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MSRV Ch 68 Part 1 – First Day in Kindergarten (I)

The children’s cries were loud and endless, reverberating one after another. Fu Yunruo looked down at her son. Children generally had a herd mentality — seeing someone crying, others would also cry in response. But Wenwen seemed to haven’t been affected, and he kept a calm and mature-like expression on his face.

Teacher Su hurriedly rushed in and helped coax the children. She and other teachers were veterans in handling children and could see at a glance which children were genuinely crying as opposed to those who only followed the trend. It took them just a moment to finally appeased the bunch of crying radishes.

Kangkang, who cried the loudest, reluctantly stopped crying. But when he saw that his father was about to leave, he pursed his mouth and started to howl again.

He didn’t want to go to kindergarten!

As a result, the children who had just calmed down continued to cry.

Kangkang’s father was so angry that his forehead twitched. He said to his son, “See that kid over there? He is younger than you, but he doesn’t cry. Aren’t you feel ashamed?”

Kangkang, who was busy howling with dry eyes, opened his eyes and looked in the direction his father pointed. Sure enough, a small boy, much cuter than even the most beautiful little princess he had seen in books and tv, was looking curiously at him.

Finally, Kangkang sniffed. He wiped his tears, put on a tough front, and walked over to the little cutie, “Hello, little brother. My name is Kangkang. What’s your name?”

“My name is Wenwen,” Wenwen replied. He raised his head and found that all the children in the class seemed taller than him, which made him depressed.

When would he grow up? So sad.

“Little Wenwen!” Seeing such a cute little brother, Kangkang immediately forgot the sadness of entering kindergarten. Now full of enthusiasm, he gripped Wenwen’s hand and took him to the classroom.

Wenwen waved to his family, “Mom, you can go back. Come pick me up in the afternoon!”

“Little Wenwen sits here!” Kangkang patted a seat, then happily pointed to the next seat, “I’m sitting here, next to you! Don’t worry; from now on, I am your big brother. I will protect you!”

A little girl in a pink dress and gauze skirt was playing with a doll when Kangkang’s loud voice attracted her attention. Raising her head, her eyes suddenly brightened, “You look like my idol!” Lele looked at Wenwen curiously and said in a tender voice, “My idol is called Wenwen. What is your name?”

Kangkang said to Lele, “His name is Wenwen!”

“You really look like my idol. Even your name is the same!” Lele clapped her hands happily.

“Let me tell you a secret. My idol Wenwen is the most handsome little prince. I want to marry him when I grow up!”

Lele liked a little boy whom she had once seen on TV. But she hadn’t seen him again for half a year, and, despite children’s natural forgetfulness, she still remembered the appearance and name of the little boy. It must be true love!

Wenwen: “…”

Lele’s voice was loud, which attracted the attention of other children. Unexpectedly, there were several of Wenwen’s little fans in the class. Hearing Lele’s declaration, a chubby little girl said loudly, “Wenwen won’t marry you! He will marry me when he grows up because I am the most beautiful little princess!”

“No, I’m the most beautiful little princess!” Lele put her hands on her hips and frowned.

“You are wrong! My mother said it’s me!”

“You are both wrong. I am the most beautiful and cutest little princess!” A short-haired little girl stood up and joined the argument.

“No, it’s me!”


Wenwen: “…”

Along with other parents, Fu Yunruo stayed outside the classroom, watching Wenwen surrounded by a group of lively children. She was both relieved and happy. Her son was really popular!

The parents started to chat. One of the men pointed and said, “That’s my naughty boy. His name is Kangkang.”

“Hello, Kangkang’s daddy. That’s my son Wenwen.”

“The girl next to them is my daughter Lele. I know you and your son. My daughter learns about fans and idols from tv, and she has been Wenwen’s fan for quite some time ago. Now that they are classmates, she must be overjoyed.” Lele’s mother said with a smile.

Just as the parents exchanged introductions, another commotion broke in the classroom. Several little girls were quarreling loudly. When the parents overheard the contents of their quarrel, they broke out with laughter.

The teachers were all veterans. They quickly coaxed the children to stop fighting, and soon the girls reconciled and became best friends again.

The parents stood outside for a while and left one by one after seeing that their child was adjusting well.

Si Yue said to Fu Yunruo, “We should go.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. She threw her boy a few more reluctant glances and then left with Si Yue and Uncle Guo.

After they were out of the kindergarten’s gate, Fu Yunruo looked at Si Yue, “We are going to the flower garden. What about you?”

Si Yue replied: “I have some business to attend to in the company.”

Fu Yunruo nodded. Frankly, she was relieved that Si Yue finally started to become busy again.

Si Yue and Fu Yunruo went on separate ways. The flower garden’s official opening date was coming soon, so Fu Yunruo was busy arranging the public area, which consisted of most of the space outside the flower shed’s vicinity. Due to the decision to open a business, the garden no longer exclusively grew orchids but also purchased a batch of other flowers to grow in the flower beds. Under Fu Yunruo’s meticulous arrangement, the garden became much more beautiful.

Now the winter snow had completely melted, and spring flowers started to bloom. Some of the flowers in the flowerbed had already started blooming, and soon they would look beautiful when blooming in large numbers.

Fu Yunruo was absent-minded all day. Today was Wenwen’s first day at school, and she was incessantly worried. Was he doing well? Would he be bullied? Had he gotten used to the new environment? Was he perhaps crying for his mother?

Afraid of missing any message from Wenwen’s teacher, Fu Yunruo checked her phone every few minutes, and she couldn’t help feeling time passed too slowly today.

Finally, the afternoon came. When the clock showed 3:40 pm, Fu Yunruo and Qian Shengnan departed for the kindergarten, ready to pick up Wenwen.

Classes ended at 4:30. Fu Yunruo arrived at 4:15, just 15 minutes earlier, but outside the kindergarten was already full of people, also waiting for their children. When Fu Yunruo got out of the car, she happened to see the parents of Wenwen’s classmates, so they gathered in one place and chatted.

Soon the bell was ringing, and it didn’t take long for the teachers to come up with a group of children lining up neatly. Wenwen was the shortest child in his class and thus was first in line, making it easy for Fu Yunruo to spot him at first glance.

When she came to her son, Fu Yunruo noticed the boy’s listlessness and was immediately anxious.

What happened to Wenwen? Was he bullied?


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