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MSRV Ch 39 Part 3 – Defamation (III)

Si Yue watched his son for a while and was about to leave, but the boy suddenly spotted him.

“Uncle Yue!” Wenwen crawled out of the sand and ran towards Si Yue, dropping sand all the way. After he arrived in front of Si Yue, the boy looked up and asked cutely: “Uncle Yue, have you finished shooting the show?”

Wenwen looked around, but didn’t see either the cameraman or the crews. Only Uncle Yue was here.

“I am not shooting now.” Si Yue replied. He bent over and lifted Wenwen on his shoulder, then began to walk towards Fu Yunruo’s rental house. He didn’t mind that the child was full of sand. Fine grains of sand fell all over him as he walked.

Wenwen, who was put on a high throne, was overjoyed. His toes cocked as he looked around in joy.

Meanwhile, Fu Yunruo was cleaning the house. She wore an ordinary plaid shirt and trousers, with her long black hair wrapped in a cloth towel. Her trousers were pulled up to her calf, revealing half of her white ankles. She took the trash basket and emptied it on the trash can on the roadside outside the house. An excited voice suddenly came from behind when she was about to go back: “Sister!”

Fu Yunruo turned around in reflex and saw a delicate-looking woman in a pale knee-length skirt standing behind and looked at her with surprised joy.

“Sister! It’s really you!” Fang Xueruo ran towards Fu Yunruo with teary eyes. “I have been looking for you for a long time! Why didn’t you contact us? Uncle…Uncle Fu really worried about you!”

Fu Yunruo stared at Fang Xueruo. Seeing the other party’s teary eyes and surprised look, there was a chill in her heart. As expected of a Movie Empress — Fang Xueruo’s acting skills must be ingrained hard into her bones.

It was at this time Si Yue arrived with Wenwen. Before he turned the corner, he just happened to hear Fang Xueruo’s soft and weak voice from the other side of the wall. Si Yue’s instantly frowned. He was about to turn around and walk out when he heard Fu Yunruo’s indifferent voice: “Sister? I cannot afford this call from you.”

Si Yue stopped in an instant. So calm? It was not at all like the temperamental young woman described in the investigation result he received.

“Uncle…” Wenwen was about to speak, but Si Yue quietly gestured him to be silent. Holding Wenwen’s hands, he listened to the conversation on the other side of the wall.

Si Yue wanted to see how much Fu Yunruo had changed. According to the data from the previous investigation, Fu Yunruo seemed to be a person who was quick to get irritated and explode when provoked. In other words, she was easy to manipulate. Now, it seemed that she actually still had a bit of IQ.

Si Yue wanted to see how Fu Yunruo faced a woman who had bullied her so badly.

Wenwen’s eyes rolled around. He also heard that disgusting woman’s voice. Did she know his mother?

Wenwen pricked his ears and listened carefully.

“Sister, why are you here?” Fang Xueruo reached out her hand, seemingly very excited upon seeing her long-lost sister.

Seeing that Fang Xueruo wanted to grab her hand, Fu Yunruo quickly avoided her.

Fang Xueruo staggered back and looked at Fu Yunruo aggrievedly.

Fu Yunruo raised her eyebrows. According to the routine, there should be a hidden camera around, to show the whole world how the vicious woman bullied her stepsister. According to the temperament of this body’s original owner, ‘Fu Yunruo’ would have long exploded in rage. Unfortunately, it was her who occupied this body now.

Fu Yunruo stared indifferently at Fang Xueruo: “You ask why I am here? Isn’t it thanks to you and your mother? What the need to pretend?”

Fang Xueruo bit her lower lip, “How can Sister say that? Even if we have some misunderstandings…”

“You are wrong. There is no misunderstanding between you and me.” Fu Yunruo smiled slightly, “Oh, yes, I haven’t congratulated you yet. You finally get what you wanted and be together with my ex-fiance Chang Zhuyou.”

Fang Xueruo’s eyelids trembled, “I’m not…”

Fu Yunruo said slowly: “You don’t need to explain; I understand. Because he was my fiancé before, you can’t help but restrain your feeling, because you don’t want to destroy the relationship between your stepsister and your future brother-in-law. However, my ex-fiance has always pitied you. He feels sorry for your hard life in the wealthy family and hates me for being rude to you, especially because I often scold you as a vixen. In the end, he insisted on dissolving our marriage contract in order to be with you.”

“I…” Fang Xueruo’s face was pale. She trembled slightly, and her eyes were full of tears.

Fu Yunruo said again, “Don’t cry. I didn’t mean to blame you. I know that you are so weak, always with tears in your eyes, but you actually forced yourself to be strong when you said: ‘You are my brother-in-law, we cannot wrong my sister…’ and then told my ex-fiance to be nice to me.”

“I know that when he was still my fiance, you never crossed the line for half a step. After all, you are so kind. How could you do something as despicable as robbing your brother-in-law from your own sister?”

“Now I have nothing to do with him, so don’t worry. Oh right, I also read people on the internet praising you two as a natural couple, and I think so too. You guys are really a perfect match. Congratulations! ”

“I’m not…….”

“You don’t have to worry about me taking it back. Oh, I’m not only talking about ex-fiance, but also the position of Fu family’s young miss.”

“Since your mother brought you into my Fu family, you are the young miss of Fu family. Moreover, there is a marriage contract between the Chang family and the Fu family. I heard that now everyone basically thinks that you are the only young miss of Fu family, and even your mother has become Chairman Fu’s first wife. What are you worried about? My late mother and I have given away everything to you and your mother.”

“I’m now living here and growing flower in seclusion, just wanting to spend the rest of my life in peace. What? Has even my presence here become a thorn in your eyes? Do you want me to disappear completely from this world?”

“Sister, how can you say that?” Fang Xueruo said in pain, “My mother and I never thought of replacing you and your mother…”

“But what you and your mother do doesn’t seem to match what you just said.” Fu Yunruo smiled, “You two surely display the idiom ‘brilliant performance’ to the extreme.”

“People are not completely blind. By slowly diluting my existence, you are replacing my position and slowly guiding others to this misunderstanding. Am I correct?”

“Now, if you go out and ask ‘who is Fu family’s eldest miss,’ what do you think the answer is?” Fu Yunruo directly tore off Fang Xueruo’s mask of pretense without mercy.

“No, I have never done this…” Fang Xueruo’s pale face was full of tears, “I never said that…”

“Do you still need to say it yourself? You just need to stand silently and show a pitiful face, and others will immediately do everything for you, so you can keep being a pure and unsullied white lotus.”

“By the way, I also read something interesting on the internet. It seems that your fans are quite repulsive that my name is very similar to yours. This is the case, how about you change back to your original name?” Fu Yunruo said with a sincere tone: “I think your original name is more suitable for you.”

“Right?” Fu Yunruo smiled slightly, “Fang Xuelian?”1


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  1. Xuelian literally means ‘Snow lotus.’ For you who doesn’t know what Fu Yunruo implies, the term ‘White Lotus’ refers to a female character who appears innocent, naïve, impossibly perfect, and pure on the surface, but uses this reputation to backstab, blame, or sling mud on others.

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  1. I had to re-read that because the mask pulling monolog was so perfect 👌 Let’s hope this was on livestream!

  2. acertainpasserby

    Our Yunrou is definitely the best 😌👏. That white lotus couldn’t even speak a thing 😂.

    Thanks for the chapter~ 🥰

  3. It’s a lil frustrating because this confrontation would be perfect in a more usual entertainment industry drama story, but here it just feels OOC and unecessary. I’m reading for the family stuff and MC’s trials as a single mother, I just want the other drama to finish quickly so it can go back to Wenwen and Ruoruo being a cute but slightly easy to bully mother-son pair.

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