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MSRV Ch 33 Part 1 – Woman is a Liar (I)

Fu Yunruo carried the sleeping Wenwen back to their rental house. She put the child on the bed and turned on the air conditioner to quickly cool down the temperature in the room. She then lay beside Wenwen, covering both of their bodies with a thin blanket. Fu Yunruo was not feeling drowsy, so she took out her mobile phone and quietly browsed the variety show on the internet.

Because Fu Yunruo paid no attention before, she didn’t know which stars came to the village. She stayed in the flower garden most of the time and rarely got outside news in time. Now, when she finally took the initiative to find out more, Fu Yunruo was surprised to see the overwhelming info on the internet, both on Weibo and live forums.

The show’s production team adopted the method of TV and livestream parallel broadcast. The livestream recording was broadcasted live before they were uploaded into a video streaming site three days later. Following that, the two hours after-edit TV episodes were broadcast weekly. The rhythm of the TV episodes was better, the content was richer, and some extra behind-the-scenes were added to make them more interesting. Therefore, even after the audience watched the livestream, they would still watch the TV broadcast.

Today’s livestream was only partially uploaded to the internet, with some parts were cut beforehand. Even so, some audiences managed to save the deleted contents and share them on the internet. Fu Yunruo saw no relevant news on the trending topics list, which probably resulted from PR suppression. But when she manually searched with specific keywords, she could still find many results.

Especially after she found the deleted part of the video and watched when Fang Xueruo approached Wenwen and pushed him down after being bitten. Fu Yunruo’s teeth were itchy with anger. She understood her son well. The boy didn’t like people other than her to pinch his cheek. Even before he could speak, he would groan in protest whenever others tried to pinch his cheek. Seeing such an obvious rejection, adults generally wouldn’t force the child.

The malicious comments made by some netizens infuriated Fu Yunruo even more. Not only did they attacked Wenwen, but they also scolded his parents. Fu Yunruo knew that these people were Fang Xueruo’s fans. However, the number of the netizens who spoke on Wenwen’s defense was not small either. The two sides quarreled hardly. No one was willing to let the opponents take the upper hand.

Fu Yunruo checked the usernames of Wenwen’s defenders and found that most of them were Si Yue fans. She had seen the clip where Si Yue confronted Fang Xueruo for Wenwen, which gave her an even better impression of him. Fu Yunruo wasn’t sure why Si Yue was cold to Fang Xueruo, considering that this world was a book where everyone loved the female lead blindly. Nevertheless, this fact added to her favorability of Si Yue.

When Fu Yunruo was browsing the internet, Xin Xu returned to Mei family house. The incident from this morning caused a lot of dissent on the internet. Two gods were fighting, and as mortals, the production team was pressed on both sides without knowing which one to stand with. The production team initially wanted to settle the dispute peacefully, so they sent notice to the casts to attend a meeting to discuss how to achieve a win-win situation. However, until the meeting was over, Si Yue never showed up, while Fang Xueruo stayed in her room under the excuse of feeling unwell.

The attitudes of the two parties were clear and firm. Today, Fang Xueruo had lost a great deal of face, and she was also forced to apologize in public. How could her agent, Sister Wen, let her artist suffer such a loss? Fang Xueruo’s management was forcing the production team to give them an explanation.

On Si Yue’s side, he was a no-show, so the director could only contact his agent. The agent’s attitude was also very tough. In short, Si Yue’s agent was determined that his artist had done nothing wrong. It was impossible for Si Yue to apologize, and the responsibility lay not with Si Yue.

The director almost balded himself in stress. He knew that Si Yue was practically at odds with Fang Xueruo, but never expected that the dispute was big enough to reach such a point that no one was willing to give the other a basic courtesy.

Fang Xueruo’s entertainment company and the capital behind it began to put pressure on the production team, and Apple Entertainment, where Si Yue belonged, also put equal pressure. The show finally got the momentum the production team wanted, but they couldn’t control the situation at all. Stuck in a dilemma, the production team could only play safe diplomacy. They couldn’t afford to offend Fang Xueruo’s backers, but they also couldn’t afford Apple Entertainment either, who was a giant in the entertainment industry.

In addition to this one trouble, there was also another problem of whether the show could still be shot here or not. After Fang Xueruo clashed with local children, the villagers’ warm welcome had obviously faded, especially those in Shanghe and Xiahe Village. People in the remote area were usually wary of outsiders, and they were also very united. Offending one person was equivalent to offending one or even several villages. If it weren’t for Si Yue to stand on the villagers’ side and mediate, they might have been driven away.

Both the crew and casts couldn’t help but complain secretly. Why did Fang Xueruo have to clash with the children? She was an adult. Why did she fall into a conflict with such a small child? Children were naturally ignorant, and that boy was only three or four years old. Besides, he was also very cute…

Si Yue too. He was a public figure, and his every move attracted countless attention. Yet, he so blatantly attacked Fang Xueruo…

The production team decided to leave both Si Yue and Fang Xueruo alone and wait until the two finished fighting on their own. It wouldn’t be too late to side with the winning side then. The most important thing to do now was to deliver the token of apology and placate the villagers’ dissatisfaction.

Some crew was quickly dispatched to buy various gifts from the nearest town. Those gift were then sent to each house along with an apology. After the villagers promised to not hold a grudge over the matter, the problem would be solved. The apology gifts to Wenwen were the most. It consisted of two cans of formula worth hundreds of yuan and a pile of toys and large bags of sweets and fruits, delivered to Mei family’s house.

Seeing the pile of gifts on the table, Xin Xu rubbed the back of his head before going upstairs and knocking on Si Yue’s door.


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