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MWFV Ch 98 Part 1 – Mr. Qin Found Out (I)

When Su Bei called him, Lin Shaochi was in a meeting, listening to reports from his subordinates. Seeing the drastic change in Lin Shaochi’s face, the managers and staff who attended the meeting were dumbfounded—when did they ever see their serious Chairman showed such a gentle smile before?

Signaling the people to postpone the meeting, Lin Shaochi walked out of the room and called softly: “Xiaobei, what’s the matter?”

This was the first time Su Bei called his name directly. Lin Shaochi’s heartbeat accelerated uncontrollably, and his ears seemed to numb a bit. Soon, the girl’s soft voice came from the phone: “Nothing. Just…”

“….I miss you.” Su Bei decided to slowly settle the ‘ice cream cut corner’ matter with Lin Shaochi later.

Because of Su Bei’s words, Lin Shaochi’s emotions were once again overwhelmed with uncontrollable excitement.

“Where are you now?”

Su Bei: “Aren’t you busy?”

“Not busy.”

“Then you can come to pick me up. I’m near Dongshan Road.” Su Bei’s voice was filled with happiness.


Lin Shaochi took his coat and left quickly, leaving the department managers and other staff dumbfounded in the meeting room.

“What happens with the Chairman?”

Lin Shaochi was a person who rarely showed his emotions outside. The last time he left in such a hurry was a few weeks ago, when he heard that Miss Qin was in a car accident.

What about this time?

Why did they feel that their Chairman was in a particularly good mood this time, and even his footsteps were full of excitement?

Lin Shaochi’s assistant temporarily took over the meeting.

“Cough. The Chairman has an urgent matter to attend to. Let’s continue the meeting.” Assistant Lin looked serious, but he was snickering inside: Urgent matter? Yeah. For the Chairman, going on a date with Miss Qin definitely took the utmost urgency right now.

Because Su Bei still didn’t dare to let Mr. Qin know, her relationship with Lin Shaochi was in secret for the time being. And assistant Lin was one of the few people who knew about it.

For Assistant Lin himself, if not for seeing it with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe that such a mature and stable person like their Chairman actually became an awkward young man in front of the girl he loved.

On the other hand, Su Bei only waited less than ten minutes before seeing Lin Shaochi arrived.

“Have you waited long?” Before he finished his words, the girl already jumped into his arms.

Lin Shaochi felt his breath stopped.

Although Su Bei accepted his confession, to give her time for adapting and because he was afraid of scaring her, Lin Shaochi tried his best to restrain his impulse and didn’t dare to be too intimate with her.

This was the first time Su Bei took the initiative to approach him as a girlfriend, not a sister.

Lin Shaochi opened his mouth, trying to say something. But he was afraid of ruining the atmosphere.

But Su Bei, lying in Lin Shaochi’s arms, felt his body stiffened. Hearing his thundering heartbeat, she couldn’t help laughing. She let go of Lin Shaochi, then stared into his eyes: “Lin Shaochi, thank you.”

“Thank me for what?”

“Many things.” Many, many things. For every single thing you did for me over the past four years.

Su Bei didn’t explain. Without waiting for Lin Shaochi to ask, she said again: “Are you hungry? Let’s go eat.”

Lin Shaochi was momentarily stunned before he reacted. Su Bei must be hungry. He chuckled softly: “There is a restaurant in the Fengshan area. It’s a bit far, but I heard the food is pretty good.”

Originally, Lin Shaochi never paid particular attention to this kind of thing. But after knowing that Su Bei was a gourmet, he began to note various delicious food and restaurants.

Sure enough, Su Bei’s eyes lit up: “Let’s go!”

Lin Shaochi brought Su Bei to a restaurant at the foot of Fengshan Mountain, next to a very beautiful red maple lake. And since it was a private membership restaurant, the dining area was very quiet.

When eating, Su Bei carefully observed Lin Shaochi’s behavior. Sure enough, it was the same as her guess: although she didn’t say clearly what she wanted or didn’t want to eat, Lin Shaochi seemed to know her preferences to the dot. All the foods he ordered were the things Su Bei liked, and he also specially asked the waiter to not put in ingredients she didn’t like.

There were some foods that Su Bei liked, but they made her body cold. Lin Shaochi still ordered them, but only half the normal portion.

All of these, Lin Shaochi did so naturally, as if they had become his habits.


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7 thoughts on “MWFV Ch 98 Part 1 – Mr. Qin Found Out (I)”

  1. It’s good you know, but I forgive you!
    Ah Shao, enjoy your happiness now, you will soon became dead meat.
    Thanks for the chapter!!!!

  2. Sneaky boi, but in the best kind of way!

    Looking forward to seeing the catastrophe of the big daddy finding out, it’s going to be epic!

    Thank you thank you for your translating, always a joy 😹!

  3. Waiting for Daddy Qin to press his face against the window while they eat like some monster in a horror movie

  4. Daddy Qin is going to be fuming but hey LSC comes with the bonus of no mother in law to hinder his princess and a very hardworking guy with no attachments. Also I’ve been thinking and I think LSC is demisexual, he’s described as falling in love with Q’s mind but not with SB or her looks back then. Wish author had explored that more.

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