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MWFV Ch 96 Part 1 – Are You Stupid? (I)

Before Lin Shaochi received Su Bei’s message, he was in a dilemma. The young man stared into the mobile phone and fell into deep thinking. His sudden confession today scared Su Bei so much, so Lin Shaochi wanted to calm her emotion and eased her shock.

But, what should he say?

Say that he was just joking today?

Or rephrase it to: ‘I was very impulsive today, so you should ignore my words’?

Or tell Su Bei: ‘If you don’t like it, I can keep a distance from now on and stop bothering you again’?

Suddenly, the phone rang.

[Give me time to think.]

Seeing the message from Su Bei, Lin Shaochi was slightly dumbfounded: She wanted to think about it? Was she thinking about how to refuse? Or about how to face him again after she refused?

As the saying’ eyes obscured by a single leaf,’ people in love were prone to inferiority and self-doubt. This exactly was Lin Shaochi’s situation at this moment.

[I’m sorry for troubling you.]

Lin Shochi typed a reply, but after some hesitation, he finally deleted the sentence and sent [I understand.] instead

[Lin Shaochi: It’s getting late. You should go to bed now.]

[Su Bei: Yeah. Good night, Brother Lin.]

Since Su Bei promised Lin Shaochi that she would think about it, Su Bei earnestly began to assess their relationship. She also scrutinized her own feelings towards Lin Shaochi and what she was thinking about his confession.

Fearing that Mr. Qin might notice something, Su Bei hurriedly went back to the campus.

“Are you thinking about xxx?” Seeing Su Bei biting her pen and seemed to be dazing, Li Fei came over and poked her cheek.

“You think!”

“Then what? Why do you look so tangled?” Seeing Su Bei’s appearance, Li Fei was sure that she wasn’t thinking about a school problem.

“Well…” Su Bei hesitated. “It’s just…what if someone suddenly confessed to you, but you never expect him to have such a feeling…”

“You mean Chairman Lin confessed to you?” Without waiting for Su Bei to finish, Li Fei already rushed forward, as if she was not surprised at all. She pulled Su Bei’s hand excitedly and asked: “He really confessed to you? When? Was it at the accident site that day?”

Su Bei: “…” This girl actually guessed almost everything correctly without her finishing her words.

Seeing Su Bei’s dumbfounded face, Li Fei burst into laughter: “Haha, are you not going to ask me how I guessed correctly?”

“It’s too obvious. You know, on the day of the car accident, the look on your Brother Lin’s face when he rushed into the scene and finally saw that you were alright definitely exceeded a normal brother figure.”

“Right, there are also other things…like the time when I saw him sending you back to campus. At that time, the way he looked at you…how to put it?” Li Fei thought for a while. “Gentle, passionate, tolerant, and also full of possessiveness. If that isn’t a love, then what? In my eyes, Chairman Lin almost blatantly has the words ‘I Love You’ written on his face.” She turned to look at Su Bei: “Such obvious clues, don’t tell me you didn’t notice at all?”

Su Bei shook her head: she didn’t notice it at all. Or maybe, she subconsciously always regarded Lin Shaochi as an elder brother and never thought about other possibilities.

“Hey, did you accept his confession? How does it feel to be in a relationship with big brother?” Li Fei asked curiously.

“How is it possible?” Su Bei stared at Li Fei blankly: “I still need time to consider.”

“What time do you need? That’s Lin Shaochi! The most prominent young businessman today. Rich, talented, handsome, and has no scandal at all! Most importantly, he loves you so much. Such a good thing, why didn’t you agree on the spot?!”

“The problem is, doesn’t it feel strange to be in love with a person you always regarded as your elder brother?”

“You find it strange because that person’s identity as an elder brother has deeply ingrained in your consciousness. In fact, since you had decided to take time to think, it proves that you are not repulsive to Lin Shaochi’s confession, and you don’t dislike him romantically either.”

“Is that so?” Su Bei raised an eyebrow.

“Trust my judgment in this.” Li Fei patted Su Bei’s shoulder: “You don’t dislike Lin Shaochi, and you also don’t dislike the possibility of having a romantic relationship with him. In that case, why don’t you just try it rather than tangling yourself like this? There is no loss anyway.”

Li Fei’s words had some effect on Su Bei.

It’s just…

Su Bei looked at Li Fei suspiciously: Is this girl really never had a relationship before?

Li Fei: “Why are you looking at me like this? Let me tell you, those who can give so much advice are often single dogs.”


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    1. HerMajestyQueenSaltedFish

      Ah-ah-ah. Laozi single handedly declares the single dog village with another open festival for all, free dog food and lemon spirit for all. Dogs with “guardians” are also free to provide money for the “stray” type single dogs [dog head] [dog head]

  1. “….those who can give so much advice are often single dogs”>> where is the lie? haha.

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  2. I don’t like Li Fei because she’s too involved in her new roommates love life. What happened to Su Bei’s old friends?

  3. “…those who can give so much advice are often single dogs”

    Haha I feel called out but true.

    I do wish the author had chosen to send at least one of them abroad for a bit, be it LSC or SB before they get together.

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