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MSRV Ch 14 Part 2 – First Day of Livestreaming (II)

Fu Yunruo quickly came over. She took off her shoes and entered her son’s territory, then lovingly picked up his fragrant and soft body before giving him a few kisses and rubbing his little cheek with hers.

After coaxing her child, Fu Yunruo turned to Uncle Guo and smiled: “Uncle Guo, thank you for taking care of Wenwen.”

Uncle Guo responded with a rare gentleness: “Wenwen is very well-behaved. Looking after him is very easy.”

Uncle Guo stood up and took a look at Wenwen again.

Chi Wen was a person who knew to be grateful. He turned his head at Grandpa Guo and shook his chubby hand with an “Ah!” as if saying goodbye.

Old man Guo folded his hands behind his back and left contentedly.

Fu Yunruo sat on the playmat and put baby Wenwen in front of her. She took his chubby little hands into hers and couldn’t stop squeezing it again and again.

Fu Yunruo’s greatest satisfaction in this life was to raise her son to be white, chubby, and healthy. His small hands and feet were like lotus roots, and his fat little face was like a bouncy jelly, which was very cute and lovely.

Chi Wen allowed the woman to lay her hands on him. His little face that was bulging with baby fat was covered with helplessness. He tried to keep his face straight, but his shiny little eyes were full of smiles.

Chi Wen looked up at Fu Yunruo and patted her hand solemnly. He then babbled a few times, as if talking seriously.

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Fu Yunruo’s heart was overwhelmed with cuteness. She couldn’t help rubbing her son’s cheek again before hugging him in content, muttering happily: “Baobao, soon we will be able to make a lot of money! Mommy’s livestream is going viral. Maybe I will be able to reach the pinnacle of life and take you to enjoy the world…”

As soon as she opened the chatterbox, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but narrating her ambition, even if she knew that her son couldn’t understand it yet.

“Do you know how many people followed me on my first livestream? 119! I already have so many fans! And this is just the first day. At this rate, I will have 1,000 fans in ten days and 10,000 in a hundred days! If I continued for one year, two years…”

Oh my God, she was going to have countless fans!

The shining road to success seemed to open before her eyes.

Chi Wen: “…” He couldn’t bear to break her enthusiasm, but fans weren’t counted like this. The Chi Wen in the past also used to have a Panda Live account. At the peak of his popularity, he had more than one billion followers, with average daily viewers of 10 million.

However, fans would come and go, and when some became followers, others would unfollow. The people who followed this woman this early were mostly passersby, not fans. To turn passersby into real fans, she had to provide higher-quality contents that could consistently win people’s appreciation, and she also had to have a unique selling point that could fascinate fans.

What’s more, the new channel recommendation period in Panda Live was only fifteen days. After fifteen days, if there was no exclusive contract or promotion from the platform, she would have to entirely rely on herself to gain popularity. However, most newcomers didn’t have this ability. They were usually unable to stand out of the crowd, and in the end, couldn’t make even a small splash before gave up completely.

Forget it. Even if he couldn’t speak yet, he could still barely console her when she lost her ‘fans’ later.

Fu Yunruo was in a state of excitement all day long and couldn’t help but looking at the forum constantly. In fact, there weren’t many visitors. Only about 20 people voted, with less than 35 comments in total. But Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but refresh the page from time to time to see if there were new votes or comments. Whenever there was, she would be excited.

However, there were still many works left to do in the flower garden, and Fu Yunruo also had to take care of her little baby. Her free times were not much, and the day passed quickly.

At night, after taking a wash and preparing to sleep, Fu Yunruo her soft and fragrant son into her arm and couldn’t help picking her mobile phone again. The last time she checked was three hours ago, and Fu Yunruo couldn’t wait to see if there were new comments. In addition, she also wanted to see which orchid species won the vote and would be planted tomorrow.

Fu Yunruo suddenly screamed in horror.

Her follower number has decreased!

Fu Yunruo refreshed the page a few times. Sure enough, there were eight less than before!

She burst into tears. Why didn’t it go up?

Chi Wen subconsciously tilted his two chubby feet forward and grabbed them with his hands, folding his flexible soft body into a fantastic arc. He then raised his little feet again and turned his head towards the woman, not at all surprised by her losing followers.

Recalling his determination today, he put down his feet, twisted his body, and crawled to give the woman a domineering kiss.

Now, now. Don’t be discouraged. This is normal.

Fu Yunruo suddenly felt a soft touch on her cheek, and almost dropped the phone in her hand in shock.

Her Baobao seldom took the initiative to get sticky to her. Fu Yunruo looked at her son and was moved into tears.

Is Baobao comforting her?

She is so touched!

Fu Yunruo, who was so touched, reciprocated baby Wenwen from head to toe.

The helpless little baby was like a turtle turned over. His limbs struggled frantically into the air.

Aaaaah!! This hateful woman!!


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