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MSRV Ch 76 Part 1 – New Movie (I)

The moment she saw Si Yue, Fu Yunruo’s complicated emotions suddenly turned into a deep embarrassment.

Fortunately, neither Wenwen nor Si Yue noticed her strangeness.

“Wenwen has been doing really well at school. Teacher Su praised him so much.” Si Yue said with a smile. He patted the boy’s head tenderly, “I will give you a reward.”

Wenwen was so proud, but he did his best to look calm and mature. “What reward?” Asked him, his pair of big round eyes sparkled with excitement.

“What reward do you want?”

He can choose? Wenwen was very happy. He thought for a while, but couldn’t think of a good one, so he finally said, “Anything is okay!”

“Then I have to think well to give our Wenwen a good surprise.”

Wenwen nodded enthustiastically, grinning from ear to ear.

Fu Yunruo looked at their interaction with an inexplicable expression on her face. How could she be so blind before and fail to see the truth? Si Yue’s attitude towards Wenwen, and the way they got along, was no different from that of a father and son…

Fu Yunruo tried her best to control the urge to pull Wenwen apart from Si Yue and keep him by her side. She turned to Si Yue and said politely, “Thank you, Mr. Yue.” Fu Yunruo tried to act normally, but she didn’t realize how stiff her smile was. “I’ve gotten much better, so we shouldn’t bother you any longer. From tomorrow, I will start sending Wenwen to and from school again.”

Wenwen had already noticed that Fu Yunruo seldom coughed or sneezed these last two days. He was very happy that his mother had recovered and didn’t have to suffer anymore. “Mom, you have to pay more attention to your health and don’t tire yourself. We were very worried, you know!”

During the days Fu Yunruo was too ill to get off bed, everyone was very worried and sad for her, especially Wenwen, who couldn’t wait to take over the suffering in her place. He was worried sick all day. At school, all he could think about was whether his Mom was getting better today and whether she was recuperating well at home.

“Mom knows.” Fu Yunruo laughed, “I will definitely be more careful from now on.”

The little guy gave her a serious admonition, so Fu Yunruo had no choice but to promise him repeatedly. When she raised her head again, she inadvertently met Si Yue’s gaze, watching over them with a warm smile.

Fu Yunruo was taken aback for a moment. She averted her gaze in embarrassment and said awkwardly, “I’ve really troubled you this time. Please let me know if you need any help in the future.”

Fu Yunruo sincerely wanted to repay Si Yue, but she couldn’t think of anything she could do for him. If she invited him to dinner or something, they would end up getting closer in this ambiguous relationship, which was bad for both sides…

“It’s nothing. After all, Wenwen is my…”

Fu Yunruo’s heart almost jumped out of her chest.

“…good friend, isn’t he?” Si Yue laughed, “A little help between friends is normal.”

“Y-you’re right.”

“By the way, I wanted to tell you something.” Si Yue changed the subject, “Yuan Xin came today. There is a good movie, and he wanted to get Wenwen a role there. What do you think?”

Movie? Fu Yunruo was taken aback for a moment, and it took a while to remember that Wenwen was still a talent under Yuan Xin. The boy had expressed his liking for acting, so she signed him up with Apple Entertainment. But after Wenwen finished filming his first variety show, he stopped getting in touch with the entertainment industry, and Yuan Xin hadn’t mentioned it either, so she totally forgot.

Thinking about it again, although the company gave Wenwen absolute freedom and allowed him to choose when to work or not, it was normal for Yuan Xin, as an agent, to seek resources. Their family of two was living in a remote mountain village before, far from any major cities, and she wouldn’t feel at ease to let her son travel far to film at such a young age. Yuan Xin knew this, so he didn’t even bother to ask.

But now they had moved to Beijing, it should be very convenient for Wenwen to receive acting jobs and such. Yet, Fu Yunruo was still hesitant. Would it be okay to allow Wenwen to film at such a young age?

Fu Yunruo was in a dilemma, but Wenwen was very happy with the news Si Yue brought him. He grabbed Si Yue’s leg, raised his head, and asked excitedly: “What movie is it? Uncle Yue, will you also play in it?”

“Of course, I am the male lead.” To be exact, this movie featured a group of different protagonists, but the role Si Yue took had the most screen time, so it wasn’t wrong to call him the male lead.

“I want to! Let me play!” Wenwen said excitedly.

It’s so exciting to play in the same movie as his idol! For Wenwen, this opportunity was a miracle. He was so happy that he started jumping around, “I want to play with Uncle Yue!”

Then he asked curiously, “What movie is it?”

In order to imitate Si Yue and learn his acting skills, Wenwen was very familiar with every work he featured in. But to his knowledge, Si Yue had already announced his retirement from the entertainment industry at this time in his previous life.

The giant who stood at the pinnacle of great actors suddenly retired, causing a huge wave that took nearly a year to subside.

The movie Si Yue took this time shouldn’t be among his works Wenwen was familiar with from his previous life, so he couldn’t guess what it was.

The development of this life was completely different from the previous one. At this point, there were still no signs of Si Yue announcing his retirement, and he even continued taking roles in movies.

Could it be that Uncle Yue didn’t quit the entertainment industry because he wanted to protect him? The idea put another wide grin on Wenwen’s face. Although he might be overthinking, if this was really the case… oh, how nice!


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