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MSRV Ch 43 Part 2 – Moving In (II)

Si Yue said solemnly, “Then I will be in your care.”

Being treated equally by Si Yue made Wenwen feel like an adult. He subconsciously puffed out his small chest and mimicked Si Yue’s tone: “We, too, will be in your care.”

“Yes.” Si Yue promised seriously, “Don’t worry, you can leave everything to me.”

Fu Yunruo: “…” Admitting her defeat, Fu Yunruo finally took Si Yue in, “We have guest rooms here, but they have to be cleaned before you can move in. Sorry.”

“It’s ok.”

Fu Yunruo’s rental house was the Mei family’s old house. It was quite large and had many rooms. Fu Yunruo deliberately chose the room farthest from their own for Si Yue. Although she frequently did light cleaning, the room still had to be prepared for sleep.

Si Yue followed Fu Yunruo to the room. Wenwen stood on the tiptoe, watching the two adults leave. In the end, he couldn’t hold back and quietly chased after Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo opened the door, and a wave of sultry air rushed out. She said embarrassedly: “There is no air conditioner in this room, so you can only use an electric fan. But don’t worry, the temperature at night is not so high.”

Now the room was sultry mainly because the temperature outside was higher during the day. The windows were closed, and there was not much ventilation, but sunlight still entered from between the windows sill. When the night wind blew, it would be much cooler.

Si Yue put his suitcase aside and surveyed the room. The room was empty with nothing but a bedboard, a wardrobe, and a table.

Fu Yunruo opened the wardrobe to take out the mattress and quilt inside to dry under the sun. It was still morning now. If she washed the quilt and then put it under the sun, it would dry in the evening.

Fu Yunruo was just about to take out the mattress when Si Yue reached out and took the things first.

Fu Yunruo turned around and looked at Si Yue, who casually said, “I will do it.”

“Me too!” Wenwen raised his chubby hand and said loudly. He can help too!

Fu Yunruo lowered her head and stared at the chubby boy who was eager to help.

Wenwen slowly lowered his head in dejection. Did he still have to stand in front of the wall?

The boy couldn’t help looking at Si Yue and sent a ‘help!’ signal, but Si Yue returned his glance with a helpless look.

Wenwen turned around dejectedly. His small back looked extremely bleak and lonely. Women, ah! Alas, they really liked to make trouble out of nowhere. He obviously did nothing wrong, but he had to stand against the wall in reflection.

Si Yue took over the heavy works from Fu Yunruo. He took out the mattress to dry, then brought a bucket and a rag to scrub the bed frame and table. Fu Yunruo was also not idle. She went to wash the sheets and quilts before hanging them to dry.

Wenwen was forced to reflect all morning before he finally regained his freedom. After that, he followed Si Yue everywhere, like a little tail.

Si Yue was cleaning effectively. He first dusted the top of the wardrobe, then cleaned the bottom shelves and the floor.

Because Si Yue was here, Fu Yunruo let the yard gate open. She had to admit that having another adult in the family increased her sense of security. At least during the day, she was okay leaving the gate and door open.

After Fu Yunruo finished washing the sheets and hanging them to dry, it was almost noon, so she went to the kitchen to cook.

As soon as Wenwen smelled the aroma of the food, the boy abandoned Si Yue heartlessly and hurriedly ran to the kitchen to pester Fu Yunruo.

Si Yue, who suddenly became a lonely man, snorted. So a bite of food was still more important than him in this little brat’s heart?

After Si Yue cleaned the room, he carried out the bucket and poured the dirty water into the ditch in the yard, then went to the faucet to rinse the bucket and wash the rag.

There was a knock. Si Yue turned his head and saw Yuan Xin’s chubby body at the yard gate.

When Yuan Xin saw Si Yue’s ‘family man’ appearance, he was stunned beyond belief. The agent walked in quickly and gave Si Yue a thumbs up, “You already entered the house so quickly? Awesome!”

When Yuan Xin went to the Mei family’s house to look for Si Yue, he was told by Xin Xu that Si Yue was going to the Fu family’s house to be a bodyguard. Xin Xu looked very envious when he told Yuan Xin that. Unlike Si Yue, Xin Xu had never been trained professionally, but he wouldn’t falter when encountering dangers. He also wanted to become the bodyguard of the beautiful big sister and the cute little boy, but was too shy to say it.

When Yuan Xin heard that from Xin Xu, his first thought was: has this dog man finally made his move?

Yuan Xin immediately came to the rental house and unexpectedly saw Si Yue pouring dirty water and washing dirty rags!

Was this still the clean-freak Si Yue he knew?

Si Yue glanced at Yuan Xin coldly, “Why are you here? We won’t invite you for lunch, so hurry up and leave.”

Yuan Xin snorted. This dog man still did not have a status in this family, yet he already dared to call the shots?

Yuan Xin looked around. Although the house owner did not come out, this yard was not a place to talk.

Si Yue washed the rags, hung them on a bamboo pole to dry, then went to wash his hands before walking out of the yard.

Yuan Xin followed behind, and the two stood under the tree next to the fork of the road.

Yuan Xin didn’t go straight to the point. Instead, his eyes swept Si Yue up and down as he asked, “What is your intention?” Do you want not only the child, but also the mother?

Yuan Xin had been with Si Yue for so many years, but sometimes he still couldn’t figure out what this man was thinking. Originally, Yuan Xin thought that Si Yue only wanted the child, and when he later gave Fu Yunruo special attention, that was just because she was Wenwen’s mother. But now, Yuan Xin was not sure. This dog man actually schemed his way into the Fu family’s door. With Si Yue’s temperament, there were many methods he could take if his aim was the child alone. But he actually chose to slowly permeate into the mother and son’s life.

The dog man was not protecting his child’s mother, but actually wanted to chase her, right?

Si Yue glanced at Yuan Xin and sneered, “You dare to prattle? Take care of your own mess first.”

Yuan Xin’s appearance was average, his body was slightly fat, and his ability was very strong, but his private life was a little messy, and he had never settled down.

A single man with no wife or children should take care of himself first. What was the use of gossiping?

Yuan Xin chuckled angrily, “You, big cow dung, are going to harm a beautiful flower. Cannot I say one or two words?”

Si Yue frowned and gave the agent a disgusted look, “Can’t you think of a better idiom?” How could someone as tall, handsome, and rich as him be compared to cow dung?

“Oh.” Yuan Xin’s face was expressionless, “Then you are a rich pig trying to dig someone else’s prized cabbage.”

Si Yue calmly changed the subject, “How are things going?”


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