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MSRV Ch 72 – The So-called Grandpa

When Fu Zonghong heard the news about Fu Yunruo bringing her son back to settle in Beijing, he waited impatiently for her to come back and make amend with him. After waiting so long, however, he received not even a single text from this daughter of his!

Fu Zonghong was naturally furious, and if not for Wanping’s constant persuasion, he wouldn’t have made this trip.

That girl really didn’t know what was good for her!

Despite his fury, the anger burning within Fu Zonghong seemed to be poured by a basin of icy cold water when facing Wenwen’s eyes.

Fu Zonghong snorted coldly, turned his head, and looked out the window.

Fang Wanping said warmly: “Wenwen, please don’t misunderstand your grandpa. He may look fierce, but in fact, he cares a lot about you. Don’t mind his scary face.”

Wenwen hid his face with a pout and yelled furiously, “I want to go home!” Who would admit a ‘grandpa’ who broke his mother’s heart!

“Don’t worry, your mother will also come later.”

They want to notify Mom? Wenwen’s brows furrowed even deeper. Mom was ill recently and couldn’t get out of bed! They claimed how much they cared about him and Mom, yet they never came to see her and even used this kidnapping method to force her to come over to them. These hateful guys must actually want to deepen the hostility with his mother!

He had indeed asked Teacher Su to contact Uncle Yue, but what if she contacted Mom instead? Wouldn’t Mom become very anxious when she received the news?

Wenwen glanced at the kind-looking woman who smiled warmly at him, thinking: This must be her idea, right?

He was a child. Unless someone came to pick him up or send him home, he was completely at their mercy.

The car drove into a gated community and stopped in front of a luxurious villa. Fang Wanping stretched out her hand, wanting to carry Wenwen out of the car, but the boy avoided her like the plague and jumped down on his own.

Fang Wanping withdrew her hands. Her smile remained unchanged, and she said softly, “This is the Fu family’s house.”

Wenwen looked around. Was this the place where Mom grew up? He raised his head and asked, “Didn’t you say this is my home?”

Fang Wanping’s smile remained as warm as ever, “Our Fu family’s house is naturally also your home.”

Fu Zonghong snorted coldly and walked inside without waiting for them.

Wenwen trotted behind with his short legs when he suddenly heard the voice of the woman he hated the most.

“Uncle, have you and Mom brought him back?” The voice was full of joy, and Fang Xueruo’s figure appeared the next moment.

“Wenwen, hello…” Fang Xueruo smiled, exuding kindness from top to bottom. She leaned slightly and stretched out her hand.

Wenwen stared at her hand, then bared his row of baby teeth.

Fang Xueruo suddenly recalled the pain of being bitten and subconsciously withdrew her hand.

Wenwen showed a cute smile. Fang Xueruo’s smile froze slightly, and she silently cursed this little devil in her heart.

Fang Wanping patted her daughter, “Alright, stop scaring the child.” Then she turned to Wenwen, smiling, “Wenwen…”

Wenwen was too disgusted seeing the hypocritical faces of this mother and daughter pair, so he turned his head and entered the villa without saying a word. He walked into the living room, climbed up the sofa, and sat down.

Fu Zonghong sat on the other side with his eyes on the little boy. At first, he was angry with this child. What Yunruo did was really humiliating, and the existence of this child reminded him of the stupid things that his unfilial daughter did all the time. But this child looked so much like the childhood version of his daughter, back when she was still a cute and obedient little girl.

Fu Zonghong thus made a plan. With Yunruo’s temperament, she was unsuitable to take over the Fu Group. Fortunately, he was still healthy enough to work for another ten years or so, so it would be better to train this child well to take over the company in the future.

Since his surname was Fu, Wenwen was a child of the Fu family. Fu Zonghong vowed to raise this child well this time, never allowing him to grow up like Yunruo again, and made sure that he understood that family was still family regardless of blood relationship. After he was gone, Wanping would not be bullied.

Fu Zonghong hadn’t been in contact with such a young child for a long time and didn’t know how to communicate with Wenwen. He awkwardly opened a conversation, “Are you hungry? Have some snacks.”

“Do you want to watch cartoons?”

Wenwen blinked and shook his head, “I want to go home. Send me home now, otherwise, my Mom will start to worry.”

Fu Zonghong scowled, “This is your home.”

“Yes, Wenwen, although your mother has many misunderstandings about us, we are a family.” Fang Xueruo’s voice was gentle.

Wenwen snorted inside. Who would like to be family with the likes of them? If he really lived under the same roof as this poisonous woman, he wouldn’t even be able to sleep well at night.

Wenwen jumped off the sofa, ran to Fu Zonghong’s side, and hid by the sofa next to him. He then looked at Fang Xueruo with fearful eyes, “You are a big baddy!” He turned to Fu Zonghong and said pitifully, “She brought people to bully Mom and me. Very scary!”

Fang Xueruo’s expression was stiff for a moment, but she immediately turned into full grievances as she looked at Fu Zonghong, hesitating to speak.

Wenwen’s eyes were full of tears, looking terrified and helpless.

“Nonsense, how could Xueruo bully you?” Fu Zonghong blurted out without thinking. With Fu Yunruo’s temperament, it was good enough that she did not bully others.

Wenwen sniffled timidly, “Everyone knows this. Aren’t there many videos on the internet?”

Fu Zonghong was too disdainful to pay attention to the messy gossip on the internet, so when Wanping told him that some gossip reporters were using their family affairs to gain traffic, he immediately ordered his subordinates to delete the news.

Hearing what Wenwen said, he immediately looked at Fang Xueruo.

Fang Xueruo’s lips quivered, but before she could defend herself, Fang Wanping took the initiative to apologize, “This is indeed Xueruo’s fault. She was so happy to have found her sister and rushed to see her without thinking. It happened that the boy from the Chang family was also there, so they went to look for Yunruo together. As a result…”

Fang Wanping spoke vaguely, so Fu Zonghong immediately thought of Yunruo’s hostility towards Xueruo, which Wanping had also mentioned several times. It was originally a conflict between adults, but children tended to take sides with people they were close with regardless of truth, so it was normal for Wenwen to feel that his mother was being bullied.

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  3. Really, I commend this Mother Green Tea or is she White tea? Whatever tea, it is rather fragrant and I like it. Not often I see such composed tea villains Kinda want to be like her tbh… alas,
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