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MSRV Ch 44 Part 3 – Living Together (III)

That evening, the three had a peaceful and lively meal. Si Yue and Wenwen played in the yard after dinner, while Fu Yunruo took a rest before going to take a bath.

After finishing the bath, Fu Yunruo washed her and Wenwens’s clothes, then hung them to dry under the eaves. Meanwhile, the two men in the yard were playing a toss. Si Yue hugged Wenwen and tossed him upward before catching him again, causing the little guy’s laughter to almost break through the sky.

Fu Yunruo was worried for a moment when she saw Wenwen being tossed so high, but seeing that Si Yue was able to catch the boy easily every time, she let go of her worry. At the same time, Fu Yunruo was also amazed. Sure enough, there was a big difference in physical strength between men and women. Although Wenwen was half a head shorter than his peers, he had a chubby body and was quite heavy. Fu Yunruo’s hands felt sore after holding him for just ten minutes, let alone playing toss like that.

Fu Yunruo noticed that the two had been playing like this for at least ten minutes and couldn’t help but say, “Okay, Wenwen, stop pestering your Uncle Yue.”

Wenwen still wanted to play, but he was aware of his own weight and knew that he had played long enough to make Uncle Yue tired, so he obediently said: “Uncle Yue, you can let me down.”

Si Yue put Wenwen on the ground.

Wenwen quickly ran to Fu Yunruo’s side.

Fu Yunruo listened to her son’s babble for a while, then said to Si Yue: “Mr. Yue, you can use the bathroom now.”

Si Yue nodded and entered the house.

Fu Yunruo sat on the chair. Wenwen also climbed up and snuggled into Fu Yunruo’s arms. After he was comfortably seated, the boy found that the mobile phone was still above his head, so he urged his mother: “Mom, I want to watch too!”

Fu Yunruo pinched his face, “What a busy little guy!” In the end, she still indulged the boy and let him watch the screen.

Fu Yunruo had just started video chatting with Tiantian. When Tiantian saw Wenwen’s face on the screen, her voice softened several degrees as she greeted the boy with excitement: “Wenwen, have you eaten? What did you eat? What did you play today?”

“Aunt Tiantian~” Wenwen called sweetly, then began to reply to the question one by one. The two, one big and one small, chatted happily across the screen.

Finally, Fu Yunruo took control of the call again.

Tiantian was reluctant to part with cute Wenwen, but she still got to the point and began to report the latest development on the internet to Fu Yunruo in detail. Their side was almost evenly matched with the enemy now. Although this incident was still hot, the popularity had dropped a lot due to the impact of other hot scandals.

Because of Orange Entertainment’s crazy behavior, the whole entertainment industry was in crisis. Except for a small number of people, which well-known stars had no secrets or scandals? Orange Entertainment exploded these news one after another, not even sparing their own artists. No one could guarantee that they wouldn’t be the next one, so everyone was hoping this incident to pass quickly.

Fu Yunruo had already vented her anger, so she regarded this matter as over for the time being.

On the contrary, Tiantian was still indignant and couldn’t stand seeing Fu Yunruo was wronged so much.

Fu Yunruo changed the subject and talked about the matter of hiring female bodyguards. Tiantian had no experience in this level, so she didn’t know much, let alone recommend a trustworthy bodyguard. However, Panda Live had a contract with a security company, so Tiantian promised to contact the related department later. After that, the two chatted for a while before hanging up.

Fu Yunruo then logged into her livestream channel to check the private messages and comments. It took her a while to scan over the unread private messages, which had exceeded 9999+. Fu Yunruo obviously couldn’t read all of them, so she picked a few at random and typed some replies. After that, Fu Yunruo remembered that she hadn’t done any livestream for several days, so she published an announcement on the channel, informing the time of the livestreaming tomorrow.

Suddenly hearing a movement, Fu Yunruo looked up and saw a half-naked, wet-haired shirtless man walking out of the house in loose-fitting trousers only.

Si Yue approached Fu Yunruo, wet clothes in hands, asking: “Where can I hang clothes to dry?”

Fu Yunruo’s face flushed red, and she stammered as she pointed in a direction: “Y-you can hang your clothes over there.”

Si Yue nodded, turned around, and walked towards the clothesline. Seeing there was an empty hanger, he used it to hang his clothes.

Only then did Fu Yunruo remember that her own underwear was still hanging at the same place, and her face turned even redder.

She was too careless…

How embarrassing!

She must take those underwear back to her room as soon as possible!

Wenwen’s attention was all on Si Yue. At this moment, he was full of envy. This body figure was even better than his in the future! Could he get such a good figure in this life? Wenwen’s eyes were red with jealousy.
After the jealousy was over, he thought again. After 20 years, he would be at his best age, but Uncle Yue would be in his forty or fifty and probably would have become a fat middle-aged uncle!

This thought made Wenwen happy, and all the jealousy was washed away in an instant. In the end, Uncle Yue’s figure couldn’t even compare with his after he grew up!

Fu Yunruo saw that Si Yue was not in a hurry to get clothed, so she couldn’t help but say: “P-please put on your clothes first.”

Fu Yunruo wanted to cover her face, but she couldn’t help glancing straight at the beautiful scenery right before her eyes. Who said that only women had beauty charm? Men had it too!!!

Si Yue looked at himself, and then at the blush on Fu Yunruo’s beautiful face, “It’s hot.”

He took a cold bath, but his metabolism seemed to be affected by the many exercises he frequently did, so his body was still hot.

Having said that, Si Yue finally put on some clothes.

Fu Yunruo sighed in relief.


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