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MWFV Ch 93 Part 2 – She Is An Adult Now (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 92 Part 1.

After they arrived at the parking lot, Su Bei saw a car that seemed to be familiar. The next moment, Lin Shaochi got off the car.

“Brother Lin? Why—” Why are you here?

Before Su Bei finished speaking, Lin Shaochi already opened his mouth: “Xiaobei, are you going home today?”

“Yeah.” Su Bei nodded. If it weren’t for Xu Silly, she would have been home now.

“Get in, I’ll send you back.”

Before Su Bei responded, Xu Yangyang jumped out first. He patted his chest and said confidently: “Brother Lin, it’s alright. Aren’t you busy? Since I’m here, I will take the responsibility to send Xiaobei back to Jingyuan safely.”

Lin Shaochi glanced at Xu Yangyang. Concealing the coldness in his eyes, he turned back at Su Bei, waiting for her answer.

Su Bei didn’t notice the surging emotion hidden in Lin Shaochi’s eyes. She took a glance at Xu Yangyang’s neon-green supercar and immediately jumped into Lin Shaochi’s car without hesitation.

“Brother Lin, I will bother you.”

“It’s nothing.” Trying his best to hold back his smile, Lin Shaochi closed the door for Su Bei.

From the car window, Su Bei handed a meal card to Xu Yangyang: “Xu Yangyang, don’t you want to eat supper at the cafeteria? Here, I’ll lend you my meal card.”

Holding Su Bei’s meal card, Xu Yangyang stared dumbfoundedly at the leaving car. He had no idea that Su Bei abandoned him so thoroughly because his car was too blinding for human’s eyes.

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“Brother Lin, fortunately, you are here.” Su Bei sighed in relief. Without Lin Shaochi, she would have to ride in Xu Yangyang’s car. The ugly style was barely tolerable, but the problem was Xu Yangyang’s driving skill, which was even worse than his aesthetic.

Su Bei was overjoyed, thinking that she had the good luck of coincidentally meeting Lin Shaochi today. But she didn’t know that Lin Shaochi’s car had been parked nearby for two hours.

The so-called ‘coincidence’ was nothing more than a deliberate calculation by a certain someone.

“By the way, Brother Lin, did you come nearby for work today?” Su Bei asked. This wasn’t her first time to take Lin Shaochi’s ride. From time to time, she would meet Lin Shaochi near the school or on the street. He would say that he was nearby for work, and then send her with his car almost every time. Over time, Su Bei had gotten used to it.



Lin Shaochi’s sudden negate caught Su Bei off guard. If he wasn’t here for work, then for what?

“I come to pick you up.” Lin Shaochi answered Su Bei’s question, but it made her even more confused instead.

——Because I want to pick you up.

Not just this time, but also every time before.

In the past four years, Lin Shaochi kept reminding himself of what he should do and what he should not do. It took him four years to learn how to interact with Su Bei as a normal ‘elder brother.’ However, all these efforts disintegrated instantly when he saw her walking side by side with another man.

Lin Shaochi knew that he was impulsive just now, and he also knew that such words would only confuse Xiaobei. If he kept speaking, he might even scare her. However, if this emotion was so easy to control, Lin Shaochi wouldn’t have to see a psychologist for four years.

Su Bei was about to ask Lin Shaochi why did he come to pick her up, but the man was quicker: “We are going to pass by Dejingji. Do you want to buy a box?”

Su Bei has no idea about the fierce battle between reason and emotion that was happening inside Lin Shaochi’s mind at this moment. Hearing the word ‘Dejingji,’ her eyes instantly brightened. It was her favorite cake shop.


“Okay, wait in the car, I’ll go down and buy it.”

After a while, Lin Shaochi brought back a box of cakes and handed it to Su Bei. It was exactly her favorite combination she ordered every time.

“Thank you, Brother Lin.”

“You’re welcome.” After a pause, Lin Shaochi suddenly said: “Xiaobei, why didn’t you ask why I came to pick you up?”

Lin Shaochi felt that he must be crazy. Otherwise, why did he ask something like this after the subject finally changed?

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Fortunately, Su Bei’s mobile phone rang suddenly and interrupted their conversation. The call was from Uncle Fu, asking when Su Bei would be home.

“I’m in Brother Lin’s car. We will be home soon…yeah, later.” Su Bei hung up the phone and turned back at Lin Shaochi: “Brother Lin, what did you just say?”

Lin Shaochi: “Nothing.”

“Don’t eat too many sweets.”


That evening, Lin Shaochi visited Wang Chen’s clinic again.

After carefully observed his friend for a long time, Wang Chen finally said: “You see… let’s not interact as psychologist and patient today. Instead, we will chat as friends.”

“You…” After hesitating for a moment. Wang Chen said, “Do you still like that little girl?”

As a professional psychologist, Wang Chen knew that he shouldn’t ask such sensitive topics, but he couldn’t help it. He really couldn’t bear seeing his friend’s tangled and painful look every time. If the counseling worked on Lin Shaochi, the matter would be different, but unfortunately, it was pointless.

“No.” Lin Shaochi shook his head.


“It’s is deeper than that.” Lin Shaochi smiled bitterly, but still confided the truest feeling in his heart.

Hearing this, Wang Chen was taken aback. He secretly thought: Sure enough.

He knew that his psychological counseling only worked on the surface. But in fact, over time, Lin Shaochi only sunk deeper and deeper.

“As your psychologist, I probably shouldn’t say this…” After all, Lin Shaochi originally came to him for the purpose of getting rid of an emotion he shouldn’t have. “But as a friend, I think I can remind you this: the girl you like, she is an adult now.”

So, if you want to pursue her, go on.


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21 thoughts on “MWFV Ch 93 Part 2 – She Is An Adult Now (II)”

  1. Let the wife-chasing begin!!!

    On the other hand… prepare for some butt-whooping from President Qin, President Lin. 😏😏😏

    Thanks for the chapters and happy new year!!! 🥳🥳🥳

  2. this ML is so mature. like he ‘fell for’ an underaged girl and he was like “omg I need to seek medical attention for being a ‘pedo’”

    Many thanks

  3. Yay for the extra chappies! Thanks TL and sponsors!

    Though we are getting awfully close to the end aren’t we??

  4. Ugh getting closer and closer to dropping sighhh…. This is such a cute story barring this creepy ML. I know, I know, he didn’t do anything but come on, if he’s really such a great person, he should’ve gotten over it when he found out she’s 14! But instead he admits that even his “fantasies” would be about her? Ugh. I knew it, this time skip was there so that readers wouldn’t be grossed out by his ongoing thoughts about an underage girl.
    Sorry for negative rants here, translator-sama! Your work, as always, is top-notch!

    1. Uh yeah totally agreed. And also, why and how am I supposed to like this character and want to ship him with our mc?? He feels more like a very forgettable side character right now, not at all like a male lead. Honestly hope that they won’t end up together and they both end up with different people and the “ml” stays a side character. Probably won’t happen so oh well I guess. (Also this has nothing to do with the age gap, I could care less as long as they are all consenting adults)

    2. Well, he should be ready when Mr. Qin pulls out his investment on all their partnerships. 😅

      Also, this is why I’m so torn. It kinda icks me that he liked her when she was underaged but i kinda get it because he fell in love when he didn’t know her age then. 😶

    3. After reading why fall in love when you can get into tsinghua? this ML isnt that much compare to ML from that novel given how they first knew MC & how they proceeded from there on.

    4. this!! i would’ve preferred that the story ended before the time skip, the romance was just unnecessary and a bit creepy tbh

    5. Dojsha Milim Argay

      all in all, it ain’t that bad now since they are both adults. my parents have a 4 year gap and this couple have 5. so for me, it’s okay.

  5. Who is the goddamm ML?!!!
    Is it the Lin guy or the Xie dude?!!!!
    Right now, i am on the Lin guy’s camp
    Thx for the chappy

    1. @tenshineko I do agree with you. I have a 5 year gap with my husband. That’s nothing. Not only does Brother Lin does all he can to supress his feelings he also avoids doing anything that leads him to “fantasize” about the FL unlike what one commentator said. There’s nothing digusting in this story. On the contrary Brother Lin shows upright actions. If all males had that level of morality there wouldn’t be so many bastards that hurt women. Feelings are hard to kill when they start and for him he didn’t know she was a minor when they did. And he didn’t go have a pletoria of “girlfriends” to try and forgert her either.)Another thing I hate. If you like someone don’t go hurt others because you can’t be with them).

  6. You drop it then. If he’s creepy then he should have dropped his intentions when Su Bei is still in highschool but she’s 19 now and an adult. You be reading a chinese novel and not know that most of the wuxia xinxia themed have protagonists starts from young age and have love interest already. Atleast the ML here is decent.

  7. Same here, I’ve been avoiding this novel because of this ML. I just want the twins & Father Qin. I couldn’t bear dropping it in the end because of them, but I speedread & skip the parts about their romance. It icks me out

  8. Am seriously wondering why people think a 5-7 year gap is a lot. Yes, he started liking her when she was 14 and he didn’t know it, but he backed off immediately. Is it then taboo to marry anyone whom you met when they were a minor and you were an adult? Like if you end up marrying your best friend’s older brother, is that unacceptable? At what point does she get to be a consenting adult who decides on her own relationships?

    I’m truly baffled by this – as you get older, any age gap gets a lot narrower. There’s no magic age of maturity. Sure, wait til legal age (btw, that in itself is a totally arbitrary number) but after that…🤷🏻‍♀️ Psychologically speaking, women tend to mentally mature earlier than men, so dating the same age when young might be a little irritating if he’s immature and she isn’t. To me, this is the perfect example of a person falling in love with a person 100% for who she is, not her looks, but somehow in the comments you turned him into a pedo. Pedos feel desire for young people, this guy feels desire for a specific person and is himself creeped out when she turns out to be young.

    I do agree that shoehorning a romance into the story at this point is a little rushed and unnecessary. Initially I thought she was going to end up with her classmate (I liked him better at first, but he didn’t get enough screen time to develop), but I think that was a deliberate red herring from the author.

  9. Tbh from the start I’ll already guess that Lin Shaochi is th ML and me personally really like him as a ML rather than Xie or the Xu brothers.
    I feel like it’s not that weird to have a boyfriend/husband with 5-8 years age gap especially for those who lives in Asia countries (but only if both are legal).
    My parents have an 8 years gap, they meet when my mom is still a child (because their family know each other). The situation is a little bit different though with Lin Shaochi and Xiaobei because they are showing interest for each other when my mom already in legal age (before that, they only know each other, not close at all).
    The point is please don’t be too harsh to Lin Shaochi. I mean —, he
    is not doing anything unappropriated to her when she’s still minor and he even tried to get over his feeling by going to psychologist for 4 years even when she is already adult now). If you really feel creep out or disgusted by him then just drop this story and move on to another story. It means that this story are not targeted for you guys. (Sorry for my suck english)

  10. I don’t like this. I know it’s different, but it feels like waiting to pounce at 18. My head says she’s technically only 3 years younger them him mentally, that’s why he could fall for her when he didn’t know her physical age. But if I don’t constantly remind myself every time he shows interest my stomach gets quesy.

  11. “The ugly style was barely tolerable”

    There is moutain over the mountain.. XiaoBao questioned XiaoBei’s aesthetic value and XiaoBei questioned Little Yang 😂.

    Shaochi jiayou~!

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