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DDDV Ch 99 Part 2 – A Drunken Stupor (II)

When Lu Yaoyao dizzily opened her eyes again, it was already near noon of the next day. She woke up on a spacious princess bed about seven or eight meters wide. After waking up, she sat up and stared dazedly for a long time at the familiar bedroom as her mind started to turn on.


The next moment, Bandan walked into the inner room, “Your Highness, are you awake?”

Lu Yaoyao got off the bed, “Well, I didn’t do anything when I was drunk, right?” Lu Yaoyao’s memory cut off shortly after she drank the wine. She obviously got pretty drunk last night! She didn’t make a fool of herself in public, did she?

As Bandan helped her little master dressed, she replied with a light chuckle, “Your Highness was awesome last night.”

Hearing this, Lu Yaoyao was relieved.

“Where’s Daddy?”

“His Venerable is in the meeting hall.”

Lu Yaoyao nodded. She chose a red dress today. After washing up and having breakfast, she didn’t immediately go to see Lu Qingyu, but instead went to the study and sat at the desk. The entire remodeled palace belonged to Lu Yaoyao alone and had complete facilities to accommodate all her needs, including a secluded place for cultivating, a room for receiving guests, and a beautiful garden.

Thinking of the general she had just received as her subordinate, Lu Yaoyao turned around and called tentatively, “Yaqing?”

In the otherwise empty room, a half-kneeling tall figure appeared out of nowhere, “Your Highness.”

Lu Yaoyao jumped down, stood in front of Yaqing, and looked up, “You only listen to my words, don’t you?”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

“Do you still listen to my Daddy’s orders?”

“No.” Yaqing lowered his eyes; his handsome face did not show the slightest emotion. From the corner of his eyes, he could see the delicate appearance of the little princess. “This subordinate only obeys Your Highness’s orders.”

“Then I will tell you my rules: stop kneeling when you see me.”

“This subordinate obeys.”

Lu Yaoyao glanced out, then lowered her voice, “Yaqing, do you know how to leave the Devil Realm?”

Yaqing answered straightforwardly, “Replying to Your Highness. There is only one way to go in and out of the Devil Realm, and that is via the boundary gates. Once the boundary gates are closed, only His Venerable can open them again.”

And the gates were currently closed.

Different from the Cultivation Realm, the Devil Realm could be said to be a separate realm of its own and could only be entered and exited through the four-direction boundary gates. And the key to open the gates was in the hands of the Devil Venerable.

When Lu Yaoyao heard this, she was immediately disappointed. So she had to get Daddy’s consent before she could leave the Devil Realm?

“Is there a way for us to go out without disturbing Daddy?” Lu Yaoyao squatted on the ground, holding her fleshy chin with both hands, and asked expectantly.

Yaqing was silent, “Unfortunately, no.”

“What about a token? Is there an entry token or something we can use to pass the gate?” Lu Yaoyao said again. Didn’t she and Brother Yuanyuan succeed in getting the token to pass the boundary from the Cultivation Realm to the Demon Realm?

“Replying to Your Highness, there is no such thing.”

Lu Yaoyao sighed. What a headache!

The conversation was finished. Lu Yaoyao didn’t let Yaqing remain invisible, but told him to walk with her openly.

After the Grand Ceremony was over, Lu Yaoyao’s desire to leave the Devil Realm reached its peak. She wanted to see her Father, she needed to pay a visit to Guiyuan Sect, and she also had to find the star sand… there were a lot of things to do!

But Daddy wouldn’t let her go. What a problem!

“Your Highness, why don’t you take a look at the gifts you received during the Grand Ceremony?” Seeing Her Highness’s upset look, Bandan suggested.

“Okay!” Reminded of the mountain of treasures from last night, Lu Yaoyao’s curiosity was aroused. She hadn’t checked at them yet!

Bandan took Lu Yaoyao to a place and explained, “All the gifts are currently stored in the treasury.”

Young as Lu Yaoyao was, she already had her own private treasury, now full of all kinds of treasure. The entrance to the treasury was located in a room inside Lu Yaoyao’s palace and guarded by two imposing guards. After entering, the door was connected to a separate space, which stored Lu Yaoyao’s current net wealth.

After Lu Yaoyao brought Bandan and Yaqing in, she was stunned by the vast treasures piling high as far as the eye could see. When she received the gifts last night, she had the feeling of being rich overnight, but only now did she know how rich she actually was!

“More than half of these was taken out by His Venerable from his own private treasury. As for the gifts from yesterday’s Grand Ceremony, they were here.” As the maid Lu Yaoyao trusted the most, Bandan was now equivalent to Lu Yaoyao’s right arm and had a lot of power as a result. For the time being, she was also in charge of the private treasury.

Hearing Bandan’s explanation, Lu Yaoyao understood what her Daddy meant. This wealth was also part of her power, and she would use these to reward her loyal subordinates.

After glancing around through the treasury, Lu Yaoyao picked a few items she liked and put them in her pouch. She then turned around and said generously, “You each choose three. My reward.”

“Your Highness…” Bandan hesitated.

Lu Yaoyao said again with a straight face, “You can only obey and can’t refute my words.”


Bandan and Yaqing went to pick three items each. Any random thing inside Lu Yaoyao’s treasury was a rare spiritual material or artifacts that most devils couldn’t ask for, but the two had their own measure and chose appropriately.

Lu Yaoyao didn’t say anything. After they left the treasury, she returned to the main hall and summoned all her subordinates. The main hall was very spacious, yet it looked a bit crowded with so many people standing inside. In addition to the sixteen maids who personally attended to her, Lu Yaoyao’s palace also employed numerous maids responsible for other duties such as cleaning and washing, along with more than one hundred guards responsible for patrolling around. This number did not include the men under Yaqing’s command, which was more akin to Lu Yaoyao’s private army.

To understand their basic remuneration, Lu Yaoyao ordered Bandan and Dan’er to make a list, and then directly double it.

Lu Yaoyao said sternly, “Since you follow me, I will not treat you badly.”

“Your Highness is kind, but you must not slack off…” Bandan took the initiative to warn them in advance. With General Yaqing’s intimidation, these devils were pressured into obedience.

After Lu Yaoyao dealt with the matter, she ran out to show off to her Daddy.


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