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MSRV Ch 56 Part 1 – Little Si Yue (I)

There were still empty rooms in Fu Yunruo’s rental house. The three of them teamed up together to prepare two guest rooms and soon finished the clean-up. Having anticipated the arrival of the guests, Fu Yunruo asked a villager who worked in the town to buy two sets of mattresses and quilts this morning. The things she ordered arrived at noon, and soon were opened up and washed while Wenwen was taking a nap. The mattresses and quilts were now left to dry under the sun, ready for use tonight.

Considering the long travel they had just taken, Fu Yunruo offered Tiantian and Qian Shengnan to rest at home during the afternoon, but they refused, claiming to be not tired. Knowing that Wenwen was currently shooting the variety show, Tiantian couldn’t hold back her longing, “It’s been a long time since I last saw my little cutie…”

In the end, Fu Yunruo relented and took the two to the set. On the way, they met some villagers who were curious upon seeing the two beautiful young girls, “Ruoruo, who are they?”

“My friends. They are here to visit me…”

The three of them exchanged greetings with the villagers they met on the way, and it took them a bit of time to reach the set. Fu Yunruo stopped in the distance and watched Wenwen for a while. At this moment, the boy was playing in the small creek that ran through the village, giggling and romping like a little duck.

Fu Yunruo introduced the two guests she brought to Yuan Xin. Tiantian had heard a little about Yuan Xin’s name and respected him as a senior figure in the industry. Thanks to their common love for Wenwen, the two hit it off at first sight and began to exchange various anecdotes about the little boy. Meanwhile, Qian Shengnan was busy watching their surroundings in vigilance, fulfilling her duty as a bodyguard. Seeing this, Fu Yunruo told her to relax. “This village is safe. We won’t encounter any dangers here.”

The reason Fu Yunruo decided to employ a bodyguard was mainly to give a sense of safety for both herself and her son. However, this village was always safe and peaceful, sans the arrival of a few annoying people, so there was no need for the bodyguard to be always on a high alert.

Moreover, those people only stayed in the town for two days before hurriedly leaving again. It seemed that an accident happened in one of the Fu Group’s cooperative projects, prompting the chairman to go to the scene to deal with the trouble in person. The news of their departure spread quickly from the small town and reached Fu Yunruo’s ears in less than ten minutes. She was relieved to hear this. Now that those people had left, she no longer had to worry that they might come to pollute the air again.

Qian Shengnan listened to Fu Yunruo’s persuasion and relaxed a bit, but her eyes still habitually glanced around from time to time.

During the break, Wenwen ran over to her mother. His face was still wet, either from water or sweat, so Fu Yunruo took out a handkerchief and wiped him.

Wenwen knew Tiantian, who was his mother’s business partner, and promptly called her with a sweet voice, “Sister Tiantian!”

Tiantian responded with a smile: “Hello, Wenwen!”

When Wenwen saw another beautiful sister he had never seen before, he looked at his mother puzzledly.

Fu Yunruo introduced, “This sister is Qian Shengnan.” She then lowered her voice, “She is our bodyguard. Very strong!”

Wenwen’s eyes quickly sized up the new bodyguard. The next second, he sweetly greeted, “Hello, Sister Shengnan!”

Qian Shengnan was not a match for such a cute little child. Full of nervousness, she responded with a stiff expression.

Yuan Xin took out a cute-looking light blue water bottle and called, “Wenwen, come here and drink some water.”

Several adults circled around Wenwen and completely ignored Si Yue, who came after the boy. Fu Yunruo noticed Si Yue’s arrival and felt quite awkward. With his fame, Si Yue should be the center of attention wherever he went, but now he was totally left out because of Wenwen. Feeling bad, Fu Yunruo poured Si Yue a glass of water and handed him a pack of tissues to wipe his sweat. She then quietly told him about Qian Shengnan’s identity in a low voice.

Without changing his expression, Si Yue nodded silently.

That night, Fu Yunruo’s house was very lively. When Auntie Mei and Uncle Mei learned about the guests’ arrival, they specially butchered a few chickens and ducks, which Fu Yunruo then took back to make a sumptuous dinner.

Even Yuan Xin stayed behind for the meal before leaving.

After dinner, Si Yue packed up and prepared to move back to the Mei family’s house with Auntie Mei, who was informed about Qian Shengnan’s real identity.

Tiantian had just discovered that Si Yue lived here during this time and was very shocked. Yet, she was hesitant to breach the subject and looked at Fu Yunruo from time to time, until she could no longer hold back her curiosity. Pulling Fu Yunruo aside, Tiantian interrogated her in a hushed tone, “Why does Mr. Yue live at your house?”

Fu Yunruo told Tiantian the story.

Tiantian couldn’t help exclaiming in doubt, “Ruoruo, you are too innocent. Aren’t you afraid that he has other intentions?”

Fu Yunruo smiled back in response, “I understand what you mean, but it’s impossible. He did it just to indulge Wenwen, and in any case, there is also Auntie Mei here.”

It’s not that Fu Yunruo looked down on herself, but she just knew her self-worth. Si Yue was a famous and prestigious superstar; what kinds of beauty had he never seen before? Such a person wouldn’t be interested in everyday women, not to mention someone who also had a child out of wedlock.

What’s more, she didn’t feel he was chasing after her. No matter how slow she was, she surely would know if he showed such intention, no?

It was her son who was too likable, so much that even the dignified movie emperor was willing to make a fool of himself for him.

“What are you talking about? You are this excellent. Anyone who dares to despise you is not worthy!” That said, even Tiantian understood how high-grade Si Yue was. As an actor, he was surely used to being surrounded by talented and beautiful women. No matter how good Fu Yunruo was, the fact that she had a child out of wedlock was sure to bring prejudice and contempt from many people.

“However, everyone in the entertainment industry knows that Mr. Yue has always been very careful about getting along with women. There is absolutely zero gossip about him having an ambiguous relationship with a woman…”

Tiantian’s understanding of Si Yue was all hearsay, but he was indeed a famous actor with a clean private life, which was a rarity in this circle. Tiantian obviously never expected that such a Si Yue would take the initiative to live under the same roof with a young, beautiful, and — most importantly — single woman. It was impossible for her imagination to not run wildly.

Surely, Ruoruo just didn’t notice it yet…


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