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MSRV Ch 50 Part 2 – Buried Memories (II)

After the duck beer was simmered until its liquid evaporated almost completely, Fu Yunruo took the pot off the stove and plated the meat on the table.

“Mom! Mom!” Wenwen jumped up like a hungry kitten.

“A second.” Fu Yunruo took out Wenwen’s small bowl.

“I want duck feet! I want duck necks!”

“One by one. One by one.” Fu Yunruo put a duck’s feet into Wenwen’s small bowl.

“Let’s Mom say it first. You are only allowed to eat up to three pieces of meat today, and this is the first.” Although duck beer was not spiced, but it had rich seasoning, so Fu Yunruo strictly limited the boy’s intake.

Wenwen nodded. He liked eating meat the most, but he still listened to his mother obediently. After all, eating a bit less at a time meant there would be leftovers for the next and next next meal!

Fu Yunruo then began to prepare the side dishes: a light vegetable soup and another of Wenwen’s favorites – a steamed egg custard.

Not long after, Si Yue returned with Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei.

“Grandpa Mei, Grandma Mei!” When the Mei couple arrived, Wenwen was busy gnawing the duck feet in his hand. Seeing the three adults, he raised his head and called happily, spilling some juice onto his white cheeks.

Auntie Mei laughed in amusement. After saying a few words to Wenwen, she went into the kitchen to help Fu Yunruo.

Seeing Wenwen’s messy appearance, Si Yue went to the living room and returned with a few sheets of tissues, wanting to wipe the boy’s mouth and face clean. Wenwen raised his head very cooperatively and let Si Yue wipe, but soon afterward, he immediately continued to eat messily again.

Si Yue, upon seeing the freshly-wiped face once again stained by meat juice: “…”

After Wenwen finished eating, Si Yue took him to the bathroom and washed his hands and face cleanly.

Then, under Uncle Mei and Auntie Mei’s smiling gaze, Wenwen ran to Fu Yunruo to act coquettishly again. At this time, the sky outside was already dark and the lights inside were on, illuminating the mother and son with a layer of warm glow. Seeing this harmonious and loving scene, Si Yue’s heart softened considerably.

That evening, the atmosphere was warm and lively. When the Mei couple saw that Fu Yunruo acted as usual and didn’t seem to take today’s matter to heart, they tactfully didn’t mention it again.

After dinner, Auntie Mei went to help Fu Yunruo washing dishes in the kitchen, while Si Yue and Wenwen were playing in the yard under Uncle Mei’s watch. Auntie Mei said: “Regarding the kindergarten, I have asked a few people. You can go directly to register Wenwen in September. I’ll let your Uncle Mei accompany you two later.”

“The town only has two kindergartens. All the little ones in our village go to Little Angel Kindergarten, so Wenwen will have playmates there.”

Fu Yunruo hesitated, but in the end, the words she wanted to say did not come out. “I see. Thank you, Auntie Mei.”

After Uncle Mei left, the remaining four took a bath in turn. It was now 10 pm, and Auntie Mei had already gone back to her room to sleep, leaving Fu Yunruo and Wenwen with Si Yue in the living room.

Fu Yunruo glanced at Wenwen, who was still chatting in Si Yue’s arms: “Wenwen, it’s bedtime.”

Wenwen held out his hands, “Hug!”

Fu Yunruo walked over, leaned slightly, and hugged the boy. The smell of the shower gel that the three of them used should be indistinguishable, but somehow, Si Yue felt that Fu Yunruo smelled better.

“Mr. Yue, good night.”

Wenwen grabbed Fu Yunruo’s neck and said to Si Yue, “Uncle Yue, good night.”

Si Yue said, “Good night.”

Left alone in the living room, Si Yue sat for a while before returning to his bedroom, where he took out his mobile phone and clicked on the series of unread messages. Most of those messages were from Yuan Xin, dozens in total. Si Yue read the messages from beginning to end, until the last one that informed him that everything had been resolved.

After Si Yue sent his reply, a call immediately came from Yuan Xin, “The Fu Group is suppressing all the bad news about Fang Xueruo.”

What should be clarified before had been clarified. Now that the two families of Fu and Chang had joined forces to put pressure on the internet, Apple Entertainment needed to weigh its next actions. Since the other side only suppressed the news and didn’t pour dirty water on Fu Yunruo, Yuan Xin just let them do as they liked.

Si Yue raised his eyebrows, “Watch the internet carefully. Don’t let them make a fuss about Ruoruo again.”

This Chairman Fu truly made people speechless. How could a person who achieved such success in his career fail to see the true faces of the people closest to him? If not for the result of the investigation, Si Yue would have suspected that Fang Xueruo was the illegitimate daughter Chairman Fu had with his true love.

“Roger that.” Yuan Xin answered, “And there is also this matter. The young men who played paparazzi today have confessed that they got this information from an anonymous source. We are tracking the clues now, but the result has yet to come out.”

“Make sure they keep their mouths shut.”

“Of course.”

“Sooner or later, the news of your whereabouts can no longer be concealed. You should be ready to leave.” It was not hard to check the location where Si Yue and the others were recording the show. In any case, it was impossible for Si Yue to stay for a long time.

“I have my own plans.”


After putting Wenwen to bed, Fu Yunruo lay next to her son, unable to fall asleep. It seemed that those people’s influence on this body was so great that they even affected her mood. Despite how normally Fu Yunruo looked in front of others today, she still felt very heavy when she was alone in the dead of night. If it wasn’t for her own mild temper, she probably would have jumped to start another quarrel with Fu Zonghong today.

Fu Yunruo was lying in bed. The more her mind wandered, the more irritated she became. Past events kept flashing in her mind – many were unbearable. She told herself to stop thinking, but she failed to control herself.

In the end, Fu Yunruo was afraid of waking Wenwen up, so she quietly got off the bed and left the room in the darkness. The living room was illuminated by a single dim lamp. Fu Yunruo opened the front door and walked into the yard. She quietly moved a small stool and sat under the eaves, looking at the dark sky above in a daze.

“Can’t sleep?” A man’s low voice suddenly came from behind.


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