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MWFV Ch. 79 Part 2 – Question (II)

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Lin Shaochi’s impression of Su Bei has also changed at this moment. Xiaobei’s suggestions were very good. From her plan, it wasn’t difficult to see that she wanted to make NST bigger and bigger, with long-term development and a certain degree of monopoly——these points coincided with Lin Shaochi’s original vision.

“Have you heard that?” Mr. Qin glanced at the meeting’s participants.

Everyone: We didn’t dare to speak. And we were also so surprised that we couldn’t speak.

Qin Shao: “Then, follow this plan.”

Lin Shaochi also gave Zhou Sheng instructions: “Let’s do according to this plan, and add new service for new user groups.”

Zhou Sheng: “Yes.”

He has to go back and discuss with Master [Q] about how to implement the ideas. Because Su Bei’s voice sounded a bit different on the phone, even if Zhou Sheng felt that it was somewhat familiar, he would never think that the little girl before him was Master [Q] that he revered.

After the meeting, Lin Shaochi and his people were ready to leave.

Lin Shaochi said to Li Yuexin: “You don’t need to participate in NST’s work anymore. I will arrange for someone else to take charge. In addition, starting tomorrow, you will move to the administrative department to replace Manager Wu’s work.”

Li Yuexin’s complexion instantly paled. She pleaded: “Young Chairman, my action earlier is indeed not praiseworthy. However, I really didn’t know that Miss Qin actually understand this project so well. Young Chairman, please give me another chance.”

Going to the administrative department not only meant that she was demoted from manager to deputy manager, but her career prospect and future promotion room would also be affected.

Lin Shaochi looked at Li Yuexin coldly: “I’m not punishing you for treating Chairman Qin’s daughter impolitely, but because there are problems with your attitude towards a business partner. Go back and reflect on it.”

Meanwhile, Chen De came to notify Mr. Qin: “Sir, people from Will Company have arrived. They are now waiting in the reception room downstairs.”

“Will Company?”

“Yes, there is a temporary schedule adjustment on their side.”

“Dad. Are you busy?” Su Bei asked.

“Mm.” Originally, Mr. Qin was about to take his two children home after finishing today’s scheduled works. But people from Will Company arrived a day earlier, and Mr. Qin had to receive the guests.

Su Bei: “Then Dad, go ahead. We will wait for you in the office.”

“It’ll be late when my work is over.” Mr. Qin said. “I will let Uncle Fu arrange people to come and pick you up.”

Su Bei and Su Xiaobao followed Mr. Qin today and didn’t bring their usual bodyguards and driver. At this moment, Lin Shaochi came over: “I happen to be on the way to visit a project after this, which is near Mr. Qin’s residence. If Mr. Qin trusts me, I can send them back.”

Mr. Qin’s gaze stayed on Lin Shaochi for a few seconds. His impression of this young man was pretty good, so he consented: “Then, I’ll trouble you.”

On the way back, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao were sitting next to Lin Shaochi in the backseat. After chatting a bit with the twins, Lin Shaochi took out his mobile phone and began to type on the chat app. He wanted to tell [Q] about the result of today’s meeting and the plan to expand the service tiers. Unfortunately, after the message was sent, 1 minute, 2 minutes…even after 10 minutes passed, Lin Shaochi didn’t receive a reply from [Q].

“Is she busy?” Lin Shaochi subconsciously whispered to himself. Unknown to him, [Q] was sitting right beside him now. As for her work phone where Lin Shaochi sent the message to, it was left on Su Bei’s bedside table before she went out today.

——At this moment, Su Bei was reading the messages sent by Xu family’s two brothers.

[vvvv]: Baby Q, come here. Big bro will show you to the world.

Su Bei: …This person’s speaking style always made others misunderstood.

Unfortunately, Lin Shaochi had just put down his mobile phone and accidentally caught a glimpse of the message on Su Bei’s phone. He raised his eyebrow, but said nothing.

[Su Bei]: Speak human.

[Xu Yangyang]: Haha, my brother bought a new set of amazing equipment here. Come and have a look. It’s really awesome.

Xu Shiwei recently opened a studio with a few friends and had just bought a set of high-grade advanced terminal.

[vvvv]: Come here with Xiaobao. Xie Minxuan and the others are also here, and we can have a hot pot together tonight.

Su Bei was tempted, and even Su Xiaobao was also interested.

“Brother Lin, can you stop the car in front? We can get off there.” Su Bei turned to Lin Shaochi.

Lin Shaochi: “No. Mr. Qin entrusted me to bring the two of you home safely.”

Su Bei: So strict…

Su Xiaobao: As expected…

This guy was so similar to their old father.

Seeing that it didn’t work, the siblings sat down obediently.

[vvvv]: Where are you now? I will pick you up.

[Su Bei]: Not going.

[vvvv]: Why?

[Su Bei]: We are now competitors. Let’s keep our distance.

[vvvv]: Brag, just brag.

Could his small studio compete with ‘NST’? Xu Shiwei guessed that Su Bei might be occupied, so he gave up.

Lin Shaochi safely sent Su Bei and Su Xiaobao back to Jingyuan. Right after the car entered the villa’s outer gate, Su Bei saw Xu Yangyang, Xie Minxuan, and their other friends from a distance.

After saying goodbye to Lin Shaochi, Su Bei and Su Xiaobao walked over: “Why are you here? Where’s big brother Xu?”

Liu Kai: “Cannot be helped. Since you don’t go, we come over to your home.”

Xu Yangyang: “My brother has to work overtime in the studio and can’t come. I guess he is going to have an all-nighter tonight.”

Dong Wenqi: “The school break has begun for so many days, but this is the first time we hang out together. Even male god Xie is here.”

Xie Minxuan: …He also wanted to play, but didn’t have the time.

Xie Minxuan looked at Su Xiaobao. Knowing that the twins had also been taken to the company by Mr. Qin, he suddenly felt balanced.

Xie Minxuan: “How about it? Wants to play one round?”

Su Xiaobao: “What? Basketball or video game?”

Xie Minxuan: “Anything’s okay. Up to you.”

Su Xiaobao: “Let’s go to the basketball court.”

The twins and their guests went to the basketball court in the backyard while Uncle Fu was about to instruct the kitchen to prepare dinner for them.

Uncle Fu: “What do you want for dinner?”

“Hot pot!” They replied in unison.

Uncle Fu: ……

Meanwhile, from his car’s rearview mirror, Lin Shaochi’s eyes unconsciously fell on the kids gathering on the Qin family’s villa.

The driver called Lin Shaochi: “Young Chairman, are we going to the project site now?”

“Go.” Lin Shaochi withdrew his gaze.

“You think, should I also go on a date?” Lin Shaochi murmured with a low voice. There was a slight smile on the corner of his lips.

These words were sounded like a joke. But Uncle Xu, who was driving the car, was surprised: He watched Lin Shaochi grew up, but this was the first time he heard the word ‘date’ from Lin Shaochi. Moreover, their Young Chairman wasn’t a person who would suddenly utter a random word without meaning.

Could it be that Young Chairman has a girl he likes? This guess shocked Uncle Xu, but also made him joyful.


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  1. Hello! I’m here yo say that; Your taste in picking projects is good! I first read Greetings, Ninth Uncle 2 months ago. Then I saw this on NU and started reading it without realising both are translated by you haha
    Just want to let you know that your work is great and very much appreciated! ❤

    1. Plot hole alert:-
      vvvv]: Baby Q, come here. Big bro will show you to the world.
      Su Bei: …This person’s speaking style always made others misunderstood.
      Unfortunately, Lin Shaochi had just put down his mobile phone and accidentally caught a glimpse of the message on Su Bei’s phone. He raised his eyebrow, but said nothing.
      Didn’t Lin shaochi saw how vvvv addressed su bie as baby Q??

  2. I hate to be that person because I know it’s fiction… but date WHAT? She’s literally like fourteen or fifteen. That’s pedophilia/grooming disguised as a “cute budding romance.” I hate how Chinese authors like to make these romances start young and give them like a 10 year age difference. It’s not cute when the MC is 15 and the ML is over 20. That’s a sophomore in high school getting with a junior in college. It’s weird, it’s pedophilic, and it’s illegal.
    Rant over, thank you so much for the translations! The story is cute but this is the one thing I dislike about these romance plots. Nothing wrong on your part though <3

    1. Eternal perspective

      yea although its bad ,it isnt as bad as japanese ones where they literally have a category called ‘loli’
      Its cuz of how entertainment industries and companies keep emphasizing that younger and beautiful women are better while for men its older, handsome and successful ones.Its a sterotype that has been developed and it won’t go away either.

      and storywise so far Lin guy believes Q is a working woman so at least near his age.

    2. I would agree, except currently LS has zero idea that the person he is crushing on is underage. He doesn’t seem to have any inappropriate feelings for SB when he meets her in person, beyond thinking that she’s a well raised kid. Mentally, SB is closer to his age (due to having lived into adulthood in the other world) so when he interacts with her purely through text/online he can be excused for believing he is interacting with a consenting adult.

      I kind of feel sorry for him. I’m sure he’ll be appalled with himself when he finds out, as well as be terrified of Mr. Qin finding out.

    3. i can excuse him for now because he doesn’t know that MC is a kid. the one i don’t trust is that hacker guy, he’s 19 and he *knows* that MC is a fourteen-year-old girl, he’s way too close to her for me to be comfortable lmao

  3. Eternal perspective

    thanks for chap
    poor chap gonna get shocked when the time comes,And why was Fu silent when they shouted hotpot?some pun i didn’t get?

    A rain of chaps lel

  4. Sometimes I Wonder if thé people commenting are actually Reading the story. Poor Mr Lin has NO idea is a 14 year old. Hé thinks she’s an adult his age. On top of that she’s Mr Qin’s daughter. He’s in for a heart attack when hé finds out.

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