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MSRV Ch 15 Part 1 – To Raise a Flower (I)

Chi Wen’s small body was as red as a boiled crayfish. After a long time, he finally got rid of the woman’s harassment, crawled to the innermost part of the bed, and curled with his back facing outward.

This woman is so hateful! He very kindly comforted her, but she treated him this way!

Did she think he doesn’t need a face?

He is furious!

Fu Yunruo was laughing behind her son’s back. Baobao is so shy, how cute!

Although she still wanted to cuddle, she also knew that the child would be really angry and might ignore her for several days if she didn’t stop.

After being comforted by her beloved son, Fu Yunruo’s depression was wiped away, and she regained her spirit again.

Fu Yunruo waited until her son’s anger was smoothed down, then she took the shy baby into her arms and patted his back gently to coax him to sleep.

Chi Wen closed his eyes tightly, leaning himself into the soft and fragrant embrace. He adjusted into a comfortable position and buried his face. Under the rhythmic pat, he was quickly overwhelmed with drowsiness and soon fell asleep.

After coaxing her son to sleep, Fu Yunruo continued browsing the forum. At first, she was very satisfied with her first day’s result, but now that she was hit by reality, her enthusiasm has cooled down, and she began to worry again. After all, she didn’t even know the average result for the first-time novice livestreamers, so she couldn’t tell whether she was doing well or not.

Fu Yunruo spent a long time browsing the forum before she found a reliable data analysis to compare, and finally had a general idea. With her current result, she could be regarded as an upper-middle level, which was pretty good for a novice. Although it was still incomparable to the top streamers who gained thousand of followers right from the beginning, those were rare and few. The majority of the streamers slowly accumulate fans and popularity. As long as she advanced steadily, she would also reach that level one day!

Fu Yunruo got the conclusion she wanted, and put down the phone. She then put her arms around her soft little portable warmer and fell asleep in content.

The next day, Fu Yunruo took her son and departed to the flower garden earlier than usual. She intended to do her usual tasks with Uncle Guo before continued preparing for her livestream broadcast.

However, Uncle Guo gave her a sour face and drove her away, letting her do the work in her flower room. The old man made it very clear that the task he entrusted to her right now was to take care of the flower seeds and seedlings he had given her.

Having no other choice, Fu Yunruo went to the little flower room. After tidying up a bit, she opened the app and started the livestream, with the camera facing the soil where the seed yesterday was planted.

“Good morning, fellow orchid lovers. We meet again today…”

Fu Yunruo had just said a few opening words, but she saw the upper right corner of the screen showing only one viewer watching her. She was puzzled. Didn’t she have more than one hundred followers yesterday? Why did no one come to watch today’s livestream?

Were those fake followers?

Fu Yunruo suddenly smacked her forehead: “Why did I forget to notify the streaming schedule yesterday?”

Her fans didn’t know her streaming schedule, so naturally they wouldn’t come!

[This streamer is really cute :D]

A comment suddenly popped up. Although there was only one viewer, Fu Yunruo still handled it seriously: “This is my first time doing a livestream. I have no experience beforehand. Next time, I will do better.”

[Streamer, you can turn on the automatic push notification.]

Yes, why didn’t she think of it? Any livestream platform had a function for automatic push notification. Whenever a livestream began, all the followers would get an automatic notification. Because the function was turned off by default, the channel owner had to turn it on to use it. This, however, was a two-way function. If followers found the constant notification to be annoying, they could turn off the setting completely or block specific channels.

Fu Yunruo took the phone, quickly found the settings, and then turned on the automatic push notification. When she returned to the livestream interface, there was already a barrage of comments.

[You can also upload the recording of your livestreams to your channel’s homepage, so that future audiences can watch your previous broadcasts.]

[Yes, fans can also re-watch it later]

Soon, there were 18 people watching the livestream.

Fu Yunruo listened to their opinion earnestly: “I see. This is true.”

She only thought about starting a livestream, but never thought about what to do after the livestream broadcast ended. But how to record? Under the fans’ guidance, Fu Yunruo finally knew that the platform automatically recorded every livestream broadcast, which then could be accessed via the dashboard.

The streamer then could edit and process the video to make it more lively and interesting, and then upload it to the channel’s homepage. To do this, not having a computer was inconvenient. Fu Yunruo hadn’t started making money yet, but she already considered another expense.

Although strictly speaking, this was a necessary investment, but after calculating her remaining funds, it was a bit…Fu Yunruo silently dismissed this idea. She should just wait until she made some money. Her savings needed to be set apart to raise her son, and couldn’t be used arbitrarily.

Maybe thanks to the effect of automatic notification, but the numbers of viewers soon jumped on.

Fu Yunruo also started planting today’s seeds. After one night, the number of people who voted in the forum was still small, but there was a significantly higher rate in one of the selections.

The selected seed for today was a species called low’s boat orchid, a family of cymbidium orchid. Fu Yunruo proceeded to plant the seed while explaining each step to the viewers. Finally, she said: “Alright, the second child has been planted. Let’s look forward to its birth.”

[Second child, ahhhhhh!]

“Yes, this is the second child in our family. Let’s focus on the eldest child next. Although we have a second child, we cannot reduce our attention to the eldest child. Otherwise, the eldest child will be jealous and refused to sprout. It’s not good if the second child is born earlier than its eldest sibling, right?”

[Yunyun is really funny.]

[Yes, we can’t let the second child be born before its eldest sibling.]


Fu Yunruo also couldn’t hold her laughter.

Time flies quickly. Fu Yunruo looked at the time, and was about to end today’s broadcast. She said: “Alright, we are about to finish here. Like yesterday, I will post a vote later in the forum. Whoever wants to choose the third child, just move your fingers to add your precious vote. Also, don’t forget to click the ‘follow’ button on the top right of the screen. See you tomorrow!”

After announcing the broadcasting time for tomorrow, Fu Yunruo ended the livestream.


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