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MSRV Ch 39 Part 2 – Defamation (II)

Fu Yunruo’s heart was warm, and all the depression brought about by the malicious comments instantly melted away.

Wenwen rubbed his eyes as he walked out of the bedroom, “Mom?” His messy black hair was like a bunch of seaweed that swayed around as his little head oscillated with his steps.

Fu Yunruo hugged her son and gave him a hearty kiss with a full smile.

Wenwen was sobered up in an instant. His Mom was so sticky early in the morning. So shy, ah!

Wenwen held up his chubby hands, leaned over, and kissed his mother’s cheek with a big grin.

The mother and son played around for a while, then went to wash before eating a delicious breakfast. Last night was a big feast of fish and meat, so Fu Yunruo decided to have a lighter breakfast and only cooked a pot of thick porridge. The rice they ate every day was grown locally and organically. Even without sugar, the porridge had a strong fragrance and natural sweetness.

The weather was clear today, and the sun soon dried the wet ground. After breakfast, Fu Yunruo was about to load the rice out to continue drying, but Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei came early and took over the task without letting her help.

“Ruoruo, you have worked hard these few days. Sit down and take a good rest.” Auntie Mei said distressedly. Fu Yunruo had helped them a lot during the harvest season. Thanks to her, the couple could focus on the work in the field every day. Auntie Mei saw Fu Yunruo had gotten thinner and felt even more distressed. But fortunately, she didn’t get tanned.

“Auntie and Uncle have worked harder.” Fu Yunruo said.

“We are used to it.” Auntie Mei waved her hand. “It rained yesterday, but today will definitely be sunny. After drying for two days, we can put all the rice into the warehouse.”

Fu Yunruo smiled and nodded.

Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei didn’t stay long. After unloading the rice, they left for the field. Although the rice had been harvested, the work was not finished yet. Because yesterday was rain, the piles of cut rice had to be turned over to dry evenly, or some might stay dampened and grow mold.

Wenwen was called by his playmates and ran out to play. Today, the children had a new playground. A family in the village was building a new house. A pile of sand was brought and placed in front of the house. Now, this pile of sand has become a new playground for children.

Children had a natural affinity for the sandpit, and they could play with sand all day without getting bored. Some children brought toy shovels and buckets to build a sandcastle, while the rest of them ran up and down happily and rolled all over the sand pile. Wenwen was part of the children who ran on the sand. His cheeks flushed with excitement. He stepped on the fine sand and felt his feet sink in. It was very soft and nice. He ran up and down with his friends, very happy.

Si Yue was passing by a small road nearby when he heard the joyous laughter of the children. His ears keenly picked up Wenwen’s voice among so many others, so he turned his direction and walked towards the source of the voices. After walking for a while, he saw a group of children in the distance, playing joyously on a pile of sand.

Si Yue saw Wenwen at a glance. A bright smile plastered his small face as he played with other children, innocent and carefree. Si Yue watched for a while, then turned around and left for his original destination, which was Fu Yunruo’s house.

Last night, Si Yue drank some alcohol and woke up late, which was very rare for him. After hurriedly eating some breakfast, he went for the shooting as usual. However, during the break, Xin Xu, who was playing with his mobile phone, suddenly exclaimed: “Sister Ruoruo is on the trending topics!” Xin Xu cried out as he swiped his mobile phone: “What the hell? What are they saying about Sister Ruoruo?” He looked at Si Yue, “Sister Ruoruo and Fang Xueruo are sisters? Brother Yue, did you know about this?”

“…” Si Yue also picked up his mobile phone and saw the comments on the internet. At this point, the whole narrative was basically dominated by the water army1 and Fang Xueruo’s fans, and other opinions were totally buried by their voices.

Especially after Fang Xueruo suddenly sent an update thirty minutes ago: Don’t hurt my sister.

This simple message pushed the matter to a climax. Fang Xueruo’s fans, feeling distressed for their idols, increased their attacks on Fu Yunruo.

Si Yue frowned. What the hell was Yuan Xin doing? Wasn’t he monitoring Fang Xueruo? How could she still have the leisure to do this kind of thing?

Si Yue got up, went to a secluded corner, and called Yuan Xin. When the call was connected, he immediately asked, “What’s happening here?”

When Yuan Xin heard Si Yue’s tone, he immediately replied: “Is it about the matter on the internet? Don’t worry. Everything is under control.”

Last night, Yuan Xin also drank alcohol and fell asleep right after returning to his room. The phone vibrated all night until it ran out of battery, but he didn’t wake up. Therefore, Yuan Xin only learned the news this morning after charging and turning on his phone.

Without Yuan Xin’s instructions, his subordinates didn’t dare to act rashly, so they just managed the situation within a controllable range without taking any tangible actions.

After understanding the situation, Yuan Xin immediately produced the best public relations plan to counterattack.

Si Yue sighed, “I asked you to watch her so that no negative news comes out.”

“This matter is not lethal.” Yuan Xin said calmly, “The more unfavorable the rumors now, the better the effect will be once the reversal comes out.” From an agent’s perspective, Yuan Xin knew the best of what to do to maximize the benefits. “We know Fu Yunruo’s past. Generally speaking, her past is clean.”

“The current unfavorable situation is the result of malicious guidance. As long as the truth is revealed, any people with a brain will be able to see who the real victim is.”

Yuan Xin had never seen a rich girl who was more unfortunate than Fu Yunruo. General people might be preconceived. A stepdaughter born as an ordinary citizen and followed her mother to remarry into a wealthy family would definitely not live very well. After all, there was no blood relationship between her and her new wealthy family.

On the surface, it was indeed reasonable to think that the real daughter was bullying her stepmother and stepsister. But the fact showed that the real daughter lived worse than the stepdaughter.

Yuan Xin couldn’t help but sympathize with Fu Yunruo. Not only did her stepmother and stepsister conspire together to destroy her life, they even made her a foil to heighten her stepsister’s reputation.

Terrible, very terrible.

“You always hate seeing Fang Xueruo jumping around in front of your eyes, don’t you? Maybe you can take advantage of this matter to clean her up.” Yuan Xin said. Even if they couldn’t finish Fang Xueruo with one shot, it would still hurt her badly, and she wouldn’t have the energy to jump around for a long time. Not only did Si Yue’s people dislike Fang Xueruo, but she also happened to be on their opponent’s side. Now that a good opportunity appeared, they obviously wouldn’t let it go.

Si Yue frowned in irritation. Of course he knew what to do to create the greatest counterattack, but he was upset seeing Fu Yunruo being attacked maliciously like this. “Take everything down as soon as possible. There are many other ways to deal with Fang Xueruo.” Si Yue ordered. That woman had a lot of dirty things hidden, and it wouldn’t be hard to uncover them with a good investigation.

Yuan Xin was surprised for a moment, as he never expected Si Yue to say that. It seemed that Fu Yunruo’s weight in Si Yue’s heart was not low, but why? How many days had they been together? Or was it just because she was Wenwen’s mother?

“Okay, I will deal with it as soon as possible.” Yuan Xin regretted missing such a good opportunity, but Si Yue had said so, and he could only follow the order.

After ending the call, Si Yue hesitated, wondering whether Fu Yunruo had seen the news or not. What did that woman feel upon seeing it? What if she couldn’t stand the shock?

Si Yue imagined the scene where Fu Yun couldn’t stand the shock. She hugged Wenwen and cried sadly, and the boy also cried helplessly with his mother. Si Yue hesitated for a moment, but he still felt uneasy, so he decided to take a look.


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  1. Internet water army is a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content. Generally, they are set up to artificially manipulate public opinion and attention

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