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MWFV Ch.49 Part 1 – He Won’t Let Them Be Harmed (I)

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The housekeeper came in to tell Qin Jinguo: “Sir, second young master and his family are here.”

Qin Jinguo and Qin Shao’s conversation instantly halted.

“I know.” Qin Jinguo still wanted to ask Qin Shao about Song Yancheng, as well as the twins’ biological mother. But he saw Qin Shao’s face turned cold and was about to leave.

Qin Jinguo knew that Qin Shao was worried about the two children. He could not help but sighed, stopped Qin Shao, and said, “This is Jinxi Garden. No matter how severe the contradictions between you and him, he wouldn’t dare to do anything here. Not to mention that your Aunt Chen is also there.”

Qin Shao simply glanced at Qin Jinguo lightly. After a snort, he opened the door and left the study quickly.

Qin Jinguo also followed, but Qin Shao walked too fast, and in just a few steps, Qin Jinguo was left behind.

At this moment, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were facing Song Yancheng and his family in the garden.

Are they the male and female lead from the novel? Su Bei secretly thought.

Not counting the novel she read and the dream she had, this was Su Bei’s first time to see the main couple. Just as the description in the novel, Song Yancheng had an arrogant and cold appearance, calculative and black-bellied, but hiding countless undercurrent below the seemingly calm face. This person was very dangerous, the kind of danger that eat people without spitting out their bones.

As for the female lead Lin You, she was a transmigrator, movie empress of two worlds, and now the wife of Song Group’s chairman. The novel described the female lead for having a charming and pure ‘younger sister’ appearance, but actually had a calm and noble temperament. Such contrast was highly sought after by others. As the novel’s biggest life winner besides the male lead, the female lead should also lead a good life, but Su Bei couldn’t see much happiness from her expression.

After more than ten years of marriage, the arrogance and aura of a movie empress could no longer be seen on Lin You’s face. She was now more like a wealthy lady who was busy with all kinds of high society activities and deeply absorbed by money and power.

Su Bei finally glanced indifferently at Song Xinyi standing next to Lin You, before retracting her gaze.

Seeing Su Bei, Song Xinyi secretly clenched her hands inside her skirt’s folds: She never liked Su Bei. From the beginning when Su Bei grabbed the ‘school flower’ title that originally belonged to her and even stole her limelight at the ‘opening performance’, Song Xinyi hated this newly transferred girl.

After learning that Su Bei was Qin Shao’s daughter, Song Xinyi’s hatred simply grew deeper. Since childhood, Song Xinyi knew that Qin Shao, this so-called uncle of hers, was a villain who took everything from her father and even wanted to suppress their family’s business.

Su Bei was as annoying as her father, and of course, this also including Su Xiaobao!

“Grandma, who are these two people? How come there are outsiders here during family’s festival?” In front of Chen Xueyan, Song Xinyi acted cutely. She held Chen Xueyan’s hand pretentiously and asked in an innocent tone.

“Yiyi, they are not outsiders.” Chen Xueyan hugged Song Xinyi lovingly and said: “They are your uncle’s children, this is Qin Yue, this is Qin Yu. Xiao Yu, Xiao Yue, and you are the same age, you should get along and play together.”

After hearing this, Song Xinyi’s expression didn’t change, but she secretly sneered inwardly: Get along? As if these two wild seeds of unknown origin are worthy!

Song Yancheng also looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, the two children who supposedly were Qin Shao’s shame. Back then, he cooperated with Chairman Xu, a business partner of ‘Jihua International,’ and planted a spy under Qin Shao. He originally wanted to set up and ruin Qin Shao’s reputation but did not expect the man to run away. At that time, it happened that a woman named Su Mei was pestering him, so he pushed the boat along the water and schemed to send Su Mei to Qin Shao’s bed.

Originally, Song Yancheng waited for Su Mei to find him afterward and planned to control her under the guise of taking responsibility. When Qin Shao and that woman’s child was born, he can use the child as a bargaining chip to threaten Qin Shao. Even if Qin Shao refused, it didn’t matter, he could still use that child to disgust Qin Shao.

Song Yancheng’s plan was good, but he didn’t expect Su Mei to secretly go into hiding after that night. When Su Mei appeared again, it was around Song Yancheng and Lin You’s wedding ceremony. One of his men was inattentive, and let Su Mei escape again.

Song Yancheng never took that woman seriously. Just a useless chess piece, so he simply ignored it. However, he did not expect that after fifteen years, Qin Shao would find these two children. What’s even more surprising was that Qin Shao not only accepted the children’s existence, but actually also gave them his company’s shares.


Two children that born under a scheme of others, but Qin Shao actually didn’t feel them shameful.


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  1. Feels like some “I’m Not Your Female Lead” successful run away and Su Bei doesn’t sound bad, maybe like we know the book info is not really accurate to the villain side related to being a Qin.

  2. Well there truly all garbage, which I don’t like, it’s have been better if they’d actually been good people.

    I hope they don’t try to play it off as the mom actually having fallen in love with Qin dad and she left them there to protect them or some other nonsense, that’d be too much.

    1. Do you know what kind of story you are reading. The mom may not fall in love with Qin Shao until later, but she defiantly didn’t go back out of fear of leading Song dad to them. Either that are she got in an accident and currently has amnesia. Lol

  3. He Song father and daughter, garbage, yup. The Mom? Uncertain but very shady, though it sounds like she became drunk with money and power, on top of being a transmigrator which usually are red flags from the get go honestly.

    Read so many titles where Mc from modern times or so go back to ancient times and casually mess the local economy and what not and think everything is alright and they are not at fault at all. Right.

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