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MSRV Ch 41 Part 1 – Fu Family’s Young Miss (I)

What kind of experience was it to watch gossip as a bystander only to find that it was actually about your own idol?

Ding Qiuqiu was a veteran fan of Yunjuan Yunshu, a first-line1 bigshot in the livestream industry. Ding Qiuqiu was also known with her internet handle name: ‘Have our group stolen the cub today?’ As her handle name said, she had a rather eccentric personality.

Ding Qiuqiu was an avid hand fetish. After coincidentally entering Yunyun’s channel more than three years ago, she was instantly hooked by the flawless hands exposed by the streamer. Even if the content of the livestream was not of interest to Ding Qiuqiu, she never tired of watching it every day and even shared the channel with many mutual fans.

They didn’t need anything. Just looking at those hands was enough to make them satisfied, which was the biggest benefit of being a hand fetish.

Later, Yunyun’s cute baby made his debut, and Ding Qiuqiu’s hidden trait of a cute fetish emerged. On the one hand, she enjoyed watching Yunyun’s hands every day. On the other hand, she screamed silly upon the baby’s cuteness. Her feeling was exactly the same as her handle name: every day, she couldn’t wait to steal the cub and take him home for herself.

She was one of Yunyun’s first batch fans. It could be said that she had watched Yunyun grow from a novice streamer to a well-known figure with millions of loyal fans. Because of this, Ding Qiuqiu also had a kind of motherly affection for Yunyun.

As a veteran fan who was dragged into the pit by a pair of beautiful hands, Ding Qiuqiu could say with perfect confidence that she remembered the exact shape and line of Yunyun’s hands clearly. She and her fellow fans were probably more familiar with Yunyun’s hands than Yunyun herself.

Ding Qiuqiu was usually active on the livestream forum, but occasionally went to other social media to search for gossip as an idle spectator. A few days ago, when the photos of a beautiful rural girl were circulating on the internet, she was busy working overtime and missed the commotion. She finally got some free time tonight and found that the internet was particularly lively these few days, so she began to watch for gossip with great interest.

Seeing the overwhelming one-sided attack towards a regular person, Ding Qiuqiu didn’t add anything, but just reading the malicious comments made her feel bad enough, as if she had done something devoid of conscience. Halfway through the browsing, she was so sleepy that she couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore, so she went to bed. The next day, Ding Qiuqiu remembered yesterday’s gossip and picked up her mobile phone first time in the morning. As a result, the wind direction changed drastically in just one night, with a clear trend reversal.

When she clicked on the video on the trending topics, Ding Qiuqiu’s first reaction was to look at the hands that appeared in the video, and then—


Ding Qiuqiu was instantly stunned. It’s her idol, Yunyun!

The gossip she was watching was about her idol!

Ding Qiuqiu was a big fan among fans, and she was very active in her community. Many fans paid attention to the news she sent, and she was also a manager of several fan groups.

As soon as Ding Qiuqiu’s post came out, other fans asked teasingly whether she was secretly changing allegiance.

Instead of replying, Ding Qiuqiu directly took screenshots of the video and posted them all at once. Then she also turned over the photos and short videos taken from the deleted livestream and posted them in the group.

For a moment, everyone was silent. Then, countless exclamation marks mixed with shocked comments immediately filled the screen.

[It’s really!]

[It’s really Yunyun! I had a vague feeling when I saw the video, but I was not sure before!]

[Me too……]

[Fuck! Yunyun is indeed more beautiful than I imagined!]

[The epitome of beauty!]

[I knew Yunyun is very, very, very, veeeeeery beautiful!]

[Me too!]

[From today, I announce that Yunyun has officially become my wife, thank you.]

Yunyun only showed her hands and occasionally her figure during the lifestream, so it might be hard for most of her fans to connect the beauty who dominated the trending topics list these past few days with her. But the angle of the screenshots Ding Qiuqiu sent to the group was inexplicably similar to the ones they were familiar with.

The fans burned their detective spirit and began to compare. Oh my God, these hands are the same as Yunyun’s! This beauty is indeed their Yunyun!

The screenshots were immediately circulated among several thousand fans, who began to excitedly marvel at their idol’s beauty. Most of the fans, who originally were brother fans and sister fans, immediately announced that they had become husband fans and wife fans.2. Yunyun had always refused to show her true face, so they could only imagine it out of thin air. Now, God seemed to be on their side, showing Yunyun’s face and identity for them!

Today was definitely a festival day for them, Yunjuan Yunshu fan group!

The fans were busy admiring their idol’s beauty when someone suddenly realized that the situation was wrong.

[Wait, is it time to admire the beauty?]



Countless dots filled the screen as the rest of the fans finally remembered. What the fuck, their Yunyun was bullied by others. What were they still doing? They must roll up their sleeves and fight back for Yunyun!

Fu Yunruo also encountered haters and antis on her road to popularity, but her fan composition was not the same as the majority of livestreamers. This might be related to the fact that Fu Yunruo’s livestream content was about orchids, the flower that had been a symbol of elegance and nobility since ancient times. Because this flower had always been favored by people with literary reputations, raising orchids had been known as an elegant art. Except for the real lovers, only those with both money and leisure time would raise orchids as a hobby.

Therefore, among Fu Yunruo’s fans, wealthy people accounted for a considerable proportion, and many were genuinely filthy rich. They often sent private messages to Fu Yunruo, wanting to buy orchids at a high price, sometimes with photos of large private orchid gardens attached.

At Fu Yunruo’s insistence, her fans seldom sent generous gifts during the livestream broadcast. But once haters or antis began to attack Fu Yunruo, they didn’t bother to even argue and directly sent gifts that immediately sent Fu Yunruo to the top of the popularity list on the homepage.


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  1. In Chinese, the star’s ranking is called ‘line,’ with first-line = first rank.
  2. Brother/sister/husband/wife fans: fans ‘claiming’ their idol as their family. Of course, not genuinely so. I.e., “This singer is my husband!”

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