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MSRV Ch 68 Part 2 – First Day in Kindergarten (II)

“Mom…” Seeing his mother, Wenwen regained a bit of energy, but he was still far from his usual liveliness.

Fu Yunruo took Wenwen’s hand, “What happened, Wenwen?”

Teacher Su explained, “Wenwen is doing well in school. His classmates like to play with him.” She also didn’t know why the boy was so listless after school. She paid close attention to the children and knew that Wenwen was not bullied. On the contrary, he was playing happily with his friends until a moment ago.

Wenwen shook his head, “Mom, let’s go home.”


Fu Yunruo took Wenwen into the car, then asked again with concern, “What did Wenwen do at school today? Will you tell Mom?”

Wenwen said depressedly, “I don’t want to go to kindergarten tomorrow…”

Hearing this, Fu Yunruo was anxious, “What’s wrong? Did other children bully you?”

Wenwen shook his head: “No one bullied me.”

“Then, can you tell Mom why you don’t want to go to kindergarten?”

Wenwen sighed and said seriously: “Kindergarten is too childish. Most of the time was spent playing. I want to study, Mom!”

Playing games was a waste of his time, but he couldn’t deny that he had a good time today.

…it must be that the environment had affected him too much. He obviously went to kindergarten with the intention of studying!

“…” Fu Yunruo was speechless. Never in her imagination did she think of this reason.

“Mom, I want to go to elementary school.” Wenwen thought for a while and said, “You can enroll me in the fourth grade.”

Fu Yunruo said earnestly, “My dear, there is a minimum age to enter elementary school. You cannot go just because you want to. Although Mom’s Baobao is very smart, you still have to do it step by step.”

Fu Yunruo had indeed taught Wenwen a lot of basic knowledge such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, but she was far from a professional teacher. Without a systematic study, it was impossible for Wenwen to reach the level of an elementary school student.

…Moreover, even if he actually had the ability, she still wouldn’t allow him to skip grades so early.

“Think about it. The fourth grade is for big kids, so the desks and chairs are so high that you cannot even see the teacher in the front. How do you study like that?”

“…” Wenwen looked at his short arms and legs and sighed in melancholy.

Fu Yunruo softly persuaded, “Kindergarten also teaches many things, but today is the first day, so the teachers allow the children to play more so that you guys can get familiar with each other and get used to the environment.”

“Think about it, didn’t you and your classmates quickly become friends after playing together? Wouldn’t you like to play with your new friends tomorrow?”

Wenwen hesitated. Was it like that?

“Kindergarten is all about play-based learning. When you were having fun with various games, didn’t the teacher also teach you new knowledge?”

…that’s true.

“You can’t decide that kindergarten is not good based on the first day’s impression. Let’s wait and see for a week or two. If you still feel that you learn nothing, we will find another solution.”

Wenwen thought for a moment and felt that what his mother said made sense, so he nodded, “Okay!”

After resolving the problem, Wenwen suddenly felt much better, “Mom, you know, today at kindergarten…”

Fu Yunruo smiled, glad that her son had regained his liveliness.

At eight in the evening, Si Yue returned home from work, and the first thing he did was come over to check on Wenwen. At this time, Fu Yunruo was taking the boy on a walk. The open space in the community was excellent. Not only were there enough green areas and pedestrian walks, but there was also a playground for children, complete with bright lights to accommodate night use.

Wenwen liked this playground so much, and he was now climbing the castle-shaped playground with several big kids, clamoring and laughing happily.

Fu Yunruo stood on the side and watched her son attentively.

When Si Yue arrived, he saw Lin Ji standing beside Fu Yunruo, and the two seemed to be chatting happily.

Lin Ji’s voice was slightly excited: “Really? That’s great! I’ll definitely come!”


“Ah, Mr. Yue.”

Seemingly inadvertently, Si Yue inserted himself between the two and turned to Lin Ji with a smile, “Mr. Lin, what a coincidence.”

Fu Yunruo and Lin Ji were originally standing not far apart. With Si Yue stepping in the middle, he almost stuck himself to Fu Yunruo.

Fu Yunruo took two steps back in reflex.

“Good evening, Mr. Si.” Lin Ji’s pupils narrowed slightly, but he still gave Si Yue a polite greeting.

Si Yue also took a step back, putting himself between Lin Ji and Fu Yunruo as if making a statement. “Mr. Lin looked so excited just now. What were you two talking about?”

Lin Ji smiled lightly: “Yunyun invited me to attend the opening ceremony of her flower garden.”

“I see. You should indeed be invited. We will be happy to see you there.”

“…” Lin Ji paused for a moment. Then, seemingly inadvertently, he continued, “Yunyun also promised to invite me to the flower room in her villa to see the orchids she raises. Speaking of which, this would make me the first fan to see the orchids with my own eyes. I’m flattered.”

“Heh.” Si Yue chuckled. The first? Of course not. He was the first fan to see the orchids, and others like Lin Ji would never topple him from this position.

“…” Fu Yunruo was stunned. Was this really the way of getting along between men? Why did she smell gunpowder here?

“Yunyun, can I take a few pictures later?” Lin Ji directly passed Si Yue and walked to Fu Yunruo.


When Wenwen took a break, he saw Si Yue with Fu Yunruo, so he stopped play—… no, he stopped exercising and then trotted to them.

“Uncle Yue!”

Si Yue picked up the boy, made a circle, then held him in his hands.

Fu Yunruo asked, “Wenwen, have you done playing?”

Wenwen shook his head, emphasizing, “I’m not playing. I’m exercising.” He wanted to grow taller as soon as possible.

“Sorry, Mom is wrong. Wenwen is indeed exercising.”

Seeing that it was getting late, Fu Yunruo was about to go home.

“I’m also going home.” Lin Ji quickly said. His home was not far from Fu Yunruo’s, just a few villas away. Living in the same community, the chances of running into each other were indeed pretty high. Fu Yunruo had seen Lin Ji a few times by chance, and they had learned a few things about each other.

Fu Yunruo and Lin Ji were walking in front, while Si Yue, still carrying Wenwen in his arms, walked one or two steps behind.

Wenwen’s eyes moved around. He leaned closer to Si Yue and softly whispered in his ear, “Uncle Yue, is Uncle Lin trying to pursue my Mom?”

Si Yue slowed down, put a little distance from Fu Yunruo, and whispered back, “He wants to be your stepfather.”

Si Yue secretly thought to himself: given Wenwen’s importance to Fu Yunruo, it was impossible for her to be in a relationship with a man whom the boy did not approve of.

Wenwen looked in Lin Ji’s direction with scrutinizing eyes. After a while, he reluctantly said, “If Mom likes him, so be it.”

Si Yue: “…” Sure enough, a son was not a caring little padded jacket!


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