remembered this little guy’s popularity on the internet and was attracted to the idea.

If the mother doesn’t want to participate, the son can make do too!

Director Peng responded immediately, “You can! I’ll pay you according to your mother’s current fee!”

“Excuse me, but my son won’t join the show either.” Fu Yunruo frowned and refused. “I still have something to do and cannot entertain you any longer.”

Director Peng was chased away by Fu Yunruo. He looked at Wenwen, but knew that this child had no right to speak as anything regarding a minor had to be approved by their guardian. In the end, Director Peng had no choice but to retreat for today, “Whether it’s Miss Fu, Young Fu, or the two of you together, our show will welcome you with open hands. I hope you can consider our offer!”

“I’ll come back tomorrow!”

After Director Peng left, the mother and son were left alone in the living room. Fu Yunruo stared at Wenwen, who was subconsciously standing up straight and drawing circles with his toe, and said sternly, “Fu Wenwen, shooting a show is not a child’s play. It’s a job done by adults. You haven’t even gone to a kindergarten, so you cannot join adults in the show.”

Wenwen retorted: “Children can be on the TV too. I know there are child stars!” Moreover, he was not a real child either.

“…Being a child star is very hard. You cannot eat much meat, you cannot play with your friends, and you cannot take a nap at noon… In short, you will be very tired every day.”

“…” Wenwen’s resolve faltered. He could endure hardship, but could not bear to let go of his favorite meat…

Wenwen hardened himself and said stubbornly, “It’s okay. I want to make make a lot of money!” He needed to build his capital as soon as possible! In the future, he would compete with Fu and Chang and make them go bankrupt, leaving not even a single cent in their name.

Wenwen’s ambition was very big. He failed to bring down the Fang Group in his previous life. This time, he prepared early and had more than ten years to accumulate money and contacts. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t bring them down this time!

“Is your family short of money to buy you food and toys? What does a little guy like you earn money for?”

Seeing how vehement his mother’s objection was, Wenwen knew that it was because she didn’t want him to be exposed to the public too early. But he wanted to protect her!

Wenwen finally used a child’s last trump card. He threw himself to the floor and began to howl: “I want to join the show! I want to join the show! Whaaaa…!!!!”

Fu Yunruo: “…”

“What’s going on?”


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