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MSRV Ch 64 Part 1 – Hiring (I)

The two men who were busy exchanging barbed smiles just now suddenly regained their senses. Si Yue withdrew his hand, turned to Fu Yunruo, and responded with a slight smile, “Yes, we hit it off right away.”

Lin Ji also retracted his slightly numbed hand and put on a perfect smile as he nodded amiably, “It’s a pity we haven’t known each other before.”

Fu Yunruo didn’t know how men usually got along and couldn’t offer any comment. Still, she was busy right now, so she said tentatively, “Then, how about you stay here and chat? I still have to go and continue my shopping.”

Lin Ji quickly responded, “I am familiar with the layout and products here. I can show you the way and give advice on best buy.”

Lin Ji’s heartbeat quickened slightly. Having been a fan for years, he regarded Fu Yunruo as a goddess in his heart. The unexpected meeting with his goddess made him somewhat nervous. In front of Fu Yunruo, his calmness was no longer, and he turned into a greenhorn boy.

Before Fu Yunruo could answer, Si Yue rejected with a smile, “Thank you, but we don’t want to waste your time. I am equally familiar with this supermarket, so I will help her.”

Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue, then looked at Lin Ji. Even without Si Yue, Fu Yunruo had no intention of bothering someone she had just met, so she politely refused Lin Ji, “Thank you. But we have a long shopping list, so our plan from the beginning was just to walk around and see whatever is availaible by ourselves.”

Lin Ji looked disappointed, but he was worried about giving Fu Yunruo a bad impression by insisting too much, so he said, “It seemed I have overstepped. Sorry.”

Lin Ji then turned his gaze to Si Yue, curious about the other party’s relationship with Fu Yunruo. He knew that Si Yue was an acquaintance of the mother and son, but he wasn’t aware they were actually this close. Especially because he could feel the blatant hostility from Si Yue. Standing together, the three looked like a complete family, but Lin Ji could see that Fu Yunruo’s attitude towards Si Yue was not at all in that direction.

Lin Ji actually wanted to exchange contact information with Fu Yunruo, but was afraid she might feel offended. After being entangled for a moment, he finally said a polite goodbye and left reluctantly.

Anyway, now that he and Yunyun lived in the same community, surely there would be plenty of chance meetings in the future, right? He shouldn’t be too hasty and break Yunyun’s first impression of him.

After Lin Ji left, Si Yue turned to Fu Yunruo and said solemnly, “Is he your fan? You must keep a proper distance from fans. What fans like is the image of their idol, not necessarily the real self. Sometimes, being too close brings unwanted consequences.”

Wenwen nodded in agreement. Fans were a group of cute little angels, but who could guarantee there weren’t devils among them? It was impossible to know someone’s inside just by their outer appearance, and a fan that turned into an extreme fan was the scariest being in the world.

“???” Fu Yunruo was confused. What with this sudden warning and lecture? Still, Si Yue was indeed a superstar with countless fans, and his advice must be based on plenty of experiences, so Fu Yunruo nodded, saying that she would take his words to heart.

In fact, she didn’t think that this Lin Ji was nothing but a normal fan, although they had only exchanged a few words…

Fu Yunruo quickly forgot about this episode and continued her shopping. Last, she went to the produce section and bought some fruits and vegetables.

Uncle Guo bought a load of stuff, including quilts, bedcovers, etc… on top of several daily necessities. Clearly, he wanted to bring them back to the flower garden so that he could start living there as soon as possible.

Because of the huge amount of stuff they bought, they had to use the supermarket’s delivery service and walked home empty-handed. On the way home, Fu Yunruo saw Si Yue still carrying Wenwen in his arms. Afraid that Si Yue had missed the timing to put the boy down, she hurriedly said, “Mr. Yue, you can put Wenwen down. He can walk by himself.”

Wenwen, who actually enjoyed the free ride, reluctantly said, “Uncle Yue, let me down.”

Si Yue put Wenwen down.

Wenwen trotted to Fu Yunruo’s side and held her hand. His chubby face was beaming with pride as if to say: look how sensible I am!

At the villa’s gate, Fu Yunruo politely invited, “Mr. Yue, would you like to have dinner with us?” Si Yue had helped so much today, practically giving them a full precious day off, driving them back and forth to the flower garden. It would be too rude to see him off without even offering dinner.

Si Yue nodded, “Gladly.”

After the lively first day, the new live-in Bejing was quickly getting on the right track. Uncle Guo’s former students finally found a suitable date to arrange a get-together. Everyone came with their family and spouses, making the occasion very lively.

Uncle Guo put on a sour face as usual, but those who knew him could see that he was very happy and had more drinks than usual. If not for his students’ strict surveillance, Uncle Guo would probably have ended up totally drunk.

Still, Uncle Guo managed to get a bit drunk at the end of the party, so on the way home, they got off the car at the gate of the community, intending to walk back slowly and let the night breeze dispel some alcohol from their system.

Fu Yunruo did drink, but not enough to make her drunk, unlike Uncle Guo, who was drunk enough that he babbled all the way, complaining that Fu Yunruo didn’t allow him to live in the flower garden.

Seeing that Uncle Guo was really unhappy with the situation, Fu Yunruo finally made a compromise, “After we finish recruiting live-in employees, I will let you move there, okay?”

Fu Yunruo had thought about it and felt ashamed for putting Uncle Guo in an uncomfortable position. He was a person who loved orchids wholeheartedly and was not used to getting separated from his precious wards. It was normal that he was dissatisfied with his current living situation.

Moreover, Uncle Guo was also quite old, and the daily commute surely wasn’t easy for his body…

She indeed didn’t want to allow Uncle Guo to move, mainly because she felt that the living environment in the flower garden was not as good as the one they had in the villa. Moreover, she also couldn’t stand letting Uncle Guo live alone without anyone to take care of him.

Seeing Fu Yunruo’s low mood, Uncle Guo felt guilty, “I don’t mean to blame you…” Of course he understood Fu Yunruo’s reasoning and good intention, but he couldn’t bear being separated from his orchids.

“I know.” Fu Yunruo smiled, “Let’s hope we can hire suitable people soon.”

It was easy to find a worker with suitable skills, but it was not easy to find someone whose spouse would also come along as a housekeeper.

“It’s hard because you demand too much.” Uncle Guo muttered.

“I’m not too demanding. But considering our situation, employing a married couple is the best…”


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