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MSRV Ch 50 Part 1 – Buried Memories (I)

Fu Zonghong returned to the car in anger; his face was dark. After Fang Wanping got into the car, he immediately ordered the driver to leave.

Fang Wanping’s expression was also not good, but she still comforted her husband gently: “Old Fu, don’t be angry. Let’s come again tomorrow. As long as we show sincerity, Yunruo will definitely soften her attitude.”

“It’s normal for her to be angry. We haven’t come to pick her home for so many years.” Fang Wanping sighed. “Blame me. At that time, I should be more insisted on looking for her.”

“How can this be your fault? How much ridicule would I get from others if everyone knew that my Fu family’s daughter ran away from home?” Fu Zonghong frowned: “It’s her who knew no shame and did something wrong. Why should I become a joke because of her?”

“Old Fu!” Fang Wanping shouted in disapproval and then sighed helplessly. “In the end, Xueruo is also at fault. No matter what, she should not agree to A’you’s pursuit. After all, he has a marriage contract with Yunruo.”

Society didn’t care about the process, only about the result. No matter what, it was not a glorious thing for a man who once had a marriage contract with the elder sister to end up with the younger sister.

“Those two are in love with each other; what’s wrong with that? Moreover, the children were still young when the marriage contract was made. If I knew this was the end, I wouldn’t have made such a marriage contract in the first place.”

Fang Wanping said in a low voice, “Yunruo likes A’you after all…” Sisters liked the same man, which made her very helpless.

“And now, rumors are brewing on the internet, saying that Xueruo inserted herself between her sister and future brother-in-law…” Fang Wanping sighed.

Hearing this, Fu Zonghong frowned and said directly: “The internet is not credible. It’s no wonder that some people will speak nonsense and spread false news indiscriminately. Alright, I will order someone to suppress the news.”

Fu Zonghong spent most of his time and energy on work. Obviously, he had no time nor interest in gossip news in the entertainment circle. The only media he followed were financial news and business publications.

After assuring his wife, Fu Zonghong, who was still quite furious, leaned himself on the backseat and closed his eyes. Seeing this, Fang Wanping stopped bothering him and turned her gaze outside the car window. The green scenery of the countryside flashed by and was reflected in her eyes like an afterimage.

Fu Zonghong leaned with closed eyes. His anger gradually calmed down, but a pair of cold eyes kept appearing in his mind.

In the past ten years or so, it seemed that he had never seen his daughter so clearly. Every time they met each other, they would mostly end up in arguments, especially after she began to put on heavy make-up and become more and more short-tempered, turning the family upside down everywhere.

It was only now that he finally realized that his daughter looked so similar to Sang Qing.

The memory buried in the depths of Fu Zonghong’s mind slowly emerged. It had been a long time since he thought of Sang Qing…

After Si Yue closed the door, shutting all the polluting noises outside, Fu Yunruo’s world finally became clean again.

Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo distressedly and comforted her with his tender voice: “Don’t be sad, Mom. Baobao loves Mom the most!”

Listening to her son’s cute and heartwarming comfort, the depression in Fu Yunruo’s heart was swept away in an instant. She squatted down and hugged the warm little sunny boy, “Mom is not sad, because Mom has the cute Wenwen! Mom loves Wenwen the most!”

The corners of Wenwen’s mouth couldn’t help curling up. Right, he would never admit the people who had hurt his mother as relatives. He knew that one of the people out there was his maternal grandfather by blood, but so what? His only family was his mother.

Fu Yunruo was also the same. For her, Wenwen was her only family. If Father Fu treated the original ‘Fu Yunruo’ well, she would continue fulfilling her responsibility as a daughter. However, it was clear that Fu Zonghong was too unworthy as a father, and thus she refused to regard such a person as her family.

“Wenwen loves Mom the most too!”

Fu Yunruo rubbed her cheek against the boy’s tender and smooth face, feeling very grateful and fortunate. Fortunately, she made the most correct decision at that time. Without Wenwen, she couldn’t even imagine how helpless she would be after being stranded in this strange and unfamiliar world, all alone.

Wenwen also rubbed his cheek against his mother’s, then puckered his lips to give her a hearty kiss. Now that he knew what had happened in the past, he felt very distressed for his mother. Fortunately, Mom was no longer alone. With him here, no one could bully her again!

Si Yue stood on the side, watching the affectionate mother and son in silence.

Suddenly, Fu Yunruo yelled, “Ah, my beer duck!” She hurriedly ran into the kitchen, followed by the equally panicked Wenwen. His meat, ah!

Fu Yunruo hurriedly lifted the pot lid. In an instant, a rich aroma spread out and filled the entire kitchen. Fu Yunruo then used a ladle to dig into the meat. Luckily, it hadn’t burned yet.

“Mom, is it done? Is it done?” Smelling the delicious aroma, Wenwen almost drooled. He stood on tiptoe, trying to lengthen his body. Unfortunately, he was too small to reach the pot, let alone see the meat inside.

“Mom, I can taste-test it.” Wenwen blinked his eyes and opened his small mouth widely, waiting to be fed.

“Wait a minute. It will be more delicious after we simmer it a bit longer.” Fu Yunruo took a look at the fire on the stove. Seeing only a spark left, she added a thin piece of wood and continued simmering the duck beer slowly.

Wenwen was very disappointed. Alas, he wanted to eat meat now…

Fu Yunruo turned in Si Yue’s direction, “Mr. Yue, can I ask your help?”

Si Yue nodded.

“Can you go and call Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei for dinner?” She had invited Auntie Mei when she came to take the duck earlier, but the couple definitely would not come unless she called them again.

Si Yue replied affirmatively and left the kitchen.


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