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MSRV Ch 33 Part 3 – Woman is a Liar (III)

Fu Yunruo’s rental house was very close to Mei family’s house. The two men walked quickly, and they soon arrived. Si Yue stood still in front of the gate. For the first time in his life, he had a hesitation akin to the fear of apprehension. But Xin Xu was ignorant of the entanglement in Si Yue’s heart. Seeing that Si Yue hadn’t knocked on the gate, he stepped forward and shouted: “Is anybody home?”

At this moment, Fu Yunruo was playing with her son in bed. After browsing the internet for a while, Fu Yunruo slowly became drowsy and fell asleep. Soon after, she was awakened by Wenwen, who was full of energy after taking a nap. Fu Yunruo tickled the boy’s waist, who then twisted his body and turned over, laughing happily with a flushed face.

Hearing the call, the mother and son stopped their game.

Wenwen pricked his ears and told Fu Yunruo: “It’s Uncle Xu.”

Xin Xu? Fu Yunruo had just checked the information about the show and naturally had an impression of the star who was partnering with Si Yue. She hurriedly got out of bed and quickly tidied her messy appearance. Then she took Wenwen, who had already slipped out of bed and put on his shoes, before going out and opening the gate.

Two men who looked out of place stood just outside the gate. Fu Yunruo greeted: “Mr. Yue,” then she turned to Xin Xu: “Hello.”

Fu Yunruo felt that the word ‘Mr. Si’ sounded unpleasant, so after a brief contemplation, she chose to call him Mr. Yue. Seeing the bags of various sizes in the two men’s hands, she asked puzzledly: “What bring you here?”

Si Yue quickly replied: “It’s the compensation from the production team.”

As soon as Fu Yunruo heard that these things were sent by the production team, she wanted to refuse. However, she soon changed her mind. Her Wenwen had suffered today. It was his loss if she refused to accept the compensations.

When Xin Xu saw the woman who came to open the gate, his eyes suddenly brightened. The woman whose bare face wasn’t smeared by makeup was like a pure lotus flower. Even the ordinary T-shirts and casual pants she wore couldn’t hide her beauty.

Xin Xu said enthusiastically: “Hello, you are Wenwen’s elder sister, aren’t you? We are here to deliver the apology gifts from the production team. We are really sorry that Wenwen has been shocked today.”

Facing Xin Xu’s sincerity, Fu Yunruo couldn’t show any displeasure. She also knew that this young man was not in the wrong, so she gave way and invited the two into the house, saying: “You are too polite. I am Wenwen’s mother.”

“Huh?” Xin Xu widened his eyes in surprise, “Really? I can’t believe it. You look like seventeen or eighteen! I think you are still a college student.”

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help smiling. Being praised young always made women feel pleasant. Although she was indeed still young — she just gave birth early.

“Sister—ah, can I call you elder sister? My name is Xin Xu, you can call me Xiao Xinxin or Xiao Xu. I am 22 years old!”

Si Yue’s attention was originally on Wenwen, but hearing Xin Xu and Fu Yunruo chatted happily from the side, he felt subtle displeasure.

This feeling might be due to her being the mother of his son.

Si Yue cleared his throat. Seeing Fu Yunruo turn her head, he said with a calm face: “Take a look at these things. If you are not satisfied, I will notify the crew to send some more.”

Si Yue had also taken a look and saw that these were low-quality toys bought in batches from a local shop. He couldn’t help but frown in displeasure, thinking that the crew was too insincere by gifting away these cheap things.

Fu Yunruo had no expectations of the so-called compensation. She politely said: “It’s okay. Thank you for sending it.”

Wenwen also leaned over to take a look. Seeing the toys that he had long outgrown, he immediately looked away in disinterest.

—He had a lot of such toys. Both in the flower garden and here.

Fu Yunruo put away the formula cans and toys, intending to give them to other children in the village later. The apples and grapes were taken out, washed, and then plated for the two guests.

Xin Xu was very enthusiastic. He followed Fu Yunruo outside to wash the fruit and showered her with compliments: “Your yard is so beautiful and neat! The flowers are so pretty! I’ve been in this village for some time, but your yard is my favorite. It has a poetic charm…”

“You are too polite. I just take care of it casually…”

Wenwen squatted at the door, carefully watching Xin Xu’s strange enthusiasm with a measuring look.

Was Uncle Xu trying to pursue Mom? Wenwen shook his head. Uncle Xu was younger than Mom, so he was not suitable.

His mother deserved to be pampered, not to pamper others. It was enough for Mom to pamper him alone.

Then Wenwen saw Si Yue’s tall figure also squatted next to him. The boy blinked and tilted his head: “Uncle Yue?” Why are you looking at me like that?

Si Yue’s eyes carefully examined Wenwen. As expected of mother and son, Wenwen’s facial features mostly followed Fu Yunruo. But after looking closely, some parts still resembled him. For example, the nose. Wenwen’s nose was tall and straight, typical of his Si family. However, the child was still young with a roundish face and baby fat, making this feature hard to see.

Si Yue stretched out his hand and pinched the bulging fat on Wenwen’s cheek. It was soft and slippery. Si Yue watched as the boy’s peach blossom eyes1 that looked exactly like Fu Yunruo’s widened slowly.

Si Yue thought to himself. Boys of Si family generally resembled their fathers, but this stinky boy actually didn’t look like him. Did it mean that his genes couldn’t beat Fu Yunruo’s?


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Do not worry Daddy Yue, your gene is very strong indeed. Just ask the flowers your son ‘raises’….

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  1. Peach blossom eyes: An eye shape resembling a peach blossom, forming a crescent shape when smiling looking affectionate and intriguing.

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  1. Just gonna put this out there just once here: You have no right to anything at this point. Unless you want to parade your neglect and abandonment. 3-4 years, you didn’t even care enough to check, but now you care? If you suddenly want to jump in after all those years of not caring, be very careful.

    Well, these are just my opinions on the matter.

    1. Wouldn’t it be fair to say there was like no way to blame him for not knowing AT ALL. She disappeared as soon as he woke up and even he didn’t know where she was. On top of that she cut off communication with literally everyone and never even mention to him that she had this baby.

    2. She literally disappeared as soon as she woke up and cut off contact with the outside world. Was he supposed to magically feel her presence in the village from the city and know she got pregnant from that night ????

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