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Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 111 Part 2 – Dealing With the Matter (II)

Before Li Chengjing opened his mouth, no one dared to make a sound. Li Chengjing first poured a cup of tea, handed it to Cheng Yujin, and then filled another cup for himself: “It seems that Marquis Jingyong’s family is gathering in Ciqing Palace. What’s the matter?”

Huo Xue-shi wanted to speak, but facing the Crown Prince, she didn’t dare to say a word. Ruan-shi cast a glance at Cheng Yujin hesitantly. Cheng Yujin knew that Li Chengjing’s question could only be answered by her, so she summed up the matter today in a few words: “Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. This consort took second aunt and second sister back to Ciqing Palace for a chat. Unexpectedly, this consort heard that second sister had miscarried at the beginning of this month. She is still so young, but has already suffered such hardships. This consort cannot bear it and thus summoned Old Madam Huo to the palace to carefully inquire about the in and out of the matter.”

Cheng Yujin’s gaze lightly swept across Huo family people before she added coldly: “But it seems that Old Madam Huo has some misunderstanding. However, since Marquis Jingyong is also one of the related parties, it would be better to ask him directly.”

Ruan-shi immediately showed a victorious look. Cheng Yujin’s eloquence was indeed very superb. In just a few words, she summed up the cause and effect, taking everything in control while putting Huo Xue-shi as a villain who made trouble unreasonably and treated others based on unfounded suspicion.

Li Chengjing nodded slightly. Obviously, he didn’t care about the troubles in the Huo family and was totally unmoved when hearing about Cheng Yumo’s miscarriage. After Cheng Yujin finished explaining, Huo Xue-shi was anxious again. Sure enough, the Crown Princess was taking Cheng Yumo’s side. If one just listened to the Crown Princess’ words, it was their side who was completely at fault.

Huo Xue-shi hurriedly said: “Your Highness the Crown Prince, this subject’s wife treats one’s daughter-in-law with love and respect, and never treats her harshly at all. Begging Your Highness to be impartial and do not listen to one-sided words.”

Li Chengjing gave Huo Xue-shi a cold glance: “How can Gu become partial just by listening to the Crown Princess? Gu should not believe the Crown Princess, but should believe you?”

Huo Xue-shi suddenly stifled. Huo Changyuan frowned and immediately lifted his robe and knelt down, “Your Highness, please calm your anger. Mother has not been out of the manor for a long time and is ignorant of the way of the world. Mother does not mean to offend Your Highness.”

Seeing Huo Chang Yuan kneeling down, Huo Xue-shi and Su Ke’er were also frightened and fell to their knees with a loud, painful plop.

“What are you kneeling at Gu for?” Li Chengjing’s voice was still cold, “Dare to offend Crown Princess, you people are so bold.”

Huo Changyuan was shocked at first. He glanced up quickly, and vaguely had some guesses. He turned to Cheng Yujin, bowed his head, and said: “Mother offended Crown Princess. Begging Crown Princess to condone her crime.”

Cheng Yujin hummed silently inside. She turned her eyes sideways and glanced at Li Chengjing lightly. The latter noticed her gaze, turned his head without hesitation, and looked straight at her.

Cheng Yujin silently retracted her gaze. Li Chengjing suddenly made such a move, which gave her minor goosebumps.

However, now her ex-fiancé and current brother-in-law was still kneeling on the ground. Cheng Yujin coughed lightly, reminding herself that there were still people on the floor waiting for her to speak. Cheng Yujin calmed down and said, “Since this is Old Madam Huo’s first offense, this palace1 won’t hold her accountable on account of Marquis Jingyong. However, there is no next time.”

Huo Changyuan’s guess was confirmed. His heart was full of mixed feelings, and for a moment, he didn’t know what to say. Huo Xue-shi and Su Ke’er also reacted and hurriedly turned around to kowtow to Cheng Yujin: “This subject’s wife has been rude. Crown Princess, thank you for your forgiveness.”

Cheng Yujin nodded lightly and raised her hand slightly: “Get up.”

Su Ke’er didn’t understand anything. When the Crown Prince spoke just now, her heart almost stopped beating in fear. Now that Crown Princess had spoken to let them up, it was obvious that the matter had ended well. Su Ke’er was overjoyed and wanted to help Huo Changyuan get up, but Huo Changyuan frowned and avoided her hands.

Su Ke’er stared at her empty hands. For a while, she was unable to understand what was going on. Obviously, biao brother never rejected her approach when they were in the Huo family manor, so why did he suddenly avoid her now? Su Ke’er retracted her hand and knelt back on the floor in embarrassment.

Ruan-shi saw everything from the side and snorted contemptuously.

Cheng Yujin pretended not to see it. After everyone stood up, she turned her head and said to Li Chengjing: “This is originally younger sister’s family affair, but this consort has carelessly let Your Highness see the ugliness. This consort is truly embarrassed. But since Your Highness already knows, this consort will be thick-skinned and ask for some advice. Your Highness, how do you think we should deal with this matter?”

Without a slight delay, Li Chengjing immediately responded: “Since it is second sister’s family affairs, of course you have the final say, and you can do it as you see fit. Your decision is also my decision.”

Li Chengjing called himself ‘Gu’ when facing Huo Changyuan and Huo Xue-shi, but used ‘you and I’ with Cheng Yujin and even called Cheng Yumo ‘second sister.’ His attitude was firm and clear.


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  1. This palace (本宫): How empress, high-ranking imperial consorts, and princesses call themself. CYJ calls herself ‘this consort’ in front of LCJ, who is her husband and is of a higher status than her, but ‘this palace’ in front of people of the lower status.
Greetings, Ninth Uncle
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