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MSRV Ch 17 Part 1 – The Upcoming Winter (I)

Chi Wen was very upset recently. It seemed that he was too indulgent to this woman that she dared to run rampant on him.

Look at what she was doing!

Not only was he always forced to dress up fancily, but he was also made to wear small princess dresses for her to take pictures! Now, she didn’t let him go even when he was going to sleep!

He was a 185 cm handsome and macho man, not a pretty little lady!

He shouldn’t indulge this woman! Look at her, taking a foot after gaining an inch!

Had it not for her to be swamped with work recently, he wouldn’t be so well-behaved!

Chi Wen puffed loudly, trying hard to get away. But no matter where he crawled, he could only move around the bed, unable to escape from Fu Yunruo’s evil grasp.

Fu Yunruo easily cornered the baby, smiling like a grandma wolf from the fairytale: “Don’t be shy, Wenwen, I know you like it!”

“Pah! Ah, pah!” Chi Wen’s chubby face flushed red. His short limbs thrashed around, and his fat little butt wiggled like a caterpillar, expressing his rejection with all his strength.

“Baobao really doesn’t want to? If you put it on, Mommy will love you so much more than yesterday. If you don’t, then Mommy will only love you a little bit more than yesterday…” Fu Yunruo’s expression was full of temptation. She made a very vivid gesture, showing the difference between ‘so much more’ and ‘a little bit more.’

Wenwen stopped struggling and seemed to be hesitant.

Fu Yunruo smiled triumphantly and was about to put on the pajamas on the baby when he began to crawl again.

He wouldn’t be fooled!

Run, run, run!!!

Eh? Why was he still at the same place? Chi Wen moved his limbs frantically, but he kept crawling in the same place. He turned his little head around and saw that the clothes on his back were caught! No wonder he couldn’t crawl away.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t stop laughing. Her Baobao was so cute. Why was he this cute, ah?

Chi Wen’s small body was taken over. Feeling a great danger, he became panicked and instantly made a breakthrough.


This one word was said clearly, with a strong pronunciation and tone.

Fu Yunruo was surprised: “Baobao, you can talk?!”

She heard her son saying ‘no!’ with his cute milky voice. It wasn’t her imagination!

Fu Yunruo’s tone became much softer, and her voice seemed to be dripping with honey: “Call Mommy~”

“Baobao, repeat after me, okay? Mom-my. Mom-my…”

Chi Wen refused to follow along. He buried his head into Fu Yunruo’s arms and leaned his small body forward.

“Mommy~” Fu Yunruo didn’t feel discouraged, and patiently taught him to speak.

Chi Wen didn’t say a word. His whole body was buried in Fu Yunruo’s arms, exposing only his fat butt.

Fu Yunruo dug out her son and hugged him: “It’s okay, it’s okay. Baobao has just learned to speak. It’s okay if you don’t want to speak.”

Fu Yunruo was very anxious. Other families’ baby, when they just started to speak, usually would babble something resembled ‘mom’ or ‘dad.’ As for her Wenwen, she frequently recited the word ‘Mommy’ to him, but the child just refused to follow along.

Now he began to learn language by imitating the adults, but unlike other babies, he didn’t show the curiosity to explore the world, nor did he babble non-stop. Her Baobao was very quiet. Only when he was forced to the corner would he protest with some unintelligible noise, and this was the first time he spoke so clearly.

Oh, she really wanted to hear him calling her mother!

Wenwen seeemd to sense Fu Yunruo’s depressed mood. He quietly raised his head, leaned over, and then gave Fu Yunruo’s chin a quick kiss before burying his face in her arms again.

The kiss fell, as soft as cotton candy, and immediately raised Fu Yunruo’s mood to heaven. She smiled happily: “Oh, Baobao’s magic kiss is so powerful. Mommy’s mood has improved~”

Then she very quickly presented the fluffy pink rabbit pajamas again: “If Baobao wears this, Mommy will even be happier!”

Baby Chi Wen: “…”

“Baobao loves Mommy, right?” Fu Yunruo put on an aggrieved look, as if she was about to cry: “Does Baobao really loves Mommy? Mommy is so sad…”

She….she did it!

Chi Wen’s face was full of dejection. He knew it, he knew it! This woman was truly deceitful!

Chi Wen gave up struggling and finally stayed down unmoved.

Fu Yunruo smiled and promptly got Wenwen changed. His whole soft body was wrapped in the warm and fluffy pink rabbit onesie, showing only a pair of bright eyes above the bulging cheeks. His skin was so white and tender, full of liveliness. He was cute, so cute that Fu Yunruo’s heart melted into a puddle.

“Ah, ah, ah!!!! Baobao is so cute!”

“So cute, so cute!”

Fu Yunruo picked up her phone and couldn’t help taking various snaps. Facing the camera lens, Chi Wen subconsciously put on his best postures, fully showing the side of him that he considered cool and cute.

When Chi Wen finished the photo shoot, his whole person fell into depression again. Blame the habits developed in his previous life, making him subconsciously showed his best side in front of a camera.

He was forced to wear such childish clothes yet still cooperatively allowed the woman to take his photos…such a dark history…

Fu Yunruo was ignorant of her son’s entanglement. She busily checked the photos one by one on her mobile phone and found that all of them were perfect, like a professional model, and needed no editing at all.

She was extremely proud. What a peerless little cutie!

Ah, she gave birth to the cutest, lovable, and most handsome baby in the world! She was so amazing!

After being noisy for a long time, Fu Yunruo saw that the clock had passed ten, and quickly put Wenwen to sleep.

The child fell asleep in less than two minutes.

After much entanglement, Fu Yunruo finally picked out nine photos, covered Wenwen’s face with a cute emoticon, and uploaded it to her livestream forum. Underneath, she wrote: My family’s peerless cutie!

Fu Yunruo didn’t deliberately conceal from her channel’s fans that she had a child. Fans also understood that she wasn’t an idol star and didn’t rely on her face to earn her living, so they accepted the fact that she was a mother. They even liked her sharing about the little baby, and agreed that he was their little eleventh, the youngest child they were raising together.

Sure enough, Fu Yunruo had just uploaded the photos, and fans immediately bombarded the comments area.

Sixth Child’s Mama Fan: Even if we cannot see little eleventh’s face, we can still feel the strong aura of cuteness from the screen!

Little Eleventh’s Sister Fan: Yunyun is talking nonsense. This is clearly my family’s little cutie!

Did You Water The Flowers Today?: Ah, ah, worthy of being our family’s youngest child. Imagine on that white and tender skin, a pair of bright eyes, a small and cute nose, little pink lips…Ah! I am about to be knocked out by cuteness. I need little eleventh to give me a kiss to wake me up!


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  2. I don’t think this is cute at all.. Being forced as a child to wear clothes of the opposite sex for their enjoyment and future problems for the child when they grow up isn’t good at all.. hope those parents won’t blame their child if he grew up gay

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