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MSRV Ch 133 – Do Nothing and Still Win

Perhaps it was the several investment failures this year that left the Chang Group vulnerable. Although they managed to recover temporarily, opportunists seized the chance to besiege them, leaving the Changs with little capacity to withstand the continued pressure.

Of course, a more significant reason was the relentlessness of the forces attacking the Chang Group, leaving no room to take a breath. As a result, the Changs had no option but to fight back until their eventual defeat.

This was a beautifully executed corporate battle. People lamented the Chang family’s fall and were both amazed and wary of the power that brought them down.

The changes at the top didn’t affect ordinary people’s lives much. Although the employees who worked at the companies under the Chang Group were anxious, they weren’t immediately worried about losing their jobs after the New Year.

The Chang Group was acquired, and while there would be significant changes at the top, the rank-and-file employees might not see much immediate change, aside from an infusion of new blood.

Fu Yunruo was shocked when she saw the news about the Chang Group. It hadn’t been long since the rumors of their impending bankruptcy, and now they had declared bankruptcy.

The news was all over the internet and TV, even trending several times. People expressed their shock that such a powerful corporation could collapse so suddenly, but most refrained from harsh comments, merely reflecting on the unpredictability of life. The fall of the once proud family was pitiful enough, and the public decided to show some decency.

Si Yue mentioned to Fu Yunruo, “You don’t have to worry about them bothering you anymore.”

“Is it you?” Fu Yunruo returned to her senses and asked in surprise.

“Not just me. The Chang family made many enemies over the years.” Si Yue explained that the Changs’ downfall wasn’t just his doing. They had been too ruthless and arrogant in the past, causing much suffering and leaving no room for leniency. So, when the Changs were in trouble, those who had suffered under them finally united.

Without these collective efforts, Si Yue couldn’t have brought the Changs down so quickly. Aside from retaliating, many also wanted to profit from the Changs’ misfortune.

Fu Yunruo had never inquired into Si Yue’s business dealings and didn’t understand much about corporate battles. She was aware that he had been busy these past few days, but it surprised her to know that he was behind the bankruptcy. Now she finally realized Si Yue’s true power; indeed, perhaps only someone like him could bankrupt the Chang family.

Mixed feelings flooded Fu Yunruo for a moment. In her angriest moments, she had wished for the downfall of both the Chang and Fu families and to make them suffer. But she knew her own limitations and that she couldn’t shake such powerful entities alone. That’s why she told herself to forget the past of the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ and to stop caring about them, instead focusing on a new future.

Now the Chang family had fallen, and Fang Xueruo and her mother were pushed out of the wealthy circle. For people like them, living ordinary lives served as their greatest punishment. The injustices the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ had suffered were repaid many times over.

With this realization, Fu Yunruo felt a sense of relief, and her mood brightened. Yes, everything’s over now.

Seeing that Fu Yunruo only asked simple questions and didn’t seem to care much, Si Yue couldn’t help but smile.

Well… of course. He had been overthinking before. With such an outstanding man like himself around, how could she possibly be blind enough to fall for that brat from the Chang family?

Being in high spirits, Si Yue shared some more details with Fu Yunruo. “The Fu family stayed out of this and only watched from the sidelines.” Whether it was to lend a helping hand or to kick the Changs while they were down, the Fu Group made no move and remained a cold bystander.

Fu Zonghong underwent medical check-ups at the private hospital owned by the Si family, so Si Yue had seen his medical reports. Given his current condition, it was already amazing if Fu Zonghong could maintain the Fu Group’s status, and he was not in a position to expand it.

Knowing that Fu Yunruo harbored some resentment towards the Fu family, Si Yue didn’t dwell on the topic and simply relayed the facts objectively.

Fu Yunruo listened with an indifferent expression. Both she and this body no longer had a lingering attachment to the Fu family. Satisfied with knowing how the Chang family fell and with her curiosity quenched, she casually waved off the subject, “I don’t understand these matters. You can handle them as long as you do not suffer a loss.”

Si Yue, confident as ever, replied, “Of course, you don’t need to worry.” He then informed Fu Yunruo, “Fang Xueruo gave birth to a daughter, both mother and child are safe.”

Fu Yunruo sighed. As one might expect of a protagonist, this future female lead was indeed tenacious. Videos had surfaced online showing Fang Xueruo’s premature birth was due to her mother-in-law’s assault, yet she delivered the baby safely.

Shaking her head, Fu Yunruo commented, “Well, we don’t need to pay attention to them anymore. They no longer have the ability to harm us.”

The novel’s sequel was set to take place in twenty years, but the plot had deviated so much it was unlikely to return to its original state. Fang Xueruo was now tied to the Chang family, and while the future was uncertain… Fu Yunruo didn’t bother to dwell on it. As she had always said, let them live their own life and not bother each other.

Meanwhile, Si Yue and Wenwen had a father-son conversation behind Fu Yunruo’s back.

“What do you think?” Si Yue asked his son.

Wenwen was still in a state of excitement. His father was not only a genius in acting but also very powerful in business! Hearing Si Yue asking his opinion, he straightened his chubby body and answered with a serious expression, “A man should face his opponents directly. Resorting to low, underhanded tactics is beneath one’s dignity.”

Si Yue patted Wenwen’s head, pleased with his understanding. This time, his takedown of the Chang family was an open strategy, essentially declaring his intentions for the whole world to see. Even so, Si Yue was surprised at how easily the Changs fell. Knowing someone was targeting them, they were still leisurely enough to have internal fights and even provoke more trouble. How the hell did they survive so far?

“You’re so amazing!” Wenwen expressed his admiration. In his previous life, no matter how hard he tried, he could only cause small disturbances at most and never truly shake the Changs or Fangs. But when Si Yue took action, the Chang family was toppled so quickly.

“Can I become as formidable as you are in the future?”

“Of course, you’re my, Si Yue’s, son.” Si Yue assured him, “Any creatures have fatal weaknesses, and so do business entities. When you strike, aim for the vitals. Your moves must be fatal, giving your opponent no chance to recover.”

Wenwen nodded. Now, he didn’t even need to build his own capital for revenge; he did nothing, and was already on the winning side!

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  1. It’s funny how wenwen is now, idolizing yet again Si yue when not long ago he was his greatest enemy for his mother attention…

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