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MWFV Ch 100 Part 1 – Be Happy (I)

Mr. Qin’s opposition to Lin Shaochi’s relationship with his daughter had been deadlocked for three years.

In the past three years, Mr. Qin never gave Lin Shaochi a good face. Despite this, both Chen De and Uncle Fu could see the change in Mr. Qin’s attitude: Although Mr. Qin always showed Lin Shaochi a sullen face, in fact, he already admitted their relationship. He basically let the thing happened naturally and pretend to see nothing.

Otherwise, depending on the Qin family’s security level, even if Lin Shaochi had wings, he wouldn’t be able to fly inside, let alone take Su Bei out for a date under Mr. Qin’s nose.

Besides, if Qin Group really wanted to suppress Lin Group, how can Lin Group still so well after all these years?

What Mr. Qin did now was probably the last stubbornness of an old father’s heart.

But Lin Shaochi’s performance over the years was also clear in everyone’s eyes. Because of Mr. Qin’s ultimatum of “Don’t disturb my daughter’s study and life,” the pitiful Chairman Lin adapted his works and business hours to a rhythm that fit Su Bei’s schedule. What’s more, he bravely resisted Qin Group’s pressure for so many years.

However, the most shocking surprise was the accident two years ago.

Su Bei and Lin Shaochi encountered a business competitor’s malicious attack on their back from NST branch company. At that time, Lin Shaochi was completely desperate to protect Su Bei. Afterward, Mr. Qin knew about it. Although he didn’t say anything, he probably truly recognized Lin Shaochi.

On Su Bei’s graduation day, Lin Shaochi proposed to Su Bei in front of the whole campus.

Mr. Qin was naturally there at the time. Although he was not very happy, he did not object.

[Lin Group’s Chairman proposes to Qin family’s daughter!]

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As soon as the news came out, it immediately detonated the entire internet. Both Qin Group and Lin Group were two large consortiums that attracted much attention. Even though Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, as the heirs of the Qin Group, were deliberately low-key over these years, it was impossible to completely put them outside the public eyes.

Suddenly, there were various different opinions regarding Qin and Lin’s marriage.

[Qin family’s daughter is going to marry Lin family’s son. My God! Are they preparing to dominate the whole business world?]

[How do I feel that this marriage is purely for business needs. After all, the relationship between Qin Group and Lin Group has been quite unclear over the past two years.]

[Yes! I also read the news before that the Qin Group deliberately suppressed Lin Group.]

[Why? Isn’t the two companies working so well together?]

[Why not? It’s obviously for the sake of profit. After all, there are no permanent friends or enemies in the business world.]

[So the two get married for the purpose of maintaining their company’s interest?]

[This how rich family is. Looking at this way, I don’t envy those rich family’s children.]

[You are right! And also that Qin’s young miss. People said before how Chairman Qin loved his daughter so much. But in the end, in the face of interest, he still forces her into a business marriage.]

[Being a daughter of a rich family is also pitiful. In comparison, I feel that ordinary people like us are a bit happier. At least, we can have a free marriage, haha.]

[It’s obviously a business marriage, but they pretend to be in deep love and make such a high-sounding romantic proposal. What a hypocrite.]

[You are right. The rich people’s doing is truly disgusting.]

[Just look. The Qins and Lins wouldn’t be peaceful for long. In two years, news about their divorce will be revealed.]

When the news about Su Bei and Lin Shaochi was released, some people sang in praises, while others commented badly. However, people who said that those two were married for business profit were quickly beaten in the face.

Chairman Lin’s Weibo sub-account was found out by netizens. Those people originally wanted to dig the sub-account that used a pseudo name to see Chairman Lin’s complaint and dissatisfaction towards this business marriage, but the facts disappointed and shocked many people.

——This sub-account had been used since four years ago, and the status was updated almost daily.

[The girl scared me today. Fortunately, she is fine. But my confession seemed to scare her.]

[I seem to really scare her.]

[Should I give up? Let everything go back to before.]

[This is my girl.]

[I like seeing your panicked expression.]

[How to get the future father-in-law to acknowledge me…]

[Happy Birthday, my girl. (You finally reach the legal age of marriage, but I still have to wait a bit longer.)]

[I don’t like you wearing a short skirt.]

Finally, the most recent status: [Thank you for accepting me. I will give you the best.]


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