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DDDV Ch 97 Part 2 – Beast Form (II)

Lu Yaoyao didn’t think about it anymore, as her mind at this moment was full of her Daddy’s awesome beast form. Filled with curiosity, she nimbly climbed up and down, exploring everywhere.

“Daddy, what kind of devil beasts are we?” There was no mistake this time.

Lu Yaoyao had been studying for the past ten years, but her accumulated knowledge was only the tip of the iceberg. There were many things she had yet to know; for example, she couldn’t even recognize their own species.

“Scarlet Flame Devil Cloud Beast.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded solemnly. The name was so long, it sounded very strong!

“There is Devil Compendium in the palace. After the Grand Ceremony, let’s choose…” Lu Qingyu originally wanted Lu Yaoyao to choose two teachers to teach her basic knowledge about the Devil Realm. However, he suddenly remembered how Yao Jiuxiao personally taught the child. What Yao Jiuxiao did, he naturally could too! So he changed his words midway: “…forget it. I will teach you myself.”

“Okay!” Lu Yaoyao had no objection. She always yearned to know more about the world and couldn’t wait to start learning.

Lu Yaoyao played wildly until night when she finally lay exhausted on Lu Qingyu’s fluffy body. Her small paws hugged the fur on the tip of the fluffy tail, and she fell asleep contentedly.

She could no longer sleep with her Daddy in human form, but it was okay when they were both in the beast form!

Woohoo! It’s so big and fluffy, even nicer than Brother Yuanyuan’s beast form! Too comfy!!

Unknown to Lu Yaoyao, her and Lu Qingyu’s white fur were not suitable for the Devil Realm. The Devil Realm was permeated with devil aura all year round, making it full of gray and dark colors everywhere. For this reason, devils with dull colors, such as gray and black, could lurk and hunt better, giving them a greater chance of survival. On the contrary, those with mutated colors like Lu Qingyu’s white were basically bright, movable targets. Being so conspicuous, they had a harder time surviving than other cubs.

Lu Qingyu’s own parents, upon seeing his white fur, gave up on him. Thinking that he couldn’t survive, they threw him away and let him fend for himself.

Luckily for him, he survived, despite all the life-threatening moments he encountered every day.

Lu Qingyu didn’t expect her daughter to inherit the mutated color from him. But the era was no longer the same. The cubs of his era were basically free-range, receiving very little protection and upbringing from adults.

His daughter was born in good time.

Lu Yaoyao seemed to never get tired of her Daddy’s beast form. Lu Qingyu was busy with work during the day, but came the night, he would succumb to Lu Yaoyao’s constant pestering and turn back into beast form. She would then play on him until she got tired and fell asleep in satisfaction.

This routine continued every day until the arrival of the Grand Ceremony, held in honor of Lu Yaoyao to announce her identity as the Devil Venerable’s only daughter. On the day of the ceremony, all devils with high enough status to attend arrived in the palace one after another.

From early morning, Lu Yaoyao’s maids were busy dressing her up to the nines. Lu Yaoyao’s attire today was a special ceremonial gown made over days of consecutive overtime work by a group of the best tailors. It was black, with golden embroidery on the bottom and a layer of radiant brocade on the outside. Even when the gown was still folded neatly in the box, it was dazzlingly beautiful. After Lu Yaoyao put the gown on, its gorgeousness did not overwhelm her and instead added a layer of grandeur and majesty to her youthful form.

On Lu Yaoyao’s head was a miniature crown, made of strings of ten thousand years eastern pearls. Her chubby, beautiful face was left bare by the maids, who applied only a thin layer of lip balm.

Bandan took two steps back, very satisfied: “Your Highness, we’re done.”

Lu Yaoyao quickly jumped off the small stool. It took so much time, and she was already tired!

The maids were mesmerized. Her Highness might be young, but she was so beautiful when dressed up!

“Your Highness is so majestic!” Bandan praised.

“Yes, Your Highness looks very domineering today!”

As a servant, the maids were very skilled at guessing the master’s mind, not to mention that Lu Yaoyao was not hard to read. They could see that their little princess was very fond of being called ‘majestic’, ‘domineering’, and so on, so they vehemently praised her in this regard.

As expected, Lu Yaoyao was very happy with their compliments. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and turned around a few times. Her chubby face flushed with excitement. Uh-huh, she indeed looked good today!

Lu Yaoyao put her hands behind her back and tried her best to look and sound solemn, “Let’s go.”


The little dumpling’s solemnity only lasted until she reached the gate of Lu Qingyu’s palace. The moment she passed the gate, she ran in happily, “Daddy, daddy!”

Lu Yaoyao was too excited, “Daddy, look! Am I majestic and domineering?”

The maid who was talking with Lu Qingyu quickly backed away. Lu Qingyu turned around to his daughter and nodded with satisfaction, “Yes, very domineering.” As expected of his cub!

Lu Yaoyao grinned from ear to ear. She then noticed Lu Qingyu’s dress, which was the same ceremonial garb as hers, but in a male model. Seeing this, her happiness rose again.

A matching family dress!

So Lu Yaoyao ran forward and took Lu Qingyu’s hand, “Daddy, does Father also have the same dress?” Since it was a family dress, Father should have it too, and Brother Yuanyuan must not be left out!

Lu Qingyu, who was originally in a good mood, immediately turned sour over the mention of Yao Jiuxiao, “No!”


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    Lu Qingyu didn’t expect her daughter to inherit the mutated color from him.

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