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MSRV Ch 6 Part 2 – Uncle Guo (II)

The flower garden said by Auntie Mei was not far from their village. They drove slowly for about 30 minutes. After Fu Yunruo became more used to the road, they drove faster and arrived in 15 minutes.

The flower garden was at the foot of a mountain. Surrounded by steel wire fences, people outside couldn’t see the inside clearly. Although it was at the foot of a mountain, the location was not remote. The flower garden was located on the side of the village’s gathering place. About 20 meters aside, there was a one-story house built from red bricks.

They rode the scooters and stopped in front of a steel mesh gate. Auntie Mei shouted loudly: “Old Guo! Old man Guo! Open the door!”

A minute later, there was movement inside the door. Not long after, the mesh door opened, and a wrinkled old man came out. His tone was impatient: “Noisy! What are you yelling around?”

Fu Yunruo jumped. She patted her back subconsciously, fearing that her son might be shocked.

Auntie Mei was not at all surprised. Still with a loud voice, she said nonchalantly: “I’m sending you the person. Hold back your temper, and don’t scare my family’s Ruoruo.”

Old man Guo looked over Fu Yunruo with critical eyes.

Fu Yunruo quickly smiled: “Hello Uncle Guo, my name is Yunruo.”

Old man Guo snorted coldly and looked away.

“I’m going back now. Ruoruo, I will pick you up in the afternoon.”

“No need, Auntie Mei. I remember the road.” The roads in the countryside were mostly winding. Fu Yunruo remembered the turn for every intersection, so she definitely wouldn’t get lost on her way home.

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Auntie Mei was skeptical. “It’s alright. I will pick you up at six.”

After leaving a few more words, Auntie Mei left with the electric scooter.

Fu Yunruo stood silly on the door. Uncle Guo turned around and went in, but she didn’t hear him calling in, so she hesitated.

Uncle Guo turned around again: “You aren’t coming in? Are you waiting for me to invite you in?” The tone was not very kind, but the meaning was clear.

Fu Yunruo quickly replied and pushed the electric scooter in. When she was looking for a place to park the scooter, Uncle Guo was gone.

Fu Yunruo: “…”

What should she do now? Where should she go?

Fu Yunruo couldn’t possibly enter the house without permission. She put the big bag full of baby supply next to the scooter and put the baby stroller on the ground. After putting the baby onto the stroller, she quickly went to find Uncle Guo.

Fu Yunruo walked carefully, looked left and right in curiosity. She was interested in this flower garden, which Uncle Guo apparently forbid others to enter. On the field outside, there were many pots with flower seedlings germinated. But Fu Yunruo had never deliberately learned about flowers before, so she couldn’t identify many of these seedlings.

Although flower appreciation was a basic course of a wealthy family’s education, the original Fu Yunruo had such a hypocrite stepmother. How could she really learn something useful? In the end, she grew up to be ignorant, just a typical vase girl with a good appearance outside but empty on the inside.

The mud outside was a bit messy. Fu Yunruo didn’t dare to touch casually, afraid of messing things up.

Four-season orchid, Chinese cymbidium orchid, dendrobium orchid, noble orchid…

Some had already bloomed. Fu Yunruo could identify some, but not all.

She suddenly thought, were all of the flowers growing here orchids?

Did Uncle Guo like orchids so much?

Fu Yunruo soon saw a large flower shed that was tightly covered. She guessed that Uncle Guo was in that big shed, so she called cautiously: “Uncle Guo?”

After waiting for a while, there was no response: “Uncle Guo, may I come in?” She probed for a while, and tentatively said: “I am coming in?”

Fu Yunruo waited for a moment, but didn’t hear any refusal. She accepted this as acquiescence and slowly walked into the flower shed.

Fu Yunruo walked very cautiously, glancing right and left in caution. Once inside, she was amazed by the elegantly blooming orchids in various shapes.

Her heart was pounding. She looked at the most dazzling flower. This was a mutant moth orchid, right?

She had never seen such a beautiful moth orchid before. In her impression, this one flower worth at least several million yuan high. Looking at other orchids, she estimated them to be in hundreds of thousands to millions yuan price range.

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Fu Yunruo was amazed. No wonder Uncle Guo never let outsiders enter his flower garden. Maybe he never allowed a second person to enter this flower shed before.

For a while, Fu Yunruo didn’t know where to put her hands and feet. She walked extremely carefully towards Uncle Guo and asked softly: “Uncle Guo, what do I need to do?”

Uncle Guo was looking down at a flower seedling. He frowned and stared at her for a while: “Just cook me a meal at noon.”

“Okay. Then what’s about now?” She came very early. Now it was only a bit past eight o’clock. Too early to make lunch.

“The rest of the time is up to you. But you are not allowed to touch my flowers without my permission. ”

“…” Alright.

Fu Yunruo also didn’t dare to act casually. If she accidentally dropped a pot, she couldn’t afford to pay it…


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