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DDDV Ch 83 Part 2 – Cangwu Secret Realm (II)

“I don’t know? My brother and I came in suddenly.” Lu Yaoyao looked confused, “Can we go out now?”

“No, the exit will not open until ten days later.”

Cangwu Secret Realm was well-known in Cultivation Realm, and no one didn’t know about its opening cycle. Ye Zelan was suspicious for a moment, but when her eyes stopped on Lu Yaoyao’s small chubby face, her doubt disappeared. Yaoyao was still so young, so it was normal that she had never heard about Cangwu.

“Don’t be afraid. There is no danger in this secret realm, and we will also protect you.”

The Ye sisters guessed that Lu Yaoyao and her elder brother were wandering cultivators1 who had strayed into Cangwu by accident. Such a situation was not unheard of. The disciples of major sects could use their contribution points to exchange for an access token necessary to enter regulated secret realms such as Cangwu. One access token generally could bring up to three people, so some disciples would occasionally sell that quota to wandering cultivators.

Some wandering cultivators had good luck and might be able to enter through other channels. However, those were very few in numbers, mainly because the barrier that controlled access to these secret realms was maintained by the alliance of major sects.

Ye Zelan thus guessed that these two siblings were wandering cultivators who came in through that unconventional channel. What’s strange was Shen Changyuan, whose cultivation base was obviously above the Foundation Establishment stage, also fell in with his sister. Small secret realms generally had a limitation preventing those with too high cultivation from entering, so this man’s appearance here was indeed unusual.

Ye Zelan glanced at the siblings again. The elder brother looked fierce and hard to approach, but the little sister was very lively and adorable. The little girl was clearly a future beauty, and her chubby face was extremely cute. A sweet smile on her face was all she needed to pull them with her charm.

Like her senior sister, Ye Qingdai was also enamored by Lu Yaoyao. Hearing that the siblings were wandering cultivators, she couldn’t wait to recruit them, “I wonder if you two have any intention to join Medicine Sect? We will recommend you to our Master.”

Ye Qingdai then turned her gaze to Lu Yaoyao again, “Little Sister Yaoyao looks very talented. I guarantee that our sect will do the best to cultivate her.”

Ye Zelan also added, “The people just now are the disciples of Wentian Sect, and the one whose hand you severed is the only son of their sect leader. This person has a petty mind and villainous temperament. Even though he was in the wrong and you only attacked him to save us, Wentian Sect will definitely not let you go after hurting their Young Sect Leader.”

She looked very worried, “My junior sister and I will definitely not betray our benefactors. But the sect leader of the Wentian Sect may have another way to find out about you. If you two join the Medicine Sect, they will not dare to take revenge.”

The Sect Leader of the Wentian Sect was very fond of his only son and always blindly protected Li Shengyuan regardless of right or wrong.

Wentian Sect had increasingly grown arrogant after three of their ancestor elders broke through into the Soul Transformation stage2. If it weren’t for the largest Guiyuan Sect with their Great Ascension Dao Venerable pressing above them, Wentian Sect would have grown even more arrogant.

Other sects had also seen Wentian Sect’s ambitions to dominate the Cultivation Realm, but with external troubles everywhere, Guiyuan and other major sects had no choice but to temporarily turn a blind eye to maintain internal stability.

However, their silence only fed on Wentian Sect’s arrogance.

Medicine Sect did not like to cause troubles, but they were also not one to swallow grievances in silence when one of them was wronged. Ye Zelan had planned to immediately contact the sect the moment they left the Cangwu Secret Realm. Their Master and the sect would surely call the shots for them. Regardless of whether their benefactor joined Medicine Sect or not, Ye Zelan was determined to protect these two at any cost.

Lu Yaoyao already knew that Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai were human cultivators. She remembered that the relationship between different races was never very good. Her own identity was a demon, so Lu Yaoyao naturally didn’t dare to mingle with powerful human cultivators for fear of being discovered.

“Thank you, Big Sisters, but we can’t join Medicine Sect.” Before the Ye sisters could continue, Lu Yaoyao added, “We want to join Guiyuan Sect.”

Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai wanted to persuade the two, but when they heard what Lu Yaoyao said, they immediately scrapped their thought. “Guiyuan Sect is the number one sect in Cultivation Realm. The disciples there are also very friendly, especially towards their juniors. If you join in, Guiyuan Sect will definitely protect you.” With Guiyuan Sect’s prestige and power, Wentian Sect would surely not dare to retaliate.

The Ye sisters sincerely gave the two their best wishes, “There is still half a year until Guiyuan Sect’s next open recruitment. I hope we can meet again at Guiyuan Sect next time.”

Guiyuan Sect generally only took disciples between the age of eight to eighteen years old, because children younger than that were too young to take care of themselves. Lu Yaoyao looked to be only four or six, but there were always few exceptions. In the case that the siblings failed to enter Guiyuan Sect, Ye Zelan was ready to ask her Master to intercede and ask a friend in Guiyuan Sect to admit them.

“Little Sister Yaoyao, would you like to stay with us until Cangwu’s exit opens?”

“Thank you, Big Sister, but no need. I’m with brother Yuanyuan.” Lu Yaoyao replied with a sweet smile. She actually wanted to stay with these beautiful sisters and learn more about Cangwu Secret Realm, but she knew that Brother Yuanyuan didn’t like strangers, so she reluctantly refused.

Ye Zelan and Ye Qingdai didn’t insist. Moving separately might also be safer for Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan. There were many people in Cangwu, and they could never know when and how information might spread. If they acted together, the existence of these two as their benefactors might also be exposed to Li Shengyuan and Wentian Sect.

“This is the token of Medicine Sect. If you need help in the future, take this and come to us. We will definitely do our best to help.”

“Thank you, Big Sister.” Lu Yaoyao accepted the token and stored it away. Now that they were about to move separate ways, Ye Zelan couldn’t hold back anymore and finally took Lu Yaoyao into her arms. Feeling the soft and fragrant little dumpling in her bosom, the cold beauty broke into a sweet smile.

Ye Qingdai watched her senior sister with an envious gaze. After Ye Zelan finally let go of Lu Yaoyao with great reluctance, Ye Qingdai quickly squatted down and hugged the little dumpling herself, wearing a satisfied grin on her face.

Lu Yaoyao, who was buried in one ample chest after another: “…”

Seeing this, the corners of Shen Changyuan’s brows twitched, and he quickly picked up Lu Yaoyao before turning around and leaving.

Lu Yaoyao popped her head above Shen Changyuan’s shoulder and waved at the Ye sisters, “Big Sisters, goodbye.”

“Goodbye, Little Sister Yaoyao.”


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  • Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables
  1. Wandering cultivators: Wultivators with no affiliate to a sect, powerful clan, or any similar organization.
  2. Quick reminder of human cultivation levels: Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Inedia, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Projection, Soul Transformation, Body Fusion, Crossing Tribulation, Great Ascension

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