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MSRV Ch 44 Part 2 – Living Together (II)

Fu Yunruo chatted with Auntie Mei all afternoon and also cleaned up another empty room by the way. Auntie Mei had household chores to do, so she only came to sleep at Fu Yunruo’s house at night. During the day, she was still at home cooking for her husband and doing farm jobs. It was until after 5 pm that Auntie Mei returned home. After Auntie Mei left, Fu Yunruo put the warm sheets and quilts into the spare bedroom, helped make the bed, and spread the mat on top. Finished with the chores, she looked at the sky outside. The sun was about to set, but the little guy was still not back, so she decided to go out to pick him home.

Fu Yunruo met villagers on the way, chatted briefly, and asked where the children were playing. When she arrived at the destination, she didn’t see the children immediately, but instead saw Si Yue sitting in the shade of a tree.

Fu Yunruo secretly wondered. Were big stars so leisurely? Didn’t they have to run everywhere to shoot TV dramas, movies, and commercials? How could Si Yue have the time to watch the kids all day?

Si Yue also saw Fu Yunruo. He stood up and said very naturally, “Here to take Wenwen home?”

Fu Yunruo nodded. She hesitated and couldn’t help but ask again, “Mr. Yue, will it really not disturb your work?”

Si Yue casually said, “Of course not.”

Seeing that Fu Yunruo was still very worried about his work, Si Yue said again, “I am still in a resting period. The original intention of taking this variety show is also to relax.” He just didn’t expect to find so many surprises. Although people he didn’t like to see jumped before him like a pair of clowns, these surprises were mostly happy ones.

“Mom!” When Wenwen’s eyes caught Fu Yunruo, he quickly ran over and called happily. There was a thin layer of sweat on his chubby and lovely cheeks, which were flushed red with exercise.

“Mom!” Wenwen rushed over and hugged Fu Yunruo’s thighs, showing two rows of cute baby teeth as he laughed.

“Time to go home!” Fu Yunruo smiled and took Wenwen’s little chubby hand.

Si Yue walked over and took Wenwen’s other hand quite naturally, “Well, it’s time to go home.”

Wenwen walked between the two adults, holding their hands. He turned his head at Fu Yunruo, then turned to look at Si Yue, suddenly feeling very happy.

Fu Yunruo was looking at the road, but out of a sudden, she felt a weightiness on her hand. She subconsciously held her son’s hand tighter and lifted it up slightly, then she turned her head and looked at the boy.

Wenwen’s two short legs were dangling in the air, and his whole body swayed like he was on a swing. The boy’s face was full of a happy smile.


Seeing Wenwen having so much fun, Si Yue raised his eyebrows and began to swing his hand. Wenwen was swayed back and forth, causing him to laugh even more joyfully.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo hurriedly stopped them, “You can’t swing like this. What if your arm gets dislocated?”

Fu Yunruo memorized everything she needed to pay attention to in every stage of children’s growth. The bones of a child as young as Wenwen had not yet developed and thus were very fragile. Any serious damage would impact the future development of the bones or might cause recurrent dislocation, so adults should be careful when playing with children.

Wenwen coquettishly said, “Mom, I want to swing~” It’s so fun!


“Mom, please~ I love you! I love Mom the most…”

From the side, Si Yue watched as Wenwen begged Fu Yunruo coquettishly with his tender and cute voice. He lifted Wenwen’s chubby body, put it on his left, and then began to swing it back and forth.

Wenwen was still acting coquettishly with Fu Yunruo when he suddenly found himself being lifted to the air. His whole body was turned upside down, with his arms and legs dangled towards the sky. Then he was tossed to and fro like a large bell.

Si Yue swung for a while, then looked at the boy with a smile on his face, “Don’t you love Uncle Yue the most?”

“…” Wenwen looked at Si Yue, expressionless. No, I don’t, thank you.

Fu Yunruo burst out laughing: “Okay, now you’ve finished swinging, haven’t you? Let’s go home.”

Si Yue looked at Wenwen, who suddenly became sullen. He was confused. Didn’t this little guy want to be swing? Why did he suddenly become upset again?

When the three got home, Wenwen immediately twisted his body and jumped down to the ground before running quickly into the house.

Si Yue was totally confused. He turned aside and asked Fu Yunruo, “What’s wrong with Wenwen?”

Fu Yunruo was half-laughing as she replied, “It’s fine. That child is just sulking.”

Si Yue: “…” So, what exactly made the little guy sulk?

Fu Yunruo thought for a while, “Why don’t you help Wenwen take a bath?” Si Yue had helped Wenwen take a bath before, so there was no problem if he did it again.

Si Yue nodded and went to the bathroom to prepare the bathwater.

Fu Yunruo went to the bedroom to take out Wenwen’s clothes. When she came out again, the two people who were in a one-sided quarrel had reconciled once again.

People said that children’s mood was unpredictable as the weather in June, which held much truth.

Wenwen, who was still sulking at first, forgave Si Yue in an instant. He wanted to take a bath! He wanted to swim!

However, because Wenwen had played so much today, he had to rest first before taking a bath, and he also needed to wait until the hot water cooled down a bit. Fu Yunruo let the two guys alone and went to prepare dinner in the kitchen alone.

Wenwen’s laughter kept coming from the bathroom, giving much liveliness to the house.


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