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GNU Ch 111 Part 3 – Dealing With the Matter (III)

Without a slight delay, Li Chengjing immediately responded: “Since it is second sister’s family affairs, of course you have the final say. You can do it as you see fit. Your decision is my decision.”

Li Chengjing called himself ‘Gu’ when facing Huo Changyuan and Huo Xue-shi, but used ‘you and I’ with Cheng Yujin and even called Cheng Yumo ‘second sister.’ His attitude was firm and clear.

Huo Xue-shi suddenly sighed helplessly. When she departed for the palace, she still thought that she might be able to get a bit of help from the Crown Prince by relying on her kinship with little Xue-shi. Now that she thought about it again, it was simply a fool’s dream. Huo Xue-shi was Huo Xue-shi, and little Xue-shi was little Xue-shi. Although little Xue-shi was half Li Chengjing’s adoptive mother during the years he spent living among the common folks, she and Huo Xue-shi were no more than distant clan cousins. How could this kind of far-fetched relationship be compared to his own wife and sister-in-law?

Huo Xue-shi never thought of this consequence before. She just wanted to keep someone to take care of her son at home; how could it result in such big trouble? In particular, Huo Xue-shi also recalled her attitude when she learned that Cheng Yuanjing was taken back to the capital by little Xue-shi from the place of Xue family exile. At that time, Huo Xue-shi told her son to take care of Cheng Yuanjing a bit on account of their kinship with little Xue-shi. Now, when Huo Xue-shi thought of her tone and condescending attitude at that time, she was almost ashamed to death.

Who did they think they were? Cheng Yuanjing was the Crown Prince; did he still need their support?

Now the karma seemed to be biting back all at once. The Crown Prince completely handed over the power to handle the matter to Cheng Yujin. Huo Xue-shi suddenly felt numb. There was too much old and new hatred between her and Cheng Yujin.

Cheng Yujin calmly said, “This matter is supposed to be the family affair of Jingyong Marquis Manor, and it stands for the reason that this palace should not interfere. But since you people come to Ciqing Palace to ask for justice, it is inevitable for this palace to say a few words. Marquis Jingyong.”

Huo Chang Yuan suddenly heard his name from Cheng Yujin’s mouth and was stunned for a moment before answering, “This subject is here.”

“Second sister accidentally miscarried. Was it because she was pushed by you?”

Hearing such words from Cheng Yujin, Huo Chang Yuan felt extremely embarrassed. He clenched his fists tightly and finally responded with difficulty: “Yes.”

“This palace heard that Old Madam Huo wants to welcome a concubine. Is it for you?”

Li Chengjing raised his eyebrow slightly when he heard this. He thought it was just an ordinary quarrel, but there were actually so many twists and turns?

As a man, Huo Changyuan pushed his wife and caused her to miscarry. Not long after his wife miscarried, his mother still thought about giving him a concubine…As a fellow man, Li Chengjing was made totally speechless by this farce. No wonder Ruan-shi brought Cheng Yumo to complain to Cheng Yujin directly. Everything was caused by Huo Changyuan.

Huo Changyuan closed his eyes and said bitterly, “Yes.”

“That’s it.” Cheng Yujin raised her hand and pulled down her long sleeve, “Old Madam Huo is your mother, Su-shi is your maternal cousin, second sister is your wife, and the fetus that died unfortunately is your child. Everything is caused by you. As long you took some actions, second sister and Old Madam Huo wouldn’t misunderstand each other so deeply, and second sister’s unborn child would not die so tragically. Second sister has just miscarried, and she is still too weak even to stand straight, yet you still want to take a concubine. With this kind of behavior, where do you place loyalty, righteousness, benevolence, and filial piety that any human should have, and where do you place the court’s law as the court official?”

When Cheng Yujin scolded people, she always took the high moral ground. Huo Changyuan remembered that he had also been scolded by Cheng Yujin before. At that time, the girl accused him of being unjust, untrustworthy, shameful, and unfilial before tearing off their marriage contract in front of him. Unexpectedly, in this lifetime, he still had the opportunity to listen to the scolding for the second time.

Cheng Yujin’s voice was loud, and everyone was taken aback by her momentum. The whole hall fell into a heavy silence. After Cheng Yujin finished her scolding, she added a summary out of a habit: “Your behavior can be categorized as pampering concubine and destroying wife. Someone like you who cannot distinguish right from wrong, let your family fall into chaos, and blatantly ignore the court’s law…how can the imperial court dare to use your service? How can His Majesty and His Highness dare to entrust you with the important task of protecting the country and the people?”

Li Chengjing turned away slightly, holding back the smile that almost broke on his face. He remembered his first meeting with Cheng Yujin was when she and Huo Changyuan were breaking off their engagement. At that time, Cheng Yujin slapped Huo Changyuan with all her strength and was very regretful after finding out that she left no scars on his face. The first requirement to becoming the official in this dynasty was a flawless appearance with no defects, and people with visible scars or disabilities were disqualified. The second requirement was good character.

It could be seen that Cheng Yujin was truly determined to ruin Huo Changyuan’s career. After finding it out, the inexplicable sourness in Li Chengjing’s heart immediately dissipated. Li Chengjing was a man, so he naturally could tell the difference whether a woman truly hated someone or just pretended to be harsh. Regardless of Huo Changyuan’s feelings for her, Cheng Yujin genuinely wanted to crush him into dust.


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Translator’s note:

Wife: I despise my ex-fiance and his family, but as a good crown princess, I won’t mix private grievance with politics or abuse my power. But now this stupid man has come by himself. Why, of course I will use this chance to stomp him to death!

Husband: I am jealous of my wife’s suitors and want to crush them to death. But as a good crown prince, I won’t abuse my power to avenge private grievance. But now my wife’s stupid ex-fiance has come to deliver his head and my wife seems to be determined to stomp him to death. Of course I, as a good husband, must support her 100%!

I wonder if this is what people meant by ‘match made in heaven’ 🤣🤣🤣

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18 thoughts on “GNU Ch 111 Part 3 – Dealing With the Matter (III)”

  1. 🤣🤣🤣 Yujin face slapping is always right at the center of the target, where it hurts the most.

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    Since Huo Xue-shi hates it so much when her baby-son is being surrounded by women who distract his attention from her, what’s the use of stuffing a concubine into his bed?

    1. A wife is a respected member of the family that Huo Xue shi controls with effort. A concubine is a “toy” that can be controlled more easily.

      Besides, the wife & concubine will fight each other, making it even easier for Mother to be the “voice of reason”, looking even better.

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        But I bet if this worked out and that girl really got pregnant etc, Huo Xue shi would definitely try to get rid of the girl the moment the child is born, while preventing the couple from interacting as soon as she got pregnant, because she can’t bear it if the precious son neglects his mother.

  3. This is truly a 360 degree calculation what the heck. Not only will the Huo family not live happily, but neither will CYM if her husband gets kicked out of court since she wants the prestige and all too

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