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MWFV Ch. 61 Part 2- It was Her! (II)

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Unknown to them, the reporter they were talking about was Li Man’er, the newly transferred student.

At this time, the seventh grade students were also gossiping about the school flower’s injury. Liu Lili, Li Man’er’s good friend, was browsing the forum with her mobile phone: “Someone took a photo of when Su Bei arrived at school today. Her face indeed is injured. I thought someone jealous of the school flower is spouting nonsense. I didn’t expect it to be true…”

“Just looking at it made me feel pain.” Liu Lili muttered.

Her words evoked Li Man’er’s memories. Yesterday was the first time Li Man’er saw the legendary school flower Su Bei.

Liu Lili: “Hey, Man’er, your performance in the opening ceremony is viral at the forum. Everyone is saying that you look a lot like the school flower.”

Li Man’er: “Really similar?”

Liu Lili: “Well, quite a bit. I also think so.”

Li Man’er: “Is there any school flower’s photo?”

Liu Lili: “Yes, but they are not clear and secretly taken. It wasn’t nearly as beautiful as the real Su Bei. If you have a chance, you should go and take a look at the real person. Hehe, really look alike.”

Liu Lili’s words aroused Li Man’er’s curiosity, so when she was assigned a reporting task yesterday, she specifically asked for another reporter to switch place after hearing that Su Bei was going to be the last runner in the relay race final, and went to see the legendary Su Bei on the close distance.

“This photo is pretty clear. Look at it, her face similar to yours, right?” Liu Lili handed the phone.

The picture showed Su Bei’s face clearly. Her facial features really gave Li Man’er a strong sense of familiarity. They said meeting someone with a similar outfit or face as your own wouldn’t be pleasant. But Li Man’er didn’t have any of such negative feelings when seeing Su Bei.

“Oh, look at her injuries. It must be hurt. Why is the school flower so careless…” Liu Lili sighed in a low voice.

The Su Bei in this photo was very beautiful, but the big injury on her cheek up to the corner of her eye was particularly conspicuous. Although Su Bei’s beauty wasn’t reduced much, it still made people feel pity seeing such a scar appeared on her beautiful face.

Li Man’er suddenly grabbed Liu Lili’s hand and whispered in a grave tone. “Lili, actually, Su Bei didn’t fall by accident.”

Liu Lili: “What?! What do you mean?”

“Look at this…” Li Man’er secretly showed Liu Lili the video she took yesterday. Because Li Man’er paid special attention to Su Bei, the video was almost always centered on Su Bei.

Just as Su Bei was about to reach the finish line in the video, someone in the crowd threw a pink fountain pen onto the track. Su Bei stepped on this pen and fell. The person who threw the pen wasn’t some random student. It was Song Xinyi, who also participated in the race as the first runner for class 8-2.

“OMG! It’s too shocking!” Liu Lili shouted in a low voice.

“Before, I heard from a senior in eight grade that Su Bei and Song Xinyi seemed to have a bad relationship. I thought they simply had their fans and supporters fiercely competing in the forum, but who think that it’s actually to this degree, how vicious!”

“This Song Xinyi is very malicious. Throwing a pen when someone was running is too dangerous. What if it resulted in serious injury?” Liu Lili was somewhat scared.

Li Man’er also frowned: “Should I give this video to the teacher?”

Hearing Li Man’er’s question, Liu Lili, who was still righteously condemning Song Xinyi just now, suddenly changed her face and said, “Don’t!”

“Don’t give this video to the teacher.”

“Why?” Li Man’er was puzzled.

Liu Lili explained: “You just getting transferred to this school and still don’t know the situation. Song Xinyi is the daughter of the Song Group’s chairman. Do you know the Song Group? It’s not an ordinary existence. You were the only one who took recording at the finish line yesterday. If you hand it to the teacher, once this matter is exposed, Song Xinyi will definitely find out that you are the source. What if she retaliates against you then.”

After hearing Liu Lili’s words, Li Man’er also hesitated. She knew that the Song Group was an existence she could not afford to provoke.

“Let me tell you. Song Xinyi and Su Bei, one is Song Group’s only young miss, the other is Qin Group’s princess. They are not someone that ordinary people like us can afford. You better see this matter as a completely unrelated bystander. Just pretend to know nothing and let the deities above fight among themselves.” Liu Lili persuaded.

Li Man’er nodded hesitantly, but there was still some unwillingness in her eyes.

On the other hand, Su Bei and her pals were still busy trying to find the reporter, but didn’t know that Mr. Qin has already made progress ahead of them.

That night, after having Mr. Qin changed the medicine on her wounds, Su Bei had a training match with Xu Yangyang and Xu Shiwei as usual. Afterward, under big brother Xu’s ‘nagging,’ Su Bei had to go offline and sleep.

At this time, Lin Shaochi sent a message. The young man didn’t know about Su Bei’s injury yet. The two of them talked about NST work for a while.

Suddenly, Lin Shaochi sent another message.

[Lin Shaochi]: Has something happened?

Su Bei:???

[Q]: Huh? Why do you ask?

[Lin Shaochi]: I think you are in a bad mood.

Perhaps because he paid too much attention to Q, even if they simply talked a bit about work, Lin Shaochi still keenly aware of her gloomy mood.

Seeing Lin Shaochi’s message, Su Bei sighed secretly: Are these big bosses all so keen?

[Q]: There is a bit of trouble.

[Lin Shaochi]: Want to talk about it with me?

Su Bei: What can she say? That she fell during a race at her school sports festival and injured her face, and that in the past two days, she has been worried about whether the wound will leave a scar?

[Q]: Nothing, it’s not important.

Sensing Su Bei’s reluctance, Lin Shaochi did not force.

[Lin Shaochi]: If there is something I can do, you can tell me any time.

Su Bei was a little touched: Her boss is truly a dream boss! He is so considerate of his employees!

[Q]: Okay.

[Lin Shaochi]: How is your preparation for the final?

Lin Shaochi knew that he should end the conversation with [Q] after they finished talking about work. However, he was reluctant to end their conversation so quickly.

[Q]: Not bad.

Su Bei now trained every night to prepare for the ‘Red Hacker Challenge.’ The finals would be divided into team match and individual match, and Su Bei would participate in both.

Su Bei also knew that she was good at offense, but her defense was relatively weak. To fix this hole, besides having regular training with Xu family brothers every day, Su Bei also specially asked Xu Shiwei for advice on basic professional books and conducted ‘pre-final cramming’ every day.

[Lin Shaochi]: Should I go to the venue to cheer for you?

Su Bei: Don’t!


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It’s hard wooing Su Bei…. Xie Minxuan getting BL-zoned  friend-zoned while Lin Shaochi getting boss-zoned.

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