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THDP Ch 113 Part 3 – Besieged (III)

Sikong Xing cursed softly as she summoned the black water out from the ground and skilfully manipulated it to form another layer of barrier around Chu Tianfeng’s flame, protecting herself and her friends inside.

Su Junmo raised his hand, conjuring a green net in the sky. Compared to last time, the net gleamed coldly, brandishing countless small thorns and barbs on its surface as Su Junmo sent it flying toward the incoming giant wolves.

“Awoo—” The two giant wolves who rushed to the forefront were caught off guard by Su Junmo’s net. Countless sharp barbs pierced their bodies, causing the two wolves to howl in agony.

On the top of the hill, one of the leaders howled again. The giant wolves below the hills stopped abruptly, staring at their fellows trapped in the green net.

Qin Xiumo responded very quickly. With a swift flick of his hand, his natal sword, previously fighting with the wolf on the hill, flew back and rushed to the green net. The trapped wolves suddenly let out a loud shriek. The next moment, a heavy bang resounded as two giant heads fell to the ground.

A suffocating bloody stench instantly filled the air.

“Excellent!” Sikong Xing praised. Although the ones killed were just underlings, it was still a victory.

Qin Xiumo’s face did not show any joy, and his expression was heavy as he looked up at the seven wolves above. Even as their fellows were beheaded, the rest of the pack just stayed still, and no one rushed out to help. What did this imply? It meant that these wolves were not only cold-blooded and ruthless but also had total obedience to their leader. This behavior exceeded the capability of normal beasts and was more like an organized group of cultivators! If the previous snow fang bees had similar commanding abilities and organization, their group might have been wiped out before Meng Qi arrived.

Qin Xiumo’s expression was tense. His gaze fell on the particular wolf who had been fighting with his natal sword just a moment before. Similarly, the wolf was also staring at the group below, overlooking them with a pair of icy-cold green eyes. A mere beast, yet its gaze seemed to contain disdain and contempt, as if it already possessed human-like emotions.

“I…” Sikong Xing seemed to have noticed the giant wolves’ abnormality and suddenly raised her voice, “I remember.”

“Huh?” The rest of the group was watching over the wolves vigilantly, so only Meng Qi responded to Sikong Xing’s sudden remark.

“Before, when I…” Sikong Xing swallowed her saliva and quickly continued, “When I inquired my father about the Starfallen Sea, he also told me this — when a celestial demon committed a major crime that was not heavy enough to warrant an execution, they sometimes would be banished to Starfallen Sea instead.”

“Eh?” Meng Qi looked at Sikong Xing.

“These giant wolves are very similar to the snow wolves, one of the celestial demon clans of our Demon Realm.” Su Junmo took over the explanation.

“Yes!” Sikong Xing nodded, “Before the convicted sinners were banished into the Starfallen Sea, they would be sentenced by the Demon Monarch, who deprived them of the ability to transform into the human form. From thereafter, they would stay in the beast form forever and no longer able to improve their cultivation base.”

Su Junmo nodded: “These sinners, although no longer possess the ability to transform, but…”

“Wait…” A voice suddenly rang. There were six hills in the vicinity, with seven wolves in total, meaning that one of the hills had two wolves. It was one of these two wolves that intercepted Su Junmo. “So we have celestial demons tonight.”

The group of people below instantly raised their eyes toward the huge figure, and only then did Meng Qi realize that this wolf only had one eye.

According to Su Junmo and Sikong Xing, these wolf leaders were formerly celestial demons?

Although they could no longer take human form, they still retained the ability to speak.

“Heh—” The snow wolf sneered, “It turned out to be a white fox and a red fox brat.”

“Sir.” Sikong Xing called out sweetly. The demon race respected the strong, and they didn’t care much about age-based seniority. This snow wolf’s cultivation base had reached the fifth rank, so Sikong Xing was right to address him politely.

The red-dressed girl pursed her lips and continued, “We are merely passing by to save our friend, and we don’t mean to offend anyone. May you grant us permission to pass?”

“No problem.” The snow wolf responded lazily.

“Thank you, Sir!” Sikong Xing smiled happily. She didn’t expect the snow wolf to be so understanding.

“However…” The snow wolf raised one of his front paws. The tip of his claws made a circling gesture around Meng Qi and the others, before finally stepping on the ground again. “…leave this Golden Core cultivator here, and the rest of you can leave.” His voice was cold.

“Don’t think about it!” Qin Xiumo and Chu Tianfeng took a step forward.

“Human cultivators?” The snow wolf glanced coldly, “Merely Nascent Soul, heh—” Although he was in a wolf form, the sarcasm in his tone was very obvious to all, and even his eyes seemed to glint in ridicule. “Ignorant brats who don’t understand the height of the sky. Do you think that flimsy sword of yours can stop us? This old man is just too lazy to care about you; otherwise, your sword wouldn’t be able to stop my slap.”

“Sir!” Sikong Xing took another step forward. “This Golden Core cultivator is also our friend. Can you let her leave with us? If Your Honor has any demands, we will do our best to fulfill it.”

“Little red fox.” The snow wolf glanced lazily, “This old man is willing to let you go simply because you are your father’s daughter. Otherwise, neither you nor this white fox brat has the ability to block my fangs and claws.”

“Stop talking nonsense!” Chu Tianfeng’s eyes were cold. With a wave of his hand, his natal weapon came out and floated next to him. “Once we kill you, all of us can pass!”

Chu Tianfeng’s black robe fluttered as they looked up at the snow wolf fearlessly. At the same time, the red lotus had already floated high in the sky, showering petals upon petals on the snow wolves below.

Next to Chu Tianfeng, Qin Xiumo and Xu Zijun also brandished their swords.

From beginning to end, none of them believed a single word that came from the snow wolf.

Here was the Starfallen Sea, where many great powers came and perished.

One step wrong, and all of them would be buried here forever.


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