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MWFV Ch.49 Part 2 – He Won’t Let Them Be Harmed (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.47 Part 2.

Looking at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, Lin You’s eyes also flashed with unhappiness. That year, Su Mei ran to make a fuss at the wedding and said that she had given birth to Song Yancheng’s child. Lin You and Song Yancheng quarreled more than once for this. In the end, he had no choice but to tell her the truth.

The girl’s facial features were sixty to seventy percent similar to Su Mei, but their temperaments were totally different. Speaking of which, the two children resembled Qin Shao more. However, this didn’t change the fact that they were Su Mei’s children.

At first, Su Mei robbed her of resources, smeared her name on the internet, and later even tried to seduce her man and ruin her wedding. Although these things have long passed, they still stuck in Lin You’s throat like a nauseating thorn. Now facing Su Mei’s two children, it was really hard for Lin You to show a nice expression.

Chen Xueyan didn’t know any of these grievances. She still wanted to start with the children to bridge the distance between the two families. Chen Xueyan looked at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao and said: “Xiaoyue, Xiaoyu, this is grandma’s son. Next to him is his wife and their daughter, Yiyi.”

“He is a year younger than your father, so he is your second uncle.” Chen Xueyan pointed at Song family’s couple: “Xiaoyue, Xiaoyu, call them second uncle and second aunt.”

Su Bei:”…… ”

This was the man who, in that nightmare, sent Su Xiaobao to prison and let her fall into the hands of a perverted director. In the novel, he also seriously injured Mr. Qin and ruined Qin Group…

Wants her to call him ‘second uncle’? Sorry, it’s impossible.

Su Xiaobao didn’t know any of these things. But since Su Bei didn’t speak, he also kept his mouth shut. He already disliked Song Xinyi, and also didn’t like the Song family’s couple.

Seeing the two children lowered their heads in silence, Chen Xueyan was anxious: “It was fine before, why are you suddenly shy?”

Song Yancheng looked at the twins coldly.

Noting Song Yancheng’s cold eyes, Su Bei’s expression tightened, and she subconsciously pulled Su Xiaobao half a step back. In fact, in terms of aura and pressure, Song Yancheng was totally inferior to Mr. Qin. Perhaps because Su Bei knew that Qin Shao was their biological father, and she could also feel that Qin Shao had no maliciousness towards them, so when she faced Qin Shao for the first time, Su Bei actually was not afraid. On the contrary, when she was facing the male lead Song Yancheng, Su Bei only felt chill all over her body.

——She sensed a murderous intent in those eyes.

Su Xiaobao also noticed the malice in Song Yancheng’s gaze. With a frown, he stood in front of Su Bei, covering her with his body. His face was cold, and he stared at Song Yancheng undeterred.

——If there were thorns on Su Xiaobao’s body, it would all be erected now.

The atmosphere suddenly became rigid.

At this moment, Mr. Qin’s voice suddenly came from behind: “If they don’t want to call, then it’s up to them. What? Do my children still need to be forced to recognize relatives here?”

The moment she heard Qin Shao’s voice, Su Bei’s face instantly brightened. She quickly turned her head to see Qin Shao walking towards them. “Dad!” Su Bei ran at him in joy, pulling Su Xiaobao with her. The moment she reached Qin Shao’s side, Su Bei’s previous nervousness and fear vanished instantly. She knew that Qin Shao would never let Song Yancheng harmed them.

Seeing the two children running towards Qin Shao as if fleeing, Chen Xueyan felt very awkward and embarrassed.

On the side, Lin You snorted: “Why should they make it as if we are bullying them?”

Chen Xueyan glared at Lin You: “It’s nothing, don’t talk nonsense.”

Since Qin Shao was here, Song Yancheng didn’t want to stand drily any longer. Concealing the sharp glint in his eyes, he walked towards Qin Shao with a cold face, followed by Lin You, Song Xinyi, and finally Chen Xueyan, whose face was full of worry.

“Should I say congratulations?” Song Yancheng walked to Qin Shao, glanced at Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, and spoke with an unhidden malice.

All this time, Su Bei stood quietly beside Qin Shao, maintaining a calm and slightly disdainful face towards Song Yancheng. However, this person was the source of her nightmare after all, and Su Bei still had some fear towards him. Su Bei didn’t show her fear, but Qin Shao could sense that the girl was scared from his cuff that was unconsciously gripped by her.

Mr. Qin took Su Bei’s hand and held it in his palm. The girl’s hand was small and soft, but he felt her temperature colder than usual.

“I don’t need your congratulations.” Mr. Qin replied coldly. He stared back at Song Yancheng with an even more murderous gaze and undisguised anger.

“You should save it until the time when Song Group ceases to exist.” Mr. Qin’s voice wasn’t low, so not only Song Yancheng but also Chen Xueyan and Lin You standing nearby also turned pale instantly.

Lin You forcefully maintained the smile on her face and said: “Brother, what are you talking about? Song Group’s business is currently in good condition, how can it so easily meet troubles? Besides, if Song Group really falls into a difficult situation, would family members only watched from the side?”

Chen Xueyan also said: “What’s trouble, what’s a difficult situation. Today is a festive day, don’t mention such unlucky words.”

After a pause, Chen Xueyan said again: “Just now, when you were with your dad, I asked Xiaoyue and Xiaoyu to greet their uncle and aunt. It’s just that the children may be a little shy.”

Lin You: “It’s normal. After all, they are still unaccustomed.”

Completely ignoring the two women, Qin Shao and Song Yancheng kept staring at each other coldly. The gunpowder could be smell from far away, and some servants even started to wonder whether the two young masters would start a fight here.


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9 thoughts on “MWFV Ch.49 Part 2 – He Won’t Let Them Be Harmed (II)”

  1. I wonder what the “book” author was thinking in making an immature turd like Song Yancheng the male lead. Thank goodness Qin Shao didn’t become a brainless admirer of Lin You in the book though. Whew!

  2. From the very beginning, I have never felt like this “lead” was very ML like. It just sounds like he was bitter and jealous, so attacked Qin Shao, and then it became a war between them. He seems kind of small minded and pathetic.

    1. No, most male leads in Chinese stories are “bad boys” in some way. In the book however the protagonist was the transmigrator Lin You. In other words it was her love and knowledge from her old life that saved her husband.

      1. I honestly really like Qin Shao. He is a good dad and knows how to treat his children and also he ran here to protect them too

  3. Punch him, my mind screams iiiiit! But dont, maybe do, you could get away with it and sue him for the accidents, though not the drugging since it could harm our Su twins, unless ya know, they don’t care.

    1. tbh the ml isnt exactly uncommon, its written externally which is something we arent used to, but like this kind of character isnt new which is probably what the author is playing with here, seeing what are basically abusive behaviours when we arent give rose coloured glasses from the author

      (i speak as someone who stalks the blackbelly tag on nu so like)

  4. I think in a lot of books, especially if they are some sort of female perspective romance thing, the ML is often a pretty unlikable person. They often even treat the FL poorly to start with, but then warm up to them and treat them really well, so all of their other terrible characteristics are forgiven by the readers because they want the FL to get her happily ever after.

    Seen from another perspective though, the ML is often a pretty terrible person, even if they sometimes end up redeeming themselves somewhat through the power of their love of the FL or some such lol.

    I’m not saying all stories are like this, but I have read a few where if I was reading from someone else’s perspective (or a part of their story before they met the FL and maybe changed a bit for the better), I’d probably just want the ML to go die in a fire ha ha ha.

  5. Forget the novel’s pair and the grievance they have with the twins parents.

    I wish the twins had pointed out that Song Xinyi just pretend she didn’t know them when she’s already bothered them at school. What did she put that act on for?

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