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MSRV Ch 49 Part 2 – He is Not Worthy as a Father (II)

Wasn’t Ruoruo’s situation very similar to that of Yingzi’s? They didn’t know if Ruoruo had been abused or not, but this stepmother looked very similar! Moreover, Ruoruo’s father didn’t seem like someone looking to see his daughter, but rather an enemy.

In an instant, everyone became more hostile to Fang Wanping’s group.

Seeing these unreasonable people, Fu Zonghong was impatient. But the villagers were too numerous, and he only brought a few bodyguards, so he could only hold back his anger.

It was at this moment Fu Yunruo came out. She opened the courtyard gate and was shocked to see a large group of people outside her house.

“What’s up?” Fu Yunruo turned her eyes around and saw a very conspicuous group of people surrounded by a larger number of villagers. For a moment, Fu Yunruo was in a trance, and it took her a while to remember this face. Wasn’t this person the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ father?

Fu Yunruo was surprised, but when she saw the people standing beside Father Fu, she no longer felt surprised.

Fu Zonghong saw a woman walking out of the gate. After seeing the face, he was in a trance. At this moment, a past scene seemed to emerge, and what he saw was Sang Qing walking toward him.

Sang Qing was his late first wife, and they were in love with each other. During their youth, the two of them had passionate love and entered the marriage hall full of longing for the future.

Unfortunately, later…

Seeing Fu Yunruo, Fang Wanping stepped forward in surprise, “Yunruo? It’s really Yunruo! I finally found you!”

“Unfilial daughter! How many years have you been away from home? Did you not take me seriously?” Fu Zonghong shouted immediately, ready to quarrel with Fu Yunruo. However, the girl who used to be so short-tempered simply looked at him expressionlessly; her eyes were calm and cold.

For a moment, Fu Zonghong’s mind turned blank, and his heart suddenly tingled for some reason.

Fu Yunruo said indifferently, “Why are you here?”

Fang Wanping answered helplessly, “Yunruo, no matter how angry you are with me, you can’t make fun of yourself. You have been away from home for so many years, making your father worry day and night….”

“Really?” Fu Yunruo raised her eyebrows, “I thought after I am no longer getting in your way, your family of three would be so happy!”

“What did you say?” Fu Zonghong roared.

Fang Wanping smiled bitterly, “There is no overnight feud between father and daughter. If you have any misunderstanding, let’s talk properly…”

“There’s no misunderstanding.” Fu Yunruo frowned, “If you really care about me, you should have been looking for me much earlier. Any parents genuinely concerned about their children would have been anxious when they lost contact for three or four hours. If they couldn’t contact their children for more than 24 hours, they would have run to the police station in panic. But what about you? I have been missing for more than four years, but I have never heard that you are looking for me. Heh…”

Thinking about this, Fu Yunruo felt very ironic. They must have long considered her to be not exist, right?

Although Fu Yunruo went into hiding on purpose, if this so-called father really cared about her, he would at least call the police after she went missing, no?

In the beginning, Fu Yunruo carefully followed the news about the Fu family. However, the whole Fu family was calm, and Chairman Fu still went to and got off work normally every day, as if there was no such a daughter from the beginning.

Knowing that no one was looking for her indeed relaxed Fu Yunruo’s tense nerves. But at the same time, she felt sympathy and injustice for the real ‘Fu Yunruo.’

Fu Zonghong trembled with anger. “Did I chase you away? I’m doing this for your own good. You don’t know the sufferings of the world, yet dare to run away from home. Look how you end up without the Fu family!”

Fu Yunruo was very sad for the original ‘Fu Yunruo.’ This person was supposed to be her father, yet when he lost contact with his young daughter, he wasn’t worried about the danger she might encounter but felt that she should experience the hardships of life.

Seeing this, Fu Yunruo’s initial fear when she first came to this world was likely to come true. Fu Zonghong had been neglecting his biological daughter for so many years, and it was very feasible that he would also be able to kick her out of the house.

Her own father was so cruel; it was no wonder that the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ temperament was becoming more and more fierce.

“My life is very good now.” Fu Yunruo didn’t bother to talk nonsense, as it would only worsen her mood, “So, what are you and your honorable family coming here for?”

Fang Wanping’s expression was full of distress: “Yunruo, we just want to take you home. You have been angry for so long. Please calm down, okay?”

“That’s not my home, so why should I go back? Looking for abuse?”

“Sister… Uncle really wants you to go home.” Fang Xueruo timidly said in a low voice.

“You want me to return home? Alright. Only if these two eyesores no longer show their existence in front of me, of course. Oh, if Mr. Fu cannot bear being separated from your two beloveds, you are welcome to go away with them.” Fu Yunruo said coldly.

“What kind of attitude is that?” Fu Zonghong flushed with anger, “They are your mother and sister!”

Fu Yunruo raised her eyebrow, “My mother has been buried for so many years. Could it be that this woman is my mother’s reincarnation? And she even gave birth to a sister for me?”

“Mr. Fu, how can you insult my mother? No wonder there is a rumor that Madam Fang is your first wife and that Miss Fang Xueruo is your biological daughter. So this is actually your intention? Are you not afraid that my mother will crawl out of her grave to find you in anger?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

Fang Wanping froze, and she forced a smile: “Yunruo, I never intend to replace your mother. It’s just a baseless rumor. A misunderstanding.”

“So that’s your argument? Then how about Mr. Fu? Do you know about it?”

Fu Zonghong was in a trance. He vaguely remembered some people mentioning the rumor to him, but what was his response at that time? He shouldn’t pay it any attention.

“Should I still have to explain this kind of trivial matter?” In Fu Zonghong’s view, such a small misunderstanding didn’t amount to anything. The fact was the fact. What could a mere rumor do?


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10 thoughts on “MSRV Ch 49 Part 2 – He is Not Worthy as a Father (II)”

  1. This kind of father.
    No matter how forgiving anyone is, Nobody desrves this kind of father. How hateful.

  2. Of course you need to explain it🙄
    No wonder the original one become so unruly, her own father is denying her and her mother existence, by not explaining it he make everyone believe those scheming mother and daughter is his first wife and the first miss, where do they put the original then? Where is her place in that family? Even the employee of his company think they’re happy family of 3

  3. itsmachiavelliandcheese

    I think his personality mixed with the controlling settings of the book have caused his reactions. Because, isn’t weird that so many characters believe one side without a second thought and are confused/or struggle when they try to recall past situations.

    Now that the first book has ended the restrictions are getting weaker and things are changing rapidly.

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