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MSRV Ch 53 Part 2 – Wenwen’s First Variety Show (II)

Fu Yunruo turned her head in surprise, “You don’t want breakfast?!”

“Uh-huh!” Wenwen replied crisply.

“If you don’t eat, you’ll be hungry, you know?” Fu Yunruo put Wenwen on his kiddie’s high stool and began to stir the porridge in his bowl with a small spoon, sending the delicious aroma straight into the boy’s olfactory sensors.

Wenwen hesitated. He looked down at his belly, whose roundness became even more eye-catching the moment he sat down. If he ate now, wouldn’t he look even chubbier in front of the camera later…

Fu Yunruo noticed her son’s small movements, and after a while, quickly figured out what this little boy was thinking. Young children nowadays become aware of their appearances faster than previous generations. It seemed that Wenwen thought he looked too plump for the TV camera, so he suddenly had an impulse to lose weight.

Fu Yunruo said softly, “Wenwen, this outfit doesn’t fit. Shall we change to another one? Do you want to wear ill-fitting clothes to the show?”

Wenwen hesitated.

Fu Yunruo assured him, “No matter what Wenwen wears, he is the prettiest baby in the village!”

“Of course!” Wenwen proudly said. He then thought about it again and agreed with his mother. Indeed, wearing ill-fitting clothes would certainly damage his image as a handsome little guy. “Alright, I’ll change again later.”

After being comforted by his mother, Wenwen easily changed his mind and began to eat breakfast happily. Later, he went to change once again, and in the end, decided to wear a white tee, denim trousers, and a cute little straw hat. Now that the boy finally deemed himself ready, he was taken by Fu Yunruo, Si Yue, and Yuan Xin to the meeting place.

By the way, this arrangement was per Fu Yunruo’s request, as she didn’t want her home to appear on the camera.

When the group of four arrived at the meeting place, the crew had assembled and were getting ready, looking busy inside and out. A few makeshift shades were built under the old tree at the village entrance for the casts to rest and do their makeup. Yuan Xin had notified Director Peng, so upon seeing the group’s coming, he hurriedly went to greet them, “Wenwen, you are here?”

“Wenwen is here?” A woman in a light-colored suit and natural makeup came out of one of the makeshift shades. Upon seeing Wenwen, her eyes immediately lit up.

“Wenwen, this is Auntie Xiaoyu. She will be your personal makeup artist from now on.”

Wenwen looked up at the woman and called cutely, “Hello, Sister Xiaoyu.”

Pu Xiaoyu was instantly elated, “What a cute little kid…” She already thought that Wenwen was very cute from the video, but she didn’t expect the real one to be even cuter! Pu Xiaoyu then looked at the woman, who was very similar to the child. This woman was very beautiful and young — standing next to his son, people would mistake them for siblings. Pu Xiaoyu was a professional makeup artist and had seen many actresses who struggled to regain their former appearances after giving birth to kids, but she had never seen someone as good as Fu Yunruo, who was full of a youthful aura.

How envious, ah!

“Go, the shooting is about to start.” Yuan Xin urged.

“Miss Yu, I will leave Wenwen in your care.”

“Don’t worry, Miss Fu. I will definitely transform Wenwen into his most dazzling self!”

“By the way, you can call me Sister Yu. No need to be so formal.”

“I see, Sister Yu. Then you can also call me Yunruo.”

“…” The two women quickly got acquainted with each other and took the child under the shade together.

Si Yue, who was totally neglected on the side: “…” I feel left out.

He confronted Yuan Xin, “Why did you bring her here? Didn’t you initially say that it is enough to just use the show’s makeup artist?”

Yuan Xin said boldly: “How can their makeup artists be as good as our team’s? This is Wenwen’s first job and also his first variety show. Naturally, he must be in his best state, and we must give him our best support possible.”

Si Yue, who, upon coming to this show, didn’t even have a single assistant by his side: “…”

He suddenly felt a bit sour. For just such a little boy, did everyone really ‘betray’ him?

“What? You, such a big grown-up, are actually jealous of a young child?” Because there were many ears here, Yuan Xin didn’t straight up say ‘your son,’ but he still glared dissatisfiedly at Si Yue. What kind of fucked up mentality did this dog man have? How could a father be jealous of his own child?

Under the shade, Pu Xiaoyu had begun to put makeup on Wenwen. The boy’s skin was both white and rosy, tender and slippery, and looked very healthy and cute. After Pu Xiaoyu enjoyed touching Wenwen’s face for a while, she finally said, “No need for makeup. Just a light shade of powder is enough.”

Fu Yunruo saw how Pu Xiaoyu applied a bit of face powder on Wenwen, then put on a light, natural color on his little lips.

“All right.”

Fu Yunruo carefully looked at her son’s face and saw no difference from his usual bare face. However, the child indeed looked more radiant and energetic than before.

Pu Xiaoyu then turned her attention to Fu Yunruo. Seeing that the latter’s ruddy and fair skin was also bare with not even a layer of sunscreen, she suddenly couldn’t help but ask, “Yunruo, don’t you apply anything on your skin?”

“Ah?” Fu Yunruo touched her face, “No…” In this remote place, being too flashy would just attract weird eyes, so she was always without makeup.

“What a waste!” Pu Xiaoyu was heartbroken, “If I had a face like yours, I wouldn’t have to do anything, and just carefully maintain it every day!”

The makeup artist pressed Fu Yunruo on a seat, then opened her makeup box and took out a set of skin care products. “How can you waste such a beautiful face? Precisely because you are blessed with a natural beauty that you have to put on effort into maintenance when you are still young. At your age now, you may not see the difference with others, but it will be very obvious once you get older and compare yourself with those of the same age with you but have carefully maintained themselves over the years.”

“Y-yes, I think you are right.” After listening to Pu Xiaoyu’s lecture about the benefits of self-maintenance and the serious consequences of long-time neglect, Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but feel a little scared. After all, which woman did not love beauty? Anyone who could make herself beautiful wouldn’t be willing to grow old ugly.

Pu Xiaoyu examined Fu Yunruo’s face with great care and became even more heartbroken as a result. If only Fu Yunruo had taken good care of herself, her skin would be in better condition!

Wenwen, who was listening from the said, also said with distress, “From now on, I will sure remind Mom to take care of herself more!”

“This set of skin care products is not the most suitable for your skin type. Let me recommend another set for you. Although this one is a little expensive, the effect is really good, and also suitable for your age group…”

Fu Yunruo added Pu Xiaoyu to her friend list and promised to take good care of her skin from now on.

Wenwen glanced at the price on the link sent by Pu Xiaoyu, and his eyes bulged as a result. So expensive! It seemed that he must make even more money!

Pu Xiaoyu helped Fu Yunruo with the skin care products before letting Si Yue in to apply light makeup on him.

At this time, the rest of the casts arrived one by one and came over to greet Wenwen and Fu Yunruo, expressing their goodwill. Among the cast, Wang Huaibei was the most awkward. After all, he was the first who said bad things about the mother and son, in contrast to Xin Xu who stood by their side from beginning to end.

Fu Yunruo accepted the greetings with a polite smile, and Wenwen also greeted his fellow casts politely. When the greetings finally subsided, Fu Yunruo felt her face was sore from smiling too much.

Before long, the shooting finally started. Fu Yunruo said several words to Wenwen in advance, telling him not to be nervous and to do everything naturally, just like when how he played every day. Then, Fu Yunruo handed Wenwen to Si Yue’s care and walked outside the camera range, standing with the rest of the crew.


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