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MWFV Ch.50 Part 1 – The Only People I Care About (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch.47 Part 2.

Song Yancheng didn’t doubt the authenticity of Qin Shao’s words. In fact, Qin Shao had done that. Recently, Song Group’s industries were severely suppressed by Qin Group. Not only that, but the people he arranged in ‘Jihua International’ were also expelled for various reasons.

Song Yancheng initially thought that after Qin Shao left ‘Jihua International’, he no longer had to worry about it. Unexpectedly, Qin Shao left many men there. Recalling his recent troubles, Song Yancheng felt a bitter hatred.

Song Yancheng’s gaze flicked across the twins’ faces, and couldn’t help being surprised: Qin Shao seemed to genuinely care about these children.

Mr. Qin didn’t miss the light that flashed in Song Yancheng’s eyes. His face suddenly turned fierce: “Don’t test my bottom line,” Mr. Qin warned darkly. He made it no secret that these two children were his’ reverse scale(1).’

In the business world, Song Yancheng could jump around as much as he wanted. Even if he did some tricks, Mr. Qin would occasionally accompany him. But if Song Yancheng were to touch his children, as a father, Mr. Qin might no longer be so tolerating and law-abiding.

Of course, he would never give Song Yancheng that opportunity.

The atmosphere became even more oppressive. Fortunately at this moment, Qin Jinguo, who was much slower than Qin Shao, finally arrived with his cane, just in time before the flame really erupted.

“It’s a festive day, yet what are you doing!” Qin Jinguo scolded the two: “If you don’t want to spend the festival peacefully, go back to your own home!”

Both Qin Shao and Song Yancheng finally halted their sharp momentum. Upon seeing that, Qin Jinguo said again: “Since all have been gathered, let’s go in and eat.”

Thank’s to Qin Jinguo’s scolding, the dispute was temporarily ceased. After they all sat at the dining table, although the atmosphere wasn’t that pleasant, it could be considered relatively harmonious.

Lin You actively tried to brighten the situation. She has a good grasp and understanding of Qin Jinguo and Chen Xueyan. With just a few skillful words, their expression was loosened, and the atmosphere was gradually warmed.

Among her topics, Lin You told the two elders some interesting anecdotes that happen in her family of three. At this moment, Lin You was talking about how Song Xinyi broke the bread machine when trying to cook breakfast for her parents.

Song Xinyi coquettishly pounced into Chen Xueyan’s arms and retorted: “I didn’t break it. Obviously, that bread machine is already too old to use.”

Chen Xueyan lovingly coaxed her: “Yes, yes, It’s all the bread machine’s fault.”

Su Bei did not surprise seeing this scene. In these years, Qin Shao never established a family. So, Song Xinyi has always been the only child in this house. Since childhood until now, the two elders have always doted on her.

“Already a big girl, yet still acting like a baby in front of your grandparents.” Chen Xueyan smiled and put a shortbread cookie for Song Xinyi: “Try it. Grandma specially invited a pastry chef from S city to make this shortbread. It’s delicious.” After that, she also put one each to Su Bei and Su Xiaobao: “Xiaoyue and Xiaoyu also try this shortbread.”

Chen Xueyan’s attitude was to show fairness between the children and didn’t want them to think that she favored one more than the others. She sincerely hoped that this younger generation would get along well. However, unknown to her, this action was simply a big thorn in Song Xinyi’s eyes.

Song Xinyi secretly pinched the chopsticks in her hand. Even if Su Bei robbed her limelight at school, this was obviously her home. What qualifications does Su Bei have to come over? Grandpa and grandma’s love could only be given to her. Su Bei and Su Xiaobao, two people with unknown origin, had no right to call them ‘grandpa’ and ‘grandma’ like her!

“Yiyi, what’s wrong?” Chen Xueyan saw Song Xinyi hadn’t eaten the shortbread and just poked it with the chopsticks, “You don’t like it?”

“No, it’s delicious.” Song Xinyi shook her head, suppressing her dissatisfaction, and showed a smart and sensible look. “I’m just thinking about piano competition.”

Song Xinyi: “Grandma, let me tell you, I won second place in the piano competition I participated before!”

Chen Xueyan was also overjoyed, “Is it true? Our Yiyi is so awesome!”

On the side, Lin You chimed in: “Many participants in that competition are professional. Yiyi’s piano teacher said that since Yiyi could get the second place there, her piano already reached the master level.”

Even Qin Jinguo praised Song Xinyi: “Yiyi is so good, you must work harder.”

Song Xinyi: “Of course, grandpa.”

Song Xinyi gave Su Bei a provocative look: Her piano level was professionally acknowledged, what was Su Bei? During the ‘opening performances’, Su Bei simply depended on costumes and lighting effects, not her ability, to steal everyone’s attention.

Song Xinyi said again: “Moreover, after the video of my performance went online, it was picked up by a director. He wanted to invite me to play the female lead of a project he was preparing.”

“Which director?” Qin Jinguo glanced at Song Yancheng. If Yiyi liked it, it was no problem to let her participate in some competitions or variety shows. But Qin Jinguo actually disagreed for Song Xinyi to enter the entertainment world as an actress or star at such a young age.

Song Xinyi answered before Song Yancheng: “The director’s name is Ou Yibin, he is very talented. The drama ‘Daybreak’s Dream’ that is particularly popular on the internet recently is his work.”

Ou Yibin was originally a no-named director. However, he recently filmed a low-cost web drama about a young girl who experienced a nightmare journey on the train. The drama unexpectedly gained popularity. In just one scoop, Ou Yibin became a highly sought-after director.

Qin Jinguo nodded and looked at Song Yancheng: “Has it been decided?”

Song Yancheng replied: “Yes. This director is good, and the company is preparing to sign the contract.”

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(1) Reverse scale: Dragon was said to have a reverse scale in its body, that incurred its extreme wrath when touched.


Chapter 50! We are halfway into the story! Previously I remembered it mistakenly, this novel’s total chapters is 100, with two side stories. With this pace it would probably only take at most three months before we finished. Stay tuned!

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