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DDDV Ch 58 Part 1 – Space-Time Crack (I)

Fine beads of sweat covered the girl’s fair forehead, but Lu Yaoyao had no time to care. She ran as fast as she could, leaving an afterimage behind. Behind her, eight spirit beasts were chasing closely, and she couldn’t afford to lower her speed. While running, Lu Yaoyao busily thought: she is so small and has no meat; why are they so persistent?

The spirit beasts’ intelligence had reached the threshold of spiritual wisdom. As long as they got the opportunity, they could evolve from spirit beast into demon race and officially begin entering the road of cultivation. Because of their intelligence, the spirit beasts never hunt by size, but by quality. The little cub was tiny, but her body contained a huge amount of pure spiritual aura, which was a great supplement to them. Therefore, when the two preys separated, they chose the smaller one without hesitation.

Lu Yaoyao never gave up running in the direction of silver wolf territory, but she always got blocked by the spirit beasts until she finally ran to the edge of the chasm. The chasm at Duanping Mountain Range spanned just between the mountains and the wasteland. Because the adults were afraid that the cubs might fall accidentally, they sternly forbid them to get near the chasm, so Lu Yaoyao never came here.

This time, she ran blindly in panic.

When Lu Yaoyao reached the chasm, she almost failed to slow down and almost fell directly, only barely stopping two or three steps away from the edge. Lu Yaoyao couldn’t help but take a step back. As far as she could see, the chasm was boundless, and just standing on its edge was very terrifying. On top of that, something resembling a black hole was standing in the chasm, as if tearing apart the sky itself.

Lu Yaoyao turned around and wanted to run in a different direction, but the spirit beasts already caught up and surrounded her in a fan shape. Her chubby face turned serious, and she took out her weapon — since this was the case, she could only fight back!

Lu Yaoyao’s weapons were only a small wooden sword and a small whip, but the lethality of the small wooden sword was not as great as that of the whip. She clenched the whip tightly and glared fiercely at the spirit beasts: “I’m not afraid of you!”

As long as she could hold on a little longer, Xiaosi would be able to call for help!

The spirit beasts were very swift. Seeing that their prey was finally cornered, they immediately encircled her. One of the spirit beasts lowered its body and slammed towards Lu Yaoyao. Compared to Lu Yaoyao’s tiny body, its strong and robust body was extremely large. Lu Yaoyao immediately dodged aside, but another beast swooped in. Before Lu Yaoyao’s feet had the chance to hit the ground again, she was forced to continue dodging three times in succession.

The spirit beasts were obviously wary of the chasm behind Lu Yaoyao and seemed to consciously want to drive her into it. Lu Yaoyao was alert and became more careful. She even felt that if she could use the chance well, she could drive all the spirit beasts into the chasm. Lu Yaoyao’s whip was nimble, and while it looked pretty, it still hit painfully. After being hit several times, the spirit beasts started to be careful about the whip in Lu Yaoyao’s hands.

Lu Yaoyao faced eight spirit beasts all at once — three attacked directly while the rest watched closely and seized the opportunity to attack any time, putting a lot of pressure on her. Although Lu Yaoyao had been trained by her two fathers for so many years, those training were mainly basic skills, and Lu Yaoyao’s only fighting experience was to hunt with her friends. Moreover, there was a sense of safety that made her relax when hunting in a large group, which was totally different from the tension she felt now.

Lu Yaoyao made a decision — to decrease the pressure, she would try to lure a few spirit beasts down into the chasm first. Lu Yaoyao stared at one particular spirit beast. During the fight, she noticed that one of the spirit beasts had a more impatient personality. Even though it still obeyed the command during the action, it obviously looked more restless.

Sure enough, not long after Lu Yaoyao pretended to wobble, the spirit beast impatiently pounced at her. When Lu Yaoyao dodged aside, she swung her whip out. The spirit beast jumped to the other side to avoid the whip, but because it was standing on the edge of the cliff, it lost its balance and fell directly into the chasm.


The falling spirit beast let out a mournful howl, but Lu Yaoyao didn’t have time to celebrate her win. The remaining spirit beasts, who were pressuring Lu Yaoyao slowly but steadily until now, suddenly escalated their offensive upon seeing one of their comrades had fallen.

“Owooooo!” Several spirit beasts roared angrily.

Lu Yaoyao found out that the beasts’ attacks became more restrained only when she got close to the chasm. Having no choice, she stood at the very edge of the chasm, or she would really be unable to hold on.

Lu Yaoyao, who was concentrating on fending off the spirit beasts’ siege, did not notice that the black hole-like crack behind her continued to expand, eventually producing a great whirlwind. A gust of wind swept in, causing Lu Yaoyao to lose her balance and fall.

Lu Yaoyao, who was suddenly sucked into the black hole: “???”

Father, Daddy, aaaaaaahhhhh!!!


In a trance, Lu Yaoyao seemed to hear Xiaosi’s piercing cry before she completely fell into darkness.

The moment the little girl was sucked into the black hole, two figures, one in red and one in white, suddenly appeared and immediately chased into the black hole. However, they were a step too late. The two failed to reach the little girl in time and saw her disappear right in front of their eyes.

Standing in the void of space-time crack, Lu Qingyu and Yao Jiuxiao stared in a direction. Their expressions were extremely ugly. The fierce wind that could tear apart almost everything made their clothes rustle.

“Dad, Mom! Hurry up and save Yaoyao!” Yin Si burst into tears. He was still one step too late, and Yaoyao was eaten!

When Yin Si and Lu Yaoyao ran away from the mutant beasts, they left their scent everywhere. Yin Si was misled several times and went in the wrong direction. Before he could catch up with Lu Yaoyao, his parents and the wolf guards found him first. The group hurriedly rushed, but they were still a step too late. Yin Si could only watch as his best friend fell into the chasm and was sucked in by the big black hole.

As for the remaining spirit beasts, they were no match against dozens of silver wolf guards and were bitten to death in no time. The wolves stood behind Yin Hui, leaving the bloodied corpses of the seven spirit beasts on the ground.

“Dad, save Yaoyao!” The young wolf rubbed his head against the sturdy adult wolf. Tears couldn’t stop falling from his eyes, and his voice was full of panic, “Dad, save Yaoyao…”


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  1. Maybe this will be an opportunity for her to get stronger? She might find a suitable cultivation technique or a treasure. Or maybe even find many opponents to fight against in order to keep on living and she will become stronger through experience.😏 I don’t think their will be a time skip since we just recently had a 10 year one. Or even if their was it wouldn’t be by much at least.🤷🏽‍♀️ Ahhh I’m really looking forward to the next chapter!

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