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MSRV Ch 75 – He is Wenwen’s Biological Father!

In the yard, Yuan Xin looked at Si Yue with a complicated expression. Sensing the disappearance of the presence outside the door, Yuan Xin finally opened his mouth again: “Why do you suddenly want to let her know?”

“It’s about time.” Si Yue replied. If he told Fu Yunruo the truth face to face, he was worried that the shock would be too big for her to accept, so he finally decided to use this way to allow her to build a psychological preparation first.

He also had another consideration — instead of taking the risk of Fu Yunruo learning the truth from others, he might as well tell her himself. Although he had cut off the possibility of Fang Xueruo approaching Fu Yunruo, there was nothing absolute in this world, especially because this woman could never be trusted.

The same fact, coming from Fang Xueruo’s mouth, could end up giving a totally different impression. He did not want Fu Yunruo to misunderstand him again.

When Yuan Xin first learned Si Yue’s intention to finally stop concealing the truth, he was truly relieved. This matter had long been nagging his conscience. If he had nothing to do with Fu Yunruo and Wenwen, he would be able to help Si Yue without feeling any pressure. But the reality was different. Let alone Wenwen, he was getting along very well with Fu Yunruo and could now be considered her friend, making him feel extremely guilty for deceiving her. So when Si Yue came to him with a request to help stage the play, he quickly agreed.

Now, his task was considered to be completed. Before leaving, he turned to Si Yue and advised, “You still have to explain clearly in person. No matter what, you have to clear any misunderstanding.”

From his observation, the situation was actually not bad. Si Yue fell in love with Fu Yunruo, and while Fu Yunruo obviously had some feelings for Si Yue, she was clearly holding back.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see Fu Yunruo’s concern was Wenwen. But it was such a coincidence — Wenwen was not only Fu Yunruo’s son, but also Si Yue’s biological child, so her concerns were not actually a problem.

Even if Wenwen wasn’t Si Yue’s own, with this guy’s personality, he would readily fulfill responsibilities as a father, and he was capable enough of making Fu Yunruo believe in his sincerity.

But the strong blood relationship could reassure Fu Yunruo even more.

Anyway, the rest depended on Si Yue’s performance. As a friend, all he should do now was wait for their wedding invitation.

Yuan Xin suddenly remembered the other business that made him come today, “By the way, there is one more thing. Are you sure you will not quit being an actor for the time being?”

Si Yue’s original plan was to announce his retirement after winning the Best Actor Award last year, yet he hadn’t made any movement until now. After Yuan Xin confirmed once again, he said, “There is a good script. Do you want to try it?”

“It is a futuristic sci-fi movie funded by the government. But it is also a bit risky. As you know, our domestic sci-fi industry is still lagging internationally.” In the worst-case scenario, the movie might tank and drag Si Yue’s reputation with it.

“There is also a child character in it, so I plan to let Wenwen play a cameo role.”

Si Yue originally wanted to refuse, but he immediately changed his mind: “Show me the script first. Tell the company to invest in the movie and try to give the child character as many roles as possible.”

Yuan Xin responded, “This role is originally heavy enough. From screen time alone, it can be considered the fourth male lead. The director is ready to reduce the role if the child actor selected couldn’t perform well, but I believe that Wenwen will definitely be alright.”

Si Yue nodded in agreement. Of course, his son is amazing.

Fu Yunruo left in a trance and didn’t hear Si Yue and Yuan Xin’s subsequent conversation. Her mind was a mess; she didn’t know how long she had been listening and didn’t even know how she had left.

After she returned home, she sat still without reacting for a long time. The conversation she accidentally overheard kept repeating in her mind:

The incident of that night was an accident, and it was not your fault…

I have long been wanting to explain, but I don’t know how to say it…

This kind of matter is indeed embarrassing, but you don’t want to be absent from the duty of father forever, right?

Fu Yunruo knew the meaning of each word, but why did they become incomprehensible when strung together? It was as if she was daydreaming.

Si Yue? Wenwen’s father? How is this possible?

Fu Yunruo tried to look for clues, but she couldn’t think of any. Because she deliberately made herself forget, the memory of that night had long been blurred, and she couldn’t associate Si Yue with that blur-faced man.

How could this be possible?

She couldn’t believe it.

However, she also could not not believe it. At any rate, Si Yue, a big star, must be very busy every day, so how could he be so free to take care of Wenwen so meticulously?

No matter how much he liked children, it was impossible to reach this level for a child he was not related to, right?

Fu Yunruo was deep in thought for a long time. Her brain slowly disgested the shocking news, and she gradually sorted out her mess-up mind.

So did Si Yue approach her just to get close to Wenwen?

And he was always so nice to her only because of this relationship?

But it was not that strange. Si Yue, the great actor, must be surrounded by endless beauty, so how could he fall in love with someone like her, who was already a mother of a child?

Fortunately, nothing substantial had happened between them. Otherwise, if she really fell in love with him…

Fu Yunruo’s current mood was extremely complicated.

No, wait, Si Yue is not going to snatch Wenwen from her, is he? He keeps brushing up on Wenwen’s favorability. Is this in preparation for getting the child’s custody from her?

Fu Yunruo suddenly startled awake. Absolutely not! Wenwen is her child!

Oh, yes, she has to go and pick Wenwen up.

During this period of time, Si Yue volunteered to send Wenwen to and off school. Now that she knew the truth, Fu Yunruo suddenly found that she was really out of her mind at the time. How could she let them cultivate their relationship? What if Si Yue played tricks and took Wenwen away?

Rationally, she knew that Si Yue would not do such a thing. After all, he had been picking up Wenwen for several days without incident. Yet she couldn’t feel at ease. Whenever it came to Wenwen, she always easily lost her mind and couldn’t help but think in the worst direction.

The reveal of the truth had a great impact on Fu Yunruo. She stood up in a hurry to pick up her son, but when she looked at the clock, she was shocked to find it was already past 4:30!

Has she been in a daze for so long?

At this time, Si Yue had long gone to pick up Wenwen, right?

Fu Yunruo was extremely uneasy. She paced back and forth in the living room, and finally couldn’t hold back her panic.

As soon as she rushed out the gate, Fu Yunruo saw Wenwen jump out of Si Yue’s car. The boy’s face brightened upon seeing her, and he immediately ran in her direction.

“Mom!” Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo’s thigh, grinning from ear to ear. Mom comes out to pick him up! So happy!

Fu Yunruo leaned down and hugged the little boy. The soft, warm sensation and the solid weight in her arms finally calmed down her turmoil heart.

Wenwen hugged Fu Yunruo’s neck, blushing. He has grown up! Too big to still be carried by his mother! But… but… once in a while should be okay, no?

From the day Mom got sick, she hasn’t hugged him or given him a kiss…

Thinking like this, Wenwen couldn’t help snuggling closer.

Fu Yunruo carried her son into the house. As soon as Wenwen entered the living room, he clamored to be put down. He then took out a notebook from his school back and opened it for Fu Yunruo to see.

“Mom, I got three red flowers today!”

“Wenwen is really amazing!” Fu Yunruo praised, “What reward was these flowers for?”

“My craft homework, first place!” Wenwen said proudly.

“…” Fu Yunruo suddenly fell silent. If she remembers correctly, Wenwen’s recent homework was all done with Si Yue.

Wenwen’s chubby finger pointed to the little red flower in the middle, “This one is the reward for my excellent performance in kindergarten!”

Wenwen was very happy. In his class, no other kids had more red flowers than him!

Fu Yunruo put aside her complicated emotions and continued showering her son with lavish praises.

Then, Si Yue entered the room.

The moment Fu Yunruo saw him, her mind suddenly exploded. He is Wenwen’s biological father!


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