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DDDV Ch 88 Part 1 – Home (I)

Lu Yaoyao dared to make the oath because Shen Changyuan had told her that the person could be saved. Seeing the woman lying on the bed looking like she was terminally ill, Lu Yaoyao couldn’t bear it, so she asked Shen Changyuan if there was any to save her.

Shen Changyuan nodded without hesitation, “If you want to save her, just do it.”

Thus, Lu Yaoyao was very confident.

After Li Mu agreed to let them save the woman, Lu Yaoyao quickly looked up at Shen Changyuan before following the boy into the wooden house.

It was pretty cramped inside, with Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan alone taking up almost half the space. Li Mu had to come in and guard Qianqian, so Xiaohu was the only one left outside, waiting anxiously.

Li Mu stared at Shen Changyuan. The dangerous feeling he had for this man remained the same, but his desire to save Sister Qianqian overwhelmed everything, and he no longer cared about these people’s identity or their goal.

Shen Changyuan looked indifferently at the dying woman on the bed. He extended his hand, stopping just above the woman’s forehead, and began directing his aura into her body.

Not long after, Shen Changyuan withdrew his hand.

Qianqian suddenly tilted her head and spat out a mouthful of black blood.

When Li Mu saw her vomiting blood, his complexion suddenly changed. He quickly stepped forward and took a look. Upon seeing that Qianqian’s complexion had visibly improved, his frown finally loosened.

Lu Yaoyao looked at Shen Changyuan and questioned with her eyes: is she alright now?

Shen Changyuan nodded lightly.

This half-demon was not sick, but poisoned. The medicine Li Mu brought back couldn’t cure her and even had the opposite effect. This kind of poison might be difficult to heal for these people, but Shen Changyuan was different. He only needed to directly expel the poison from the body, and it was just a small effort for him.

Lu Yaoyao had complete trust in Shen Changyuan and boasted proudly, “Brother Yuanyuan has cured her!”

When Li Mu looked at Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan again, his vigilance had disappeared a lot, and his attitude was much softer, “Thank you.”

The wooden house was too cramped, so they didn’t stay long. Li Mu took Lu Yaoyao and Shen Changyuan out, then led them to a more spacious hole inside a big tree before telling Xiaohu to bring a plate of washed dried fruit and plain water in bamboo cups.

Li Mu was ashamed, but this was already the best hospitality they could offer.

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes were sparkling. She looked at the plate, took a fruit, and tried a bite. It was sweet and sour! “It’s delicious. Brother Yuanyuan, you should try too!”

Shen Changyuan naturally didn’t refuse. When Li Mu saw that the two didn’t dislike the refreshment he had prepared, he felt more at ease, and his gaze toward the little red dumpling became more friendly.

“Thank you for saving Sister Qianqian.”

“What do you need from me?”

Li Mu was a native and knew a lot about the majority of high-ranking cultivators of Ye City. He was sure he had never seen these two, so they must be outsiders. As for being lost, Li Mu only half believed it. Regardless of truth and lies, he didn’t care much as long as they didn’t do anything to hurt him and his fellows.

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on a simple wooden chair, but her short legs couldn’t reach the floor, so she swayed them in the air as she spoke, “What is the name of this place? How far is it from the Demon Realm?”

Li Mu replied softly, “This is the misty forest outside the Ye City, where the boundary of three realms meets. We are not far from the Demon Realm.”

Learning that they were already very close to the Demon Realm, Lu Yaoyao was very happy. She suppressed her excitement and continued listening.

Li Mu then proceeded to tell the two about the surrounding area in detail. Afterward, he looked at the little dumpling and asked, “Are you going to the Demon Realm?”

Lu Yaoyao blinked, “We’re just curious.”

Whether they were just curious or had another goal, Li Mu didn’t care. However, since they had saved Sister Qianqian, he told them, “Today, it’s not that easy to go to the Demon Realm.”


“Three years ago, the Three Realms were in turmoil, with both the Demon Race and the Demon Race intending to attack the Cultivation Realm. If Dao Venerable Hengwu hadn’t shown himself in time, the Three Realms probably would have been in the midst of war now. After the conflict was settled, a barrier was set up on the border of the Cultivation Realm. You need a special token to get in and out.”

When Li Mu mentioned Dao Venerable Hengwu, his eyes lit up. Even the steady Li Mu was still a teenager at heart, and he also idolized the strongest person in the Cultivation Realm.

“How strong is the barrier? Can we sneak in?” Lu Yaoyao rolled her eyes.

Li Mu shook his head, “This barrier is formed by the most powerful members of the Cultivation Realm. If people without a token touch it, the guards of the Ye City would be alarmed and immediately come to arrest the trespassers.”

Speaking of this, Li Mu suddenly lowered his gaze. There was a dark cast on his face. “The Li family of the Ye City is the watchman of the barrier. Therefore, their family head possesses several entry tokens in his hand.”

“We got it. Little Brother A’mu, thank you for your information.” Lu Yaoyao smiled sweetly.

Li-little brother?! Li Mu’s stunned eyes fell on the little dumpling sitting in front of him. The girl who looked four or five at most actually called him, a sixteen-year-old teenager, a little brother?

Lu Yaoyao wasn’t aware of Li Mu’s shock. After obtaining useful information, she left the tree cavern with Shen Changyuan.


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