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MSRV Ch 24 Part 1 – His Flower Died… (I)

“Wenwen, we are leaving now!” Fu Yunruo’s voice came from outside. Wenwen turned around and ran out of the kitchen. He stopped in front of the electric scooter and looked around. He didn’t see any large object, only a small square-shaped thing wrapped in a bag in the front basket.

Wenwen tried to sniff the air. But unfortunately, the fragrant smell of braised meat that had permeated the yard for a day had yet to dissipate. Unable to obtain any clue from the smell, Wenwen raised his head and asked his mother: “Mom, did you forget something?”

Fu Yunruo looked at Wenwen strangely: “No, I have got everything here.”

“…” Wenwen anxiously reminded, “My braised pork!”

Fu Yunruo pointed to the tightly wrapped bag, “Isn’t it here?”

Hearing the answer, Wenwen’s eyes widened in disbelief. There were so many braised pork; how could the box be so small?

Fu Yunruo knew what her son was thinking at a glance. She said: “Mom shared it with our neighbors. Your Grandpa Mei likes to eat braised head pork meat with wine. Do you feel reluctant to share some? Grandma Mei taught Mom how to braise pork. Don’t you think we shouldn’t send some? And…”

Listening to Fu Yunruo’s explanation one by one, little Wenwen was convinced that the meat needed to be shared away. After calculating, only a little bit was left. Wenwen head drooped sadly. Thinking that he could eat braised pork to his heart’s content, he flew over as fast as possible, but the reality was different from what he had imagined…

Fu Yunruo and Wenwen went back to the flower garden. Seeing the boy’s listless expression, Uncle Guo asked in concern: “Wenwen, what happens? Did you get bullied?”

Fu Yunruo laughed: “Who will bully him, ah? Everyone protects Wenwen! He is unhappy because he doesn’t have enough braised pork.”

Uncle Guo was distressed: “Wenwen don’t be sad, Grandpa Guo will buy you braised pork!”

Fu Yunruo gestured at the lunch box: “I’ve made some today. Uncle Guo, no need to buy more. Wenwen shouldn’t eat too much.”

When it came to Wenwen’s health, Uncle Guo couldn’t say anything. He took the child’s hand and coaxed: “Come on, Wenwen. Let’s take a look at your orchid. How much has it grown?”

Hearing this, Wenwen immediately cheered up, “Orchid!” The orchid he raised by himself!

So Wenwen and Uncle Guo went to the flower shed while Fu Yunruo went to the kitchen and started cooking.

Wenwen subconsciously speeded up and rushed to his little pot of orchid. He squatted down to take a look. Seeing the little green sprout, he grinned happily: “It looks so good!”

Uncle Guo stood on the side and praised: “Yes, Wenwen is amazing!”

Wenwen became even happier, and he proudly watched the orchid that finally survived his care.

Of course. His mother could grow orchids so well; how could he not be able to raise them!

Since Wenwen could run and jump, he was very sensible and wanted to help his mother and Grandpa Guo. The shovel and other tools used by adults were too heavy and big for his small body, so Fu Yunruo bought him a set of children’s gardening tools. Wenwen couldn’t do much, but he still could dig and plant small flowers.

But what Wenwen didn’t expect was that all the flowers he planted would be dead. Both his mother and Grandpa Guo didn’t take it to heart. They probably felt that it was already good enough for a two or three-year-old child that he didn’t destroy anything. How could they still expect him to grow the flowers?

But Wenwen was totally distressed. He didn’t know what went wrong, so he decided to start by focusing on a single flower. However, that single flower died within a few days of his care. No flower had ever lived for more than ten days in his hands.

Uncle Guo didn’t get angry even after seeing Wenwen killed so many orchids. As a child, it was normal for him to be very curious about new things and was keen to explore.

Wenwen was happy for a moment when he was stunned suddenly. His eyes looked at the little leaf strangely. He remembered that two days ago, he had accidentally pulled a leaf from the seedlings. However, these leaves had no missing corners.

Wenwen observed carefully. He was so happy just now that he didn’t notice. But at this moment, the more he looked, the more he felt that this was not the plant he had raised before.

Wenwen raised his face, “This is not my orchid…”

“Uh…” Uncle Guo was dumbfounded, but he still tried to reassure the child: “Why not? This is your little orchid.”

“My orchid has a leaf with a mark, but this one doesn’t!” Wenwen retorted.

Uncle Guo was stunned. What mark? The seedling had turned yellow when he saw it, so he didn’t notice.

“My orchid died.” Wenwen said certainly. He observed Grandpa Guo’s expression and got the answer.

Uncle Guo couldn’t find a rebuttal, so he cautiously said: “It was Grandpa Guo’s fault. You asked Grandpa to take care of the orchid, but Grandpa let it die…” Uncle Guo took the responsibility on himself.

In fact, two days ago, when Wenwen solemnly entrusted the orchid he raised, Uncle Guo knew at a glance that the plant couldn’t survive. He tried to save it for two days, but it still withered and died in the end.

Uncle Guo was in a panic. Knowing that Wenwen was about to come back, he quickly found a seedling with a very similar appearance to replace Wenwen’s dead orchid. Unexpectedly, the boy still saw it through.


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Translator’s Note:

Poor Wenwen…he cannot win against plant-killer DNA he inherits.

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