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DDDV Ch 99 Part 1 – A Drunken Stupor (I)

“The food is magnificent, and the dance is sublime.” Lu Yaoyao shook her head and said grandiosely, just like a little monarch. Next to her, Lu Qingyu shook the wine cup in his hand lazily, feeling quite satisfied seeing his daughter’s enjoyment. “Reward.” He ordered.

The palace servants promptly delivered his order and distributed the rewards to the dancers and cooks.

Meanwhile, Lu Yaoyao sniffed softly. Her curious eyes fell on the wine cup in Lu Qingyu’s hand. She quietly asked a nearby waiter to pass her a cup, and, after ensuring that her Daddy wasn’t looking in her direction, quickly turned around and prepared to take a sip secretly. The exquisitely decorated cup had just touched her lips when she suddenly found her hands empty. Lu Yaoyao turned her head and met with a tap on her forehead.


Lu Yaoyao rubbed her forehead and watched in regret as Lu Qingyu drank up her wine and threw the cup away. She sighed in disappointment. Just a bit more, and she would have gotten a taste!

Finding it impossible to secretly drink under her Daddy’s watchful eyes, Lu Yaoyao temporarily gave up this idea and turned her attention back to the beautiful dancers.

It was at this time that Chijia Lan stood up and slowly walked ahead. Holding a wine cup in her hand, she looked up at Lu Yaoyao and showed a charming smile, “Your Highness, may I give you a toast?”

Lu Yaoyao’s eyes lit up, but she tried her best to keep her chubby face straight, “You may.” She waved her hand, motioning for the waiter to bring her wine.

“Chijia Lan.” Lu Qingyu looked over coldly. His voice carried a warning.

Chijia Lan was not afraid at all. Still with her charming smile, she said, “How can our little princess not drink?”

Lu Qingyu narrowed his eyes slightly.

Lu Yaoyao looked up at her Daddy, grabbed his sleeve, and acted cutely, “Daddy, it’s just a sip, okay?” She hadn’t tasted any wine and was very curious!

“If you don’t let me drink now, I will drink secretly later!” She said with bright eyes.

“Really want to drink?” Lu Qingyu squinted.

Lu Yaoyao nodded eagerly.

With Lu Qingyu’s permission, the waiter finally brought the tray to Lu Yaoyao, who stretched out her small hand and held the cup tentatively.

Lu Qingyu did not stop her, “You can drink if you want. But don’t spit it out.”

Wait, did it taste bad? But everyone presents, including Daddy, drank very deliciously! Lu Yaoyao thought so. Refusing to fall into her Daddy’s trick, she was even more determined to drink. Eyes shining bright, she returned Chijia Lan’s toast and quickly took a big gulp.

The next moment, a burning sensation made her white and tender face wrinkle in a deep frown.

Lu Qingyu burst into laughter. Poking at Lu Yaoyao’s red face, he teased, “Did it taste good?”

It took a while for the taste to go down. “Nothing. I drank too quickly just now, but good wine should be savored slowly.” Lu Yaoyao sullenly replied. Then she took a much smaller sip and slowly sipped, ready to finish the rest of the cup.

Seeing this, Lu Qingyu froze for a moment, then laughed even more heartily.

Chijia Lan also giggled, “As expected of our Devil Race’s little princess.”

All the devils in the audience seat below also laughed in response.

“That’s right, good wine should be savored carefully.” A devil king roared with a laugh.

Another king on the next seat mercilessly took him down: “I recall you usually guzzle booze by the jug?”

The devil king’s black skin turned red, ashamed for being exposed when trying to flatter, “Nonsense! I have been drinking in small sips recently.”

“Haha……” Lu Yaoyao also giggled. After taking in that cup of wine, a wave of heat spread from her stomach and finally rose to the head. Her white and tender chubby face was flushed red, and her usually clear eyes were somewhat hazed. She grinned for a moment, then shifted her gaze to Chijia Lan. No longer holding back the thoughts in her heart, she rushed over to the charming lady in an instant. “Although you said weird things to me and I decided to not like you, but you have a really nice body…”

“???” Chijia Lan, who was hugged, suddenly frozen. She, who always seduced others, was now taken advantage of by a little cub??

Satisfied, Lu Yaoyao shifted her target and pounced on the nearest elder, who had a long and neat white beard, “Gramps, your beard is so long!” She tugged hard.

The First Elder who became the second victim: “…”

Seeing the little princess dared to pull a smiling tiger’s whisker, other devils gasped in shock, worried that the First Elder would lose his temper on Her Highness. His Venerable was still watching above!

However, to everyone’s shock, the First Elder acted like a grandfather pampering a granddaughter and simply let Her Highness play around. Even when she messed-up his well-groomed long beard and made a braid of it, he simply smiled indulgently.

After playing with the beard, Lu Yaoyao got bored and changed her target again. She climbed on the shoulder of a devil king and tugged the horns on his head. “Are they real?” She asked innocently.

Seeing a few black pointy objects protruding from the forehead, Lu Yaoyao was taken by curiosity and started tugging again and again, until… one snapped with a loud noise.

“…” Feeling the sharp pain on his forehead, the devil king wanted to cry, but didn’t dare to.

“It fell off.” Lu Yaoyao’s hazy eyes widened in surprise as she looked at the black horn in her hand, “What should I do? I didn’t mean it…” She tried to put it back.

Under His Venerable’s gaze above, the devil king could only force a smile: “As long as Your Highness is happy…”

Seeing his daughter tormenting his subordinates, Lu Qingyu smiled gloatingly, feeling the wine seemed tastier than ever.

Only after Lu Yaoyao had tossed all the devils several times did Lu Qingyu finally show some compassion. His figure disappeared from the throne. The next moment, he appeared on the carpet below, holding the little girl in his hand.


As soon as the word fell, the devils who had just survived a disaster immediately left the hall at the fastest speed.

The little girl in Lu Qingyu’s hands dangled her short legs and looked up with her pair of big and bright eyes. “I like Daddy the most!” The babyish voice announced with a grin.

Lu Qingyu couldn’t help laughing, “Sweet tongue!”


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