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MSRV Ch 66 Part 2 – A Day in Amusement Park (II)

Fu Yunruo was about to ask who he was when she suddenly had a guess. “Mr. Yue?” She hesitantly called.

“You saw it through?” The voice changed back to the one she was familiar with.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t help but take a few more glances, amazed by Si Yue’s change. Although her disguise was already very good by her standard, those close to her would still be able to recognize her. But Si Yue’s disguise was on the entire level. His change was so drastic that Fu Yunruo almost suspected that he had just undergone plastic surgery.

Si Yue’s skin tone had darkened somewhat and looked much rougher than the original. Fu Yunruo didn’t know what he had done, but even the shape of his face had changed, and he was now looking like any ordinary guy you could see on the street.

“How is it?”

Fu Yunruo gave a thumbs up, “Perfect!”

Fu Yunruo invited Si Yue in and sighed inwardly — this guy’s too talented!

When Si Yue entered the living room, even Wenwen didn’t recognize him for a moment. When he finally saw that it was his Uncle Yue, the boy hurriedly jumped up and circled around him for a moment. Eyes gleaming with curiosity, Wenwen seemed eager to learn this skill too.

Not long after, Tiantian also arrived. There were not many people, so everyone rode in Si Yue’s car, which had enough space for four adults and one child.

The group of five drove to Beijing’s largest amusement park. After the weather got warmer, many people came out to play. The park was full not only of parents and children, but also young couples on a date and small groups of teenagers.

Fu Yunruo saw the huge crowd and muttered, “So many people…”

There was a long queue at each attraction, some of which might even take hours to get in line.

“Wait here; I’ll be back soon.” Si Yue said to Fu Yunruo, then quickly ran off and disappeared.

Fu Yunruo asked Wenwen, “What do you want to play?”

Wenwen looked around excitedly. So this was the amusement park! It was so lively and looked very fun!

Wenwen narrowed her eyes happily. He once had never been to an amusement park, but now he was also a kid with a parent to bring him to play!

“What do you want to play, Mom? I’ll accompany you!” Wenwen said generously.

Fu Yunruo laughed, “Mom likes to play with Wenwen’s favorite ride.”

With so many rides, it was indeed very hard to choose.

Moments later, Si Yue returned with several fancy-looking black cards. “This is a special VIP card. You can use this to go through a special entrance to ride any attraction without lining up in a queue.”

Si Yue gave out the cards, one per person.

Wenwen suddenly heard bursts of screams. He quickly turned around, just in time to see a roller coaster whiz past the winding rail, leaving bursts of excited screams.

Wenwen’s eyes lit up, “Mom, I want to ride a roller coaster!” It looks so fun!

“…” The corner of Fu Yunruo’s mouth twitched. She didn’t expect this level of ‘excitement.’

Before Fu Yunruo could say a word, Si Yue told Wenwen, “There is a minimum age for roller coasters. You are still too young.”

Wenwen sighed in disappointment.

Fu Yunruo quickly said, “Do you want to ride a merry-go-round instead? Bumper car is fun too, you know?”

Seeing Wenwen look entangled, Tiantian suggested, “Let’s walk around and take a look. If you find something interesting, we can go in and try.”

This idea was reasonable, so everyone agreed. The group of five walked into the crowded amusement park. Wenwen, who was too small, was instantly submerged among the sea of people, and all he could see were rows of rows of feet.

Seeing this, Si Yue promptly lifted the boy up and put him on his shoulders.

Wenwen’s line of sight was now very high, and he was overjoyed. He looked right and left, happily enjoying the cheerful scenery around.

He was the tallest! Other children sitting on their father’s shoulders were not as tall as him!

After walking for a while, the group finally saw an attraction suitable for Wenwen, so they took him there.

Finished with one, they moved on to the next attraction: the classic merry-go-round.

Fu Yunruo took a lot of photos of his son and even regretted putting on a disguise today. They were disguised so well that they couldn’t recognize themselves in photos!

Wenwen was having a blast. They went to ride the bumper car next. Fu Yunruo and Wenwen shared a car, while the others rode by themselves. They rode around the venue in cheers as they crashed into each other.

Fu Yunruo also had a good time and couldn’t stop laughing.

Once was not enough, so they took a second round.

Wenwen’s cheeks flushed with excitement, and he shouted at Si Yue, who was waiting outside, “Uncle Yue, come here and play with us!”

Si Yue waved his hand and was just about to refuse when Fu Yunruo also turned to him with a smile: “Mr. Yue, you should have a try! It’s so fun!”


Si Yue walked into the venue and chose a car at random. Bumper cars were not designed for someone with Si Yue’s height. His long legs were forced to bent, looking very cramped and uncomfortable. Even with his ‘ordinary’ disguise, the style of playing with a bumper car did not match Si Yue.

Fu Yunruo couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“Mom, go and crash into Uncle Yue!” Wenwen exclaimed.

Fu Yunruo obeyed the command.

At first, Si Yue was not accustomed to the car and wobbled around for a while. But it took him just a moment to master the skills. His control over the steering wheel was so proficient, and he deftly avoided the pursuit of the mother and son.

Wenwen was very excited. There were many times when they were about to collide with Si Yue, but he always managed to escape at the last moment.

Wenwen pouted, “Uncle Yue, don’t run around!” What’s the point of playing with bumper cars if they don’t collide with each other?

Hearing this, Si Yue raised his eyebrows, turned around, and collided with Fu Yunruo’s car.

Wenwen was instantly happy again.

After playing twice, everyone was satisfied and moved on to the next attraction.

On the way, Tiantian’s sharp eyes noticed a candied fruit stall not far ahead, “Candied fruit! Let’s buy it!”

Wenwen’s eyes lit up, “Take me too!”

Tiantian took Wenwen’s hand and brought him to pass through the crowd.

Wait for them, candied fruits!

“Wenwen!” Fu Yunruo hurriedly chased after the two. But a group of people suddenly crossed the road, and she lost Tiantian and Wenwen’s figures in an instant.

“Don’t worry.” Si Yue patted her shoulders, “Qian Shengnan is with them.”


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