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MWFV Ch. 79 Part 1 – Question (I)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 77 Part 1.

Qin Group’s top floor, meeting room.

People from two companies Qin and Lin sat on two sides, along with the technical team from NST, the backbone of this project.

Mr. Qin sat on the head position. Next to him was Su Bei, who was sitting obediently, and Su Xiaobao, who looked like a mini replica of Mr. Qin.

Qin Group’s employees had long known that their chairman came with ‘little princess’ and crown prince’ today, so they weren’t surprised seeing the two little shareholders sitting here for the meeting.

It was Lin Group’s people who were very surprised upon seeing the children: Although it was understandable that Mr. Qin brought his children along to familiarize themselves with the company, but today’s meeting was about technical aspects of the NST project. Wouldn’t it a bit too high level for two young children?

Lin Shaochi’s gaze was also focusing on Su Bei for a while——he had a deep impression of Qin family’s siblings, especially Xiaobei. Their first meeting, in particular, left him with a pretty ‘deep’ impression. Although Su Bei was drunk at that time, the girl’s beautiful appearance and her well-behavedness next to Mr. Qin made it hard for people to have a bad impression of her. Actually, Mr. Qin educated these two children very well, so Lin Shaochi had a good impression of them.

“Let’s start.” Mr. Qin’s words instantly interrupted Lin Shaochi’s gaze towards Su Bei.

Lin Shaochi replied: “Alright. Today’s main agenda is to report the latest progress of the NST project, and to discuss the official launching of the service…” After a pause, Lin Shaochi continued: “This is Zhou Sheng, the person in charge of the NST technical team. First, he will give a presentation of the progress report.”

If possible, Lin Shaochi would like the person sitting next to him today to be [Q].

Zhou Sheng stood up. Su Bei looked over curiously, and a little surprised when seeing the other party. This Zhou Sheng was Su Bei’s acquaintance. During the whole NST project’s inception, they worked together and discussed many issues via phone and email. When Su Bei listened to Zhou Sheng’s voice on the phone, she thought that the other party was a cute young man, but didn’t expect the real person to be a nervous-looking uncle. This contrast, she really couldn’t bear to look directly.

Seeing Chairman Qin’s daughter lowered her head, Zhou Sheng suddenly felt nervous. He subconsciously paused his presentation report for a moment, wondering whether he had said something wrong.

Zhou Sheng hurriedly thought back: No, it shouldn’t be so. The content of today’s report has been checked and approved by [Q] in advance.

“Good job.” After Zhou Sheng finished his report, Mr. Qin gave a positive evaluation without hesitation. Initially, he decided to invest in this project only because of Lin Shaochi’s abilities and Su Bei’s persuasion. However, the market feedback and profit projection have clearly exceeded Mr. Qin’s expectations, and undoubtedly gave him a nice surprise.

A hint of approval appeared on Mr. Qin’s eyes. Of course it was not directed for Lin Shaochi, but for his daughter.

Afterward, when they began to discuss the project’s launch, Mr. Qin raised a question: “The product has been finished, including the testing phase. But how do you ensure that the number of users and company clients meets the profit projection, or at least to recoup the initial cost?”

“This…” The head of the NST operation department couldn’t answer this question——Mr. Qin’s words were sharp and straight to the point. It was indeed something they hadn’t considered before, but actually one of the most important issues.

Facing Qin Group’s chairman, all people in the meeting room began to feel nervous. After a moment, someone suggested: “We can increase the product exposure throughout the early-stage promotion.”

“The feedback from the trial phase’s users is excellent. I think if we can improve the initial clients’ impression, mouth to mouth advertisement will be a good strategy.”

“In addition, we can also establish brand recognition.”

“Anything else?” Mr. Qin frowned slightly. Obviously, none of these proposals fully satisfied him.

“This…” The people from NST looked embarrassed.

“Qin Yue.” Mr. Qin suddenly called Su Bei’s name. In public, he would call the twins by their real names. “Give your opinions.”

Everyone present was surprised by Mr. Qin’s words: Chairman Qin isn’t joking, right? He actually let an underage child participate in the discussion.

The most dissatisfied was Li Yuexin, Lin Group’s project manager. Previously, she was the one in charge of the NST project. Later, when the project was separated independently as a new subsidiary, she became the primary liaison between the NST company and Lin Group’s main office. Among non-technical people here, Lin Yuexin believed that no one knew this project better than her.

Why did Chairman Qin ask his daughter’s opinion on this issue? Having a child attending such an important meeting was inappropriate enough. Besides, what did a fourteen years old child knew? She saw how this Qin family’s young miss was burying her head deeply during the whole meeting. No need to let her talk nonsense.

Inwardly, Li Yuexin complained in dissatisfaction. But outward, she smiled: “Chairman Qin, please do not embarrass Miss Qin. This issue is our…”

Mr. Qin glanced at Li Yuexin coldly. This frightened her so much that she quickly closed her mouth.

Su Bei was also trying to found out a solution to this previously ignored issue. After thinking deeply, her eyes suddenly lit up: “I know! We should remove the relationship between the service provider and client, and change the model into a cooperative contract…the initial period can be free, and later, we will charge it according to membership level. The charging model is based on the membership period and tiered service.”

“Also, Dad, one of the problems you mentioned before, I think we can simplify the service content model and open up a channel for a lower-tiered service…” Su Bei’s voice wasn’t loud, and it has a charm and softness unique to her age. Nevertheless, everyone in the meeting room paid much attention to her words.

Their expression at this moment could be described as dumbfounded——Gosh! Is this how a wealthy family’s children are? Is it because of superior genetics or education? She is only fourteen, and her ability already this shocking.

Especially because there was no mistake in Su Bei’s suggestions, and even made people felt enlightened. They secretly thought: It turned out that they could do it this way. Why they hadn’t thought of it before?

In fact, not all of these were Su Bei’s original idea. The parallel world she had transmigrated to had a few years of development ahead of this world. Many of these solutions were the best option concluded by the companies that finally gained huge profits after countless trial and error.


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