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MWFV Ch.56 Part 1 – Thank You, Boss! (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is ch.53 part 2.

After Su Bei finished discussing the preparation for the finals with Xu family brothers, she noticed an incoming message from Lin Shaochi.

[Q]: Sorry, I just see it now.

The other side replied to the message in seconds.

[Lin Shaochi]: Are you busy?

[Q]: I just discussed the competition with my teammates.

[Lin Shaochi]: How is your preparation?

Su Bei smiled.

[Q]: Not bad.

The final would be held in B city, and the schedule was also changed into weekends. This was definitely good news for Su Bei, who was very busy right now. With this, she would still have quite a lot of time.

[Q]: Does something happen?

[Lin Shaochi]: Good news.

[Q]: Hmm?

[Lin Shaochi]: From next month, your salary will be doubled.

Su Bei’s eyes lit up, but she was also surprised: Her salary would be raised?

[Q]: Why?

This sudden raise made Su Bei a bit confused.

[Lin Shaochi]: The value you bring to the company is worth a higher salary.

[Lin Shaochi]: However, the one who offered to raise your salary isn’t me. It was Qin Group’s Chairman.

One of the discussions Lin Shaochi had with Mr. Qin today was regarding [Q] ‘s salary. Mr. Qin’s original words were: Since Qin Group owned 51% of NST company, half of [Q] ‘s salary should also be paid by Qin Group. Moreover, Mr. Qin said very generously that the salary paid by Lin Group to [Q] should remain unchanged, and Qin Group simply paid an additional salary with the same amount.

Lin Shaochi was still in the dark about the relationship between Mr. Qin and [Q]. Naturally, he didn’t know that Mr. Qin was giving pocket money to his daughter in disguise. He simply thought that Mr. Qin became more appreciative of [Q] ‘s talent and contribution after made direct contact with her.

Lin Shaochi didn’t know the cause and effect, but Su Bei was very clear.

[Lin Shaochi]: Do you want me to thank Chairman Qin on your behalf?

[Q]: No.

She wanted to thank Qin Shao in person.

When Mr. Qin returned home, the light on the first floor was still on. He was surprised seeing Su Bei sat on the sofa, looking at him with bright eyes.

As soon as he got home for work, he saw his child waiting for him. This was something that Mr. Qin had never experienced in his 30 more years of life. And it was such a pleasant feeling that warmed his heart.

The next moment, however, Mr. Qin’s expression hardened: “It’s already this late. Why are you still not at bed yet?”

Facing Mr. Qin’s serious face, Su Bei wasn’t afraid, and still shaking her head with a smile towards Qin Shao. She jumped off the sofa and then ran a few steps before stopping right in front of her father.

“Dad, let me help you take that.” Su Bei pointed to the coat that Mr. Qin had just taken off.

Mr. Qin was taken aback. Glancing at the slippers placed neatly on the floor, his eyebrows raised slightly——it seemed that his treatment tonight was a bit ‘luxurious’?

Why did he feel that his ‘little cotton-padded jacket(1)’ was unusually warm today?

After passing the coat to Su Bei, Mr. Qin held back his smile and asked: “Do you have something to say?” After a pause, he added: “Or, you want something?”

Right now, Qin Shao probably was going to agree to whatever request Su Bei made, as long it didn’t cross the boundary.

“Not that.” Holding Mr. Qin’s coat, Su Bei shook her head: “I want to say…”

“Thank you, boss!” Su Bei smiled brightly as she saluted Mr. Qin.

Seeing his daughter’s action, Mr. Qin’s mouth twitched slightly, but he quickly guessed the meaning of Su Bei’s ‘thank you.’

Qin Shao: “Speak properly.”

Su Bei: “Yeah, thank you, Dad!”

Mr. Qin smiled and patted Su Bei’s head. Suddenly thinking of something, he frowned and said: “Next time you come downstairs, put on proper clothes.”

Although not many people were qualified to visit Mr. Qin’s house, the Jingyuan villa still occasionally received some guests. Not to mention assistants and secretaries like Chen De, who frequently came for work-related matters. At this moment, Su Bei’s black silky hair was let loose, and she only wore a suspender nightdress. How could Mr. Qin let outsiders see her appearance like this?

Su Bei: …

Although Mr. Qin’s instruction was quite pedantic, remembering how he had just raised her salary today, Su Bei still nodded obediently, “Okay.”


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(1) Little cotton-padded jacket: It means daughter. There is a saying that daughters are her parents’ cotton-padded jacket, warm and intimate.

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