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DDDV Ch 135 Part 1 – Outer Sect (I)

When Lu Yaoyao and her friends found Li Dazhuang, what they saw was the scene of two disciples bossing him around, ordering him to do their bidding with an air of arrogance.

Lu Yaoyao was immediately filled with anger.

Chao Muxue frowned, scolding them in a sweet voice, “What are you doing?”

Zhao Biao and Qian San’er looked up, only to find four inner sect disciples glaring at them from the steps. The slight differences in attire between inner and outer sect disciples allowed them to be easily distinguished. The two of them looked startled and hurriedly greeted, “Greetings, Senior Brothers and Sisters.”

Li Dazhuang saw Lu Yaoyao and her friends and greeted them happily, “You guys came!”

Lu Yaoyao hopped down a few steps and looked up at Li Dazhuang, asking, “Why are you sweeping the steps?” If she heard correctly, this wasn’t Li Dazhuang’s duty.

Sure enough, Li Dazhuang scratched the back of his head and laughed innocently, “I’m helping Senior Brother Zhao and Senior Brother Qian with the sweeping.”

Lu Yaoyao was heartbroken. Li Dazhuang was being clearly bullied, yet he was completely oblivious to it. These two did not lack hands or feet; were they incapable of sweeping the steps themselves?

Furthermore, even if he was helping, why were they just supervising and not lifting a finger themselves? It was truly outrageous!

Li Dazhuang seemed unaware of his friend’s anger. He was delighted to see them again and asked, “Did you come to see me?”

“If we didn’t come to see you, you’d probably be bullied to death!” Du Qianshan was also quite furious.

Zhao Biao and Qian San’er, seeing Li Dazhuang chatting so casually with several inner disciples, looked at each other in horror.

They never expected that the person who appeared easy to bully because he liked to be alone would know so many inner disciples.

Lu Yaoyao sternly glared at the two outer sect disciples who had bullied Li Dazhuang. “Who are you? State your names!”

Zhao Biao and Qian San’er were in a state of panic. Frightened, they both immediately bent over, snatching the broom from Li Dazhuang’s hands, and said in a flattering tone, “Senior Brothers and Sisters, there’s a misunderstanding. We are all good friends of Junior Brother Li. We absolutely didn’t bully him. We’re just helping each other out. He helps us sweep the steps, and we help him water the spirit fields. It’s mutual assistance, mutual assistance!”

Qian San’er hurriedly continued, “Senior Brother Zhao is right. We help each other out. If you don’t believe us, you can ask Junior Brother Li. I haven’t made him do anything for me yet.” Qian San’er felt extremely wronged. He had only just started considering it and hadn’t actually bullied Li Dazhuang yet. If he were to offend inner sect disciples like Zhao Biao had, it would be extremely unfair.

Lu Yaoyao was skeptical. Their arrogant behavior just now totally made them look like bullies.

Li Dazhuang said innocently: “Yeah, we’re helping each other.”

“What the hell. You didn’t even realize you were being bullied,” Du Qianshan lamented. He glared at the two outer disciples. “Who is in charge here? I want to file a complaint.”

Zhao Biao and Qian San’er instantly turned pale, begging for mercy. “We’re really sorry! We didn’t know Junior Brother Li was friends with Senior Brothers and Sisters. We won’t dare to do it again.”

“If he didn’t have friends like us, was he supposed to be bullied?” Du Qianshan retorted.

“No, no, no, we won’t do it again!”

Zhao Biao and Qian San’er hastily retreated, continuously pleading for forgiveness. They were afraid that Lu Yaoyao and her friends might chase after them and insist on taking them to the person in charge. If the higher-ups found out they had offended inner sect disciples, they would be in deep trouble.

Lu Yaoyao and her friends didn’t chase after the two. It would be easy to find them later by asking around. They weren’t going to let anyone get away with bullying fellow disciples. Judging by the two’s attitude, who knew how many people they had bullied? Since they had witnessed it, they had a duty to report it later!

Right now, their time was limited, and they couldn’t afford to waste it. Lu Yaoyao and her friends grabbed Li Dazhuang and left.

Li Dazhuang hesitated when he saw the unfinished steps. He scratched the back of his head and protested: “I haven’t finished sweeping yet.”

“This isn’t your job; you don’t have to worry about it,” Du Qianshan said firmly.

Li Dazhuang felt that since he had promised to finish sweeping the steps, he should do it. However, with his friends visiting, he hesitated for a moment before eventually following them away.

Lu Yaoyao was fuming, “How could there be people who bully others like this?!” It was truly the case of a couple of rotten apples spoiling the whole barrel. She had a very positive impression of the Guiyuan Sect, especially since it was her father’s sect, and she felt a strong sense of belonging. She didn’t expect to encounter such bullies who abused their power!

After venting her anger, Chao Muxue was no longer as furious. Instead, she consoled, “In such a big place, there are all kinds of people. Guiyuan is the largest sect in the Cultivation Realm, with tens of thousands of outer sect disciples alone. It’s inevitable that there will be some shortcomings.”

Of course Lu Yaoyao understood this. No matter where you go, there will always be good and bad people. However, it was different when you personally witnessed it compared to just knowing it in your heart.


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  1. It’s good to know that they’ll report such things because it’s obvious that they’ve done this before to other disciples. Their punishment should set a good example of the consequences to others with similar ill intentions.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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