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MSRV Ch 53 Part 1 – Wenwen’s First Variety Show (I)

Yuan Xin’s work was very efficient. It took him no time to sign the contract with the show on Wenwen’s behalf, negotiating terms to make the boy a temporary guest by exception and that he would only join the shooting for three days.

This temporary guest was to receive the same treatment as a first-line star. In order to make Wenwen’s first job go on smoothly, Yuan Xin demanded a clause in the contract stating that Wenwen must be teamed up with Si Yue. His reason was that young children would have a sense of security only when they were with familiar people, so this arrangement was necessary to ensure a smooth shooting.

The production team was literally on their wit’s end, so they quickly accepted all of Yuan Xin’s demands. No matter what, this show must go on, and Director Peng knew very well that his directing career would almost certainly die otherwise.

For this reason, right after signing the contract, the entire production team went on a full blast to produce the most dazzling script possible. Still, their new temporary guest was way too young to be demanded much, so in the end, they aimed to emphasize Wenwen’s relationship with Si Yue. As long as the two could get along in the camera as they did before, the rating surely wouldn’t do badly.

After signing the contract, the show published an official announcement on the internet, the first in a while. Of course, the narration they served to the public must be pleasant enough to not offend anyone. The general gist was that Fang Xueruo had to quit the show for a personal reason, so the production team invited another temporary guest in her stead.

The world was always more tolerant towards children, so this move could be said to be brilliant. Even if Fang Xueruo’s fans were not friendly towards the child who took their idol’s place, passersby would undoubtedly stand by the child’s side, not to mention this was such a lovable and cute little guy.

In the announcement, the show also explained the reason for inviting Wenwen to join. The star they actually planned to invite couldn’t open their schedule, and fortunately, Wenwen was already known to the public and had a group of ‘mommy and daddy’ fans of his own. In order to invite the boy to join their show, the production team persuaded Wenwen’s mother and finally got her permission.

Following this announcement, Fu Yunruo also posted a message on her social media accounts, announcing that her son was going to join a variety show and asking her fans to give the child their support.

Fu Yunruo’s fans, dubbed the Clouddust, were naturally ecstatic.

[Yunyun probably has no choice, lol.]

[I guess the production team bribed the cub with a lot of candies to tempt him over. Well done!]

[Aaaah!!! My cub is going to be on the TV!! Mommy is so proud!]

[My cub, aaaaah!!!!!]

Countless fans quickly rushed to the show’s own official announcement, simultaneously spreading the news far and wide.

Meanwhile, Wenwen was preoccupied with a new, more pressing problem. After it was confirmed that he was going to join the show, he had been busy thinking about the character he needed to set up to attract fans. It was not going to be easy, since he wanted a lot of ‘good’ popularity to let his mother shine.

What kind of children are popular nowadays? Naughty? Clever? Lovely? Silly?

Wenwen recalled the attitudes of adults towards different children and found that most adults generally like sensible and smart children, not unlike the one parents used to compare their children with. Thus, Wenwen clenched his small fists and made a big declaration — he was going to be a very sensible and very smart child!

Early the next morning, the sky was still only slightly bright when the extremely excited Wenwen woke his mother up.

Fu Yunruo looked at the time and sighed. My god, it is only five o’clock!

Wenwen jumped excitedly on the bed, “Mom, quickly get up!”

“…” Still lying on the bed, Fu Yunruo looked up at the little boy who was hopping non-stop and said helplessly, “Wenwen, the shooting doesn’t start until 8:30. It’s still too early!”

“Not early, Mom!” Wenwen countered solemnly, “I still have to do makeup for the camera, which takes a long time.”

“What? Do you know what camera makeup is?” Fu Yunruo couldn’t help laughing.

“Of course!” Wenwen proudly puffed up his belly, “I’m a grown-up now!”

“Why is Mommy’s Baobao so cute, ah?” Unable to stand her son’s cuteness, Fu Yunruo took the boy into her arms and gave him a mommy bear’s hug.

After the early morning’s display of affection, Fu Yunruo totally woke up, so she got off the bed. Wenwen also sat on the edge of the bed and put on his shoes by himself. His cheeks were flushed, as he still didn’t recover after his mother’s ‘great display of love.’

Alas, he had grown so big, but Mom was still so childish. But what could he do? She was his mother, so he could only tolerate her!

The sounds made by the mother and son also woke up Si Yue and Auntie Mei, and the house became lively in an instant. While Fu Yunruo was in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Wenwen ran back to the bedroom and opened the wardrobe, looking for the clothes to wear today. The boy enthusiastically tried several sets, but found none of them were good-looking or fashionable enough. He needed a perfect attire that could show his handsomeness to the fullest!

Wenwen kept rummaging among the piles of clothes, leaving only his two short feet dangling outside the wardrobe. When he got his hand on a cool kid’s military uniform from last summer, his eyes finally lit up. He had only worn this set a few times, so it was still mostly new. The last time he wore it, this military uniform was still very loose on his body, so it should be fit now!

Wenwen took out the outfit and quickly put it on. Fortunately, the size seemed to be right; it was not too long nor too short, just a bit tight. This past year, Wenwen didn’t grow too much in height, but he had indeed grown up — albeit horizontally — causing the originally loose outfit to be a little tight on him.

When Wenwen lowered his eyes, he saw a very obvious round little belly. How could this be? Although he was just a young child now, he still had to maintain his figure as a star-to-be!

Wenwen took a deep breath and tried to flatten his belly, but it didn’t seem to work, and he was still as round as before.

“Wenwen, time for breakfast!”

“Coming!” Wenwen ran out.

Fu Yunruo snorted in surprise when she saw Wenwen had changed. “Wenwen, why are you wearing that?” Last year’s clothes were obviously out of place this year, considering Wenwen was still growing up. Fu Yunruo didn’t expect the child to take out and wear last year’s clothes.

Army green color matched a lighter skin tone very well. Wenwen’s skin was fair and tender, making him look very cute in this kid’s military uniform.

Wenwen replied: “It’s cool!”

Fu Yunruo poured a bowl of meat porridge and brought it to the table to cool down.

“Wow, Wenwen, you look so handsome!” Auntie Mei praised heartily.

Wenwen responded sweetly: “Grandma also looks good in that floral dress!”

“Really?” Auntie Mei smiled and lovingly patted the floral-patterned top made from a comfortable and breathable fabric. “Your mother bought it for me.”

Auntie Mei gave birth to only one son, and it was sure a nice surprise to enjoy the blessing of having a daughter in this life.

“Mom bought mine too~”

Si Yue came out of the kitchen and glanced at Wenwen, who was full of youthful vigor.

Fu Yunruo didn’t expect Wenwen to like this outfit so much. The child never showed a special preference for the things he wore and usually preferred to wear diverse styles of clothing.

When Wenwen’s nose picked up the fragrant aroma of meat porridge, he silently swallowed his saliva. After seeing his bulging little belly once again, he hardened his resolve and decided to skip breakfast, “Mom, I’m not hungry.”

Fu Yunruo turned her head in surprise, “You don’t want breakfast?!”

“Uh-huh!” Wenwen replied crisply.


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